Guide to Cleaning Quartz Countertops in Bathroom

As all expensive materials, quartz countertops require regular care. How should you approach cleaning quartz countertops in bathroom to maintain its pristine state?

Quartz counter cleanup routine isn’t that hard. However, don’t let the appearance fool you. Despite this material’s outstanding durability, it’s still quite delicate. You don’t want your lovely countertop to become discolored or stained, right?

Then, you need to understand all the Dos and Don’ts of cleaning quartz countertops and shower walls.

Sounds interesting? Then, keep reading.

Cleaning quartz bathroom vanities

Cleaning Quartz in a Bathroom

Choosing quartz as a material for counter and shower walls is an excellent choice. Not only does it look prestigious, but it’s also extremely sturdy and long-lasting. But remember – you must take good care of it.

How to make sure that your bathroom retains the luxury look for the longest possible time?

How to Clean Quartz Bathroom Countertops

We have great news for everyone who loves quartz counters. They are exceptionally durable and, most importantly, easy to clean.

You don’t need to buy any professional equipment or cleaning agents. On the contrary, it’s better to stay away from abrasive or alkaline substances altogether (more on that – later). Moreover, you don’t have to dry the quartz walls or countertops after washing your hands or taking a shower.

So, what do you need to keep in mind to clean quartz countertops in the bathroom? Let’s find out.

1. Use water and soap.

As we mentioned, you shouldn’t waste money on expensive detergents. It can do your countertop more harm when good. Don’t overcomplicate things. Hot water and soap are all you need to clean quartz bathroom countertops (in most cases).

2. Rub – don’t grind.

Please, stay away from harsh brushes if you want to avoid scratching the quartz. Soft cloth, sponge, or paper towel would make a much better choice.

3. Clean spills promptly.

Have you managed to stain a quartz surface with cosmetics? Be quick to wipe it off straight away if you don’t want to deal with discolored spots later.

4. Perform a routine cleanup.

Even though quartz countertops are water-resistant, there are places where soapy fluids will accumulate over time. What’s the surest way to deal with them? Regular cleanup will do the trick. Most importantly – don’t ignore inaccessible areas. We recommend cleaning quartz bathroom countertops like that once every two weeks.

5. Use coasters.

Do you store any acidic or alcohol-heavy cosmetics in your bathroom? Staining the surfaces by accident is easier than you think. Sometimes, you can leave a permanent mark just by placing a container after applying something alcohol-heavy. You might want to put fluids like that on coasters to prevent that from happening.

6. Scrape the crust buildup.

Want to get rid of crusty coverings on bathroom surfaces? The same rule applies – don’t use cleaners that can damage the quartz. Instead, take a razor blade and carefully scrape the crust buildup.

How to Clean Quartz Shower Walls

It shouldn’t be argued that quartz shower walls look mesmerizing. They are also quite versatile – there’s a huge selection of colors, patterns, and finishes. Most importantly, this material always looks elegant and expensive.

And it doesn’t only look like that – it is expensive to install a whole shower wall made out of quartz.

But how should you clean quartz shower walls? Actually, the process isn’t much different from countertops. Therefore, if you know how to clean quartz countertops in bathroom, you will know how to care for shower walls.

Guide to cleaning quartz in bathroom

Here are some useful tips:

  • Clean the shower walls regularly
  • Use warm soapy water without high alkaline cleaners
  • A soft cloth or a sponge is the best tools for cleanup
  • If you want to polish the quartz counters – use cleaners made for marble or granite

What NOT to Do

Now that you know how to clean quartz countertops, let’s move on to the next important issue. What is it?

We are talking about keeping your quartz counters in the perfect condition. How do you make sure that they remain in a flawless state for many years to come? It is not that hard – you just need to remember what to avoid when cleaning quartz countertops in your bathroom.

1. Stay away from high alkaline and acidic substances.

Firstly, forget about things like abrasive, acidic cleaners, and other alkaline cleaning solutions. In addition to that, don’t even think about using sealers, as well as furniture or paint strippers. Otherwise, your bathroom cleaning will end up in a disaster. Warm water and soap is everything you will ever need to clean quartz shower walls and countertops.

2. Don’t use harsh materials.

Yes, most of the quartz countertops are scratch-resistant. However, they are not scratch-immune. Please, don’t confuse these terms. You should use a soft sponge or a piece of cloth to wipe the water off the quartz. This way, you won’t accidentally damage it.

3. Clean up without delay.

If you somehow manage to spill something on your quartz surface – don’t leave it stained for long. We recommend wiping off the countertop right away immediately. Otherwise, the stain can become permanent (or a real pain to wash away).

Sounds simple enough? Yes, it really is that obvious. Keep these tips in mind to prolong your bathroom’s beautiful outlook for as long as possible.

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To sum up, cleaning quartz countertops in bathroom isn’t complicated by any means. Nonetheless, it requires a certain amount of effort. But we think that everyone can agree that having a luxurious and beautiful bathroom is worth it.

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