The edging of your countertop may be one of the last decisions you make, but it is no less important than the stone slab itself. The edging you choose can help set the tone of the room. Simple edging like crescent and bullnose allow for a smoother, softer feel while ornate edging designs like ogee and double ogee create an air of elegance in the room.

We offer the most traditional edging up to some more intricate carvings. If you need help envisioning each edging option in your kitchen, check out our Countertop Edge Visualizer tool.

  • Standart Eased

    Standart Eased


    The most common edge profile – the edges are softened just enough so that the corners aren’t sharp but aren’t completely rounded.

  • Crescent


    3 per ln. ft.

    Soft curve that mimics the “bullnose” edge, blends into almost any kitchen design.

  • Half Bullnose

    Half Bullnose

    3 per ln. ft.

    Adds curves and highlights the thickness of the granite. The top is a deeper cut into the stone material, so it offers a more softened edge than the eased profile.

  • Bevel


    3 per ln. ft.

    Strong, crisp angle enhances the solid stone look. Good choice if you want a more contemporary look.

  • Bullnose


    5 per ln. ft.

    Provides a smooth, rounded edge. The same form that is applied for the half bullnose is used on the bottom as well for this profile.

  • Ogee


    7 per ln. ft.

    Classic look that evokes the ornate elegance of long gone eras. Often times seen on an island paired with an eased.

  • Double Ogee

    Double Ogee

    10 per ln. ft.

    Hybrid of Ogee & Full Bullnose