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Why Choose Remnants

Remnants are always in stock as they are by-products of bigger stone projects. This would mean that you’ll always have a huge selection to choose from and at a lower price at any given time. This also makes them the eco-friendly choice for your smaller, customized projects. You can use them for vanity and bar tops, furniture tops, even fireplace surrounds! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix and match the stones as you please. Create your own unique design! Let our remnant selection help you add your own personal touch to your home without it being too heavy on the pockets.

How It Works

Remnants FAQ

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As a leader in natural and fabricated stone countertops, we install hundreds of perfectly measured and cut kitchen and bathroom countertops every year. With all that business comes an excess of high-quality stone remnants.

Remnants are a cost effective, eco-friendly choice for a wide variety of smaller projects like vanities, fireplace surrounds and Islands. We have hundreds of granite, marble, quartz and other natural stone leftover material available in our stock. If you need a smaller piece of natural stone for your project, then choose from the inventory above.

  • What are Stone Remnants (Granite and Quartz)?
    After each piece of installation is manufactured, or after a construction project has been completed, all the leftovers are collected. These are partial slabs that have random sizes that cannot be used in big projects. These partial slabs are called stone remnants. As the name indicates, stone remnants are leftover pieces that remain after the cutting of large granite or quartz slabs for different purposes. Naturally, the name of each remnant comes from the material from which it came – granite remnants come from granite slabs while quartz remnants come from quartz slabs.
  • How You May Use Granite and Quartz Remnants?
    Natural stone installations within your home are definitely a smart investment because they can increase the value of your home. They are durable, easy to maintain, and are naturally beautiful. Stones used in the creation of natural stone installations take thousands, even millions, of years to naturally form. That is why great care is placed in the extraction, fabrication, and installation of stone installations in order to create the least amount of waste possible. After the fabrication of stone installations, leftover materials that are sufficiently large in size but are deemed too small for use in countertops still remain. These materials are called stone remnants. If used properly and creatively, these remnants can be used in various creative applications around the home that showcase the luxury of natural stone while still limiting cost. Stone remnants are a great way to add a little class to your home without emptying out your pocketbook. Here are 8 stylish and easy to execute uses for granite and quartz remnants that you can add to your home this weekend.
  • What can be the Size and Color of Stone Remnants?
    There are no specific size requirements in order for leftovers to be classified as remnants. This means stone remnants can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of colors. The availability of certain colors, however, will depend on the availability of the slab of origin. In order to make the selection process easier, it is best to note the size and color of the remnant that you will be needing and the project on which the remnant will be used and give these details to any store attendant that can assist you.
  • How may Stone Remnants Save You Money?
    Full slabs of stone for countertops and other big projects can be quite pricey. Homeowners tend to pay $30 to $70 per square foot for granite slabs for countertops, which ultimately lead to an average cost of $1,300 to $3,500 for an entire granite countertop installation project. On the other hand, quartz installations, depending on quality, tend to cost homeowners $40 to $80 per square foot of quartz slabs, which could amount to a total average cost of $1,600 to $4,000 for quartz countertop installations. These expensive installations become more affordable when remnants are used since they cost up to 75% less per square foot than stone slabs – from $26 for granite remnants and from $29 per square foot for quartz remnants.
  • There are many factors that have to be considered when choosing natural stone remnants. These factors should impact your decision in buying quartz and granite remnants to improve your home.

    Properties of the Stone

    When choosing stones, first consider the properties of the stone that would make it appropriate for the project that you are working on. It is best to consider the different qualities that make the stone of your choice suitable for your project. Consider these qualities of the top two most sought-after stone remnants in the market, namely quartz and granite remnants.
    • Granite Remnants Granite is an extremely hard stone that is second only to diamond. They are extremely durable and are resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratching. Their hardness also makes them resistant to heat – a good quality to look for in kitchen countertops. Their natural look adds a level of sophistication and elegance to your countertop or any other surface.
    • Quartz Remnants Quartz is an engineered stone, which means it allows for a much wider range of colors than other natural stones. Although they are manufactured, quartz also has the same durability as granite and is also non-porous, which means it is resistant to a wide assortment of staining agents such as oils, coffee, condiments, and other sources of stains in the kitchen.

    The Complexity of Your Design

    There are many aspects of the design that will influence the design selection process. These include the type of material, the thickness, color, and the amount of material to be used. Determining these factors beforehand will make it easier for you as well as your attendant to look for any available remnants that fit your specifications.

    The grade of the Source

    Granite remnants vary depending on the grade of its source material. These grades will determine the quality of the remnant. Of course, it goes without saying, higher grades equate to higher quality and higher prices. These grades are determined by the color, pitting, veins, markings, the thickness of the material, the number of soft materials, and the country of origin. Granite remnants are then classified into three levels. These are:
    • Level 1 (Low-Grade Granite) Low-grade granite is considered entry level granite and is often pre-fabricated. They are used in apartments, remodels, or other pieces of furniture. They are thin cuts of granite, usually 3/8 inch, and have simple designs with standard colors. They are usually imported from China.
    • Level 2 (Mid-Grade Granite) Mid-grade granite has more unique colors and designs than lower grade granite remnants and has more variety in their markings. They usually have thicknesses of about ¾ inches. They are generally imported from Brazil or India.
    • Level 3 (High-Grade Granite) High-grade granite are granite remnants that have the highest quality. They have unique markings and are available in more unique colors that are very rare to find. They are usually imported from India or Brazil.

    The Availability of Stone Remnants

    Because stone remnants are leftovers from slab fabrication and completed projects, their availability is subject to the completion of such activities. In the past, this resulted in higher prices and limited options for those who would like to utilize granite remnants and quartz remnants for various projects in their homes. Granite Selection doesn’t have this problem, fortunately, as they have more than two thousand remnants available in stock to provide you with a vast selection of remnants to choose from as well as great prices.