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More about White countertops

White is a color that simply never goes out of style. It is classic, timeless, and pretty much a good idea for any design project. It works well in any type of surface and space you use it on – even more so for your countertops. Use them for kitchen countertops to introduce a touch of elegance to your kitchen and create a haven for cleanliness when you’re preparing food or use them in your bathroom and immediately feel cleaner the moment you enter the room.

White quartz countertops are a good idea to use in your kitchen due to the added elegance of the smooth finishes and sleek exterior of quartz while also enjoying its stain and heat-resistant qualities so you won’t have to worry about ruining its elegant exterior. Their bright appearance and sleek finish allows you to achieve clean aesthetics that can provide contrast to any room and enhance their beauty.

Why not take it a step further and enjoy the natural, clean elegance of white granite countertops? The beauty of white granite countertops lies in its source – mother nature. Mother nature molded these perfect stones so you can enjoy their unmatched beauty and elegance within your home. Pair these white surfaces with darker tones to create a contemporary theme inside your kitchen.

The thing about white stone countertops is that they are just simply a good idea for any design project inside your home. But don’t take my word for it. Look through our wide selection of white countertops and see how they can transform your home.

I wanted a white countertop to match the wall and the floors of my dining area. Searched for some sources online and I saw on your website how most white countertops cost quite decently, and how there were so many color options also. It was a plus to know that your warehouse was near me also. I went in to get a quote, as I wanted to see the colors for myself, and was able to choose the arabecscato venato, was it? Anyhow, it gave my dining counters a great feel and I have to thank your staff for doing such a good installation of the slab. I’m recommending you to everyone I know in Chicago.

Luisa Khan
The perfect white countertops can tie your Chicago home together. We, at Granite Selection, have great samples ready for viewing in Elk Grove Village, IL. We provide installation services within the 70mi. area.
  • White countertops have been rising in popularity in the past decade. They just provide this pristine, minimalist ambiance to the room they are in. For this color, Quartz has been one of the most sought after natural stone. This also depends on the usage so white granite and white quartzite can both be good choices.
  • For aesthetics, you can never go wrong with the clean white. As they are also made from natural stone, they are sure to be strong and durable. You can also expect great stain and etch resistance from these countertops. You can check this link for all the details that you need to know before getting a white stone countertop for your home.
  • The past decade has seen a surge in the minimalist trend. This trend has manifested itself in food and clothing, so there's no surprise that it is popular with home design, too. The white gives you the big, open space feel with the air of cleanliness. This instantly gives the room a sleek, modern look that is always in style.
  • Your white or light-colored countertops can yellow over time due to the cleaners used. This is from a build up in the salts and acids found in surface cleaners and how often you expose them to it. Yellow stains can also appear if the surfaces are not cleaned properly with a neutral cleaner for stone. This should also be done at least once a week.
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