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Can’t choose between Quartz and Granite? Granite Selections has a catalog of Cambria Quartz that gives you the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Cambria Quartz?

Coming from a family-owned business made 100% from the USA, Cambria Quartz is among the most sought after surface materials not only for its qualities but for what it stands for. Here are some more reasons why:

  • Strength and Durability
  • Top-notch quality and craftsmanship
  • Manufactured with environmental responsibility
  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Natural designs and colors
  • Low Maintenance

At a leader in natural and fabricated stone countertops, we install hundreds of perfectly measured and cut kitchen and bathroom countertops every year.

  • Cambria Quartz is manufactured by Cambria a top producer of engineered Quartz surfaces located in Le Sueur, Minnesota.
  • Cambria Quartz is a carefully engineered and manufactured surface designed to withstand almost any kitchen environment.
  • Cambria quartz can be more expensive than granite setting you back around $75-$110 per square foot but in exchange packs a lot of value. For more details on the comparison visit this page.
  • Although more heat resistant than most stones, being partially made of resin, Cambria quartz may not be suited for direct heat transfer. For more details read our blogpost.
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