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Granite Selection, Chicagoland Area’s premier supplier, manufacturer, and service provider of natural stone is now in partnership with Silestone, a leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces.

Why You Should Order Silestone Countertops?

Silestone combines quartz with other natural stones and materials to get the best of both worlds. It takes the natural patterns and colors of natural stone and mixes it with materials that will make it more durable and last for a longer period of time. Bringing it as close as possible to a state of perfection. Here’s why you should consider Silestone for your countertops:

  • 25-year limited warranty 
  • Natural Designs and Patterns
  • Stain Resistant
  • Non-porous construction
  • Hard and Durable qualities of Quartz
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Will last you a lifetime

Our Recent Projects With Silestone Countertops

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Vanity Top with Sink Project in Evanston, IL

Vanity Top with Sink Project in Evanston, IL

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Bathroom remodeling project in Norridge, IL

Bathroom remodeling project in Norridge, IL

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Ocean Jasper Quartz project in Lincolnwood, IL

Ocean Jasper Quartz project in Lincolnwood, IL

  • Square foot: 90.8 sq. feet
  • Type of Stone: Ocean Jasper Silestone Quartz
  • Edge: Standard Eased
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Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone Quartz Fireplace Surround in Chicago, IL

Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone Quartz Fireplace Surround in Chicago, IL

  • Square foot: 38 sq. feet
  • Type of Stone: Dreamy Marfil Caesarstone Quartz
  • Edge: None
  • Location: Chicago, IL
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Choose Your Silestone Color

We have a variety of Silestone countertop colors to go with your kitchen and bathroom design. Whether you have light or dark cabinets we can offer colors to match them best and bring some charm to your home:

At a leader in natural and fabricated stone countertops, we install hundreds of perfectly measured and cut kitchen and bathroom countertops every year.

  • On average, choosing Silestone for your countertops will set you back around $50-$120 per square foot.
  • Silestone becomes expensive because of its high quality and cost of production. Being a top-end material, a lot is involved in its manufacturing.
  • Like most natural stones, direct high heat is harmful. This can be easily addressed by placing a heatproof mat.
  • Mild household cleaners or those specially formulated for quartz and natural stones should be your best bet.
  • Silestone is highly popular for its resistance to stains from acids and other chemicals. Although it might not usually stain, vinegar has inferior cleaning properties compared to formulated natural stones cleaners. Vinegar can be used however for cleaning out heavy water build-up.
  • Silestone is stain-resistant due to its fine and nonporous material.
  • Regular stone polish can be used to rejuvenate the shine of your Silestone Countertop.
  • Yes, a magic eraser can be used to clean quartz.

It’s not all the time that anyone can get complete satisfaction for any order made or work done but we got pretty close here. For the quality of quartz slab and work I got, the silestone countertops cost from Granite Selection is pretty spot on with the value, too. The whole process was seamless, from ordering to expertly putting on the countertops. The team had also been very professional, very reflective of their good customer service. They were very attentive to any comments or questions I may have had, it really felt like they were putting me, the customer first. It was definitely a joy to watch them work.

Sophie Calderon

We have an island, separating our kitchen area and the living room area that direly needed a silestone countertop. I wanted something that would be elegant, not so gaudy. So I searched online for silestone countertops near me here in Chicago and came across Granite Selection. I immediately saw the color that would be great for that island countertop but I still had questions on the installation. Gave them a call right away and their great customer service sealed the deal for me. Finished putting in my order and schedule, they came over and did the installation, it looks absolutely perfect, and I’m a happy customer!

Emelie Schneider

I needed to know where to buy silestone countertops for some work done for our company’s bathrooms and a friend recommended Granite Selection. Didn’t regret taking that recommendation as you guys were very efficient with your installations, especially since our office needed the bathroom done fast and as quietly as possible. Solid work. Recommending you guys to others, too.

Neal Lane
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