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More about Beige countertops

Beige is that warm, dependable color you can always count on to provide a subtle warmth to any room. It contains the cool, subdued calmness of white while simultaneously offering the warm, cozy feeling of brown. It is conservative, dependable, and flexible – a perfect choice for those looking to provide a light, relaxing feeling to any room. Give each space a cozy feel as you incorporate the warmth and coolness of beige into your countertops. Create a lovely space that offers a dramatic movement of soft tones in natural stone and the low maintenance of quartz when you add a beige quartz countertop for your home. Choose from a wide array of rich, vibrant beige tones to the more subtle beige hues to create that premium elegant look that requires virtually no maintenance.

If you want to opt for a more natural look, then beige granite countertops are for you. Their sleek elegance will definitely command the attention of just about anyone. From a subtle creamy look to the more intense, darker chocolate browns, beige granite countertops are definitely a perfect choice when you want to create contrast and harmony within your home. Create that look you’ve always been dreaming of and make it a reality. Choose from among the numerous choices below.

The last thing we had on our kitchen remodel checklist was the countertop for where our sink was. I don’t know why we did this last but a beige countertop was crucial for completing the look we were going for. This would also mean that our budget is already on the low. With the budget in mind, when I saw your Napoli Granite at $30/square foot only? Of course I had to buy that color! I gave you guys a call to arrange the purchase and schedule, and since you were apparently in Chicago, just near me actually, the installation came through fast. Thank you so much to your company for making my kitchen remodel end on a good note!

Benn Patton

I had a beige countertop installed by this company actually back in January and it was the best money I spent considering the cost was very reasonable. I just walked in, hoping for a good quote and came out with a countertop installation scheduled. The staff had been very accommodating, answering all my questions and just making sure that I would give my okay for the work they were doing in my house. I just found out about their website now so this review was a little late lol, but I had been recommending Granite Selection to all my friends for their countertop needs.

Dayna Coombes

We offered to remodel a bathroom for one of our good lady rentals and she was requesting that the bathroom be kept a warm color, so we were on the lookout for beige countertops. Luckily, we found your website offering beautiful beige slabs and got a quote within a minute.

Aden Turner
We have great beige stone countertops you can view in our showroom in Elk Grove Village, IL. We, Granite Selection, provide and install natural stone countertops for Chicago homes within the 70mi. area.
  • Neutral colors can guarantee that your environment is calm and relaxing. But, Beige definitely stands out for its warm, airy and beachy feeling. This color being neutral is bound to match easily with color swatches. Also, natural stone is always as elegant as they come. These two combined would definitely make for a good countertop for your home.
  • Beige, as a neutral color, can be paired well with other colors depending on the mood you are going for. It would also help if you can determine the undertone for your beige countertop. For warmer kitchen tones, it can go with rich browns and some subtle yellows. If you’d like to have a coastal feel, you can complement your cool-toned beige with some blue shades.
  • Oak cabinets are the ultimate display of classic and warm. Beige countertops should have the tones and shades that go well with them. For a stately looking kitchen, the perfect combination is necessary. You can check this link to explore the options we found are perfect for your oak cabinets.
  • Beige countertops are usually light-toned so any stain might readily be visible. To avoid this, just make sure to wipe off any acidic and staining spills right away. Also, make sure to use cleaners specific to stone surfaces if you can. This helps preserve the color of your countertops longer.
  • Scratches on your beige countertops can easily be visible. This would depend on the natural stone that was used. With this in mind, it's very important that you keep your surfaces free of very hot or very sharp items. Sealants can also help with the countertop being scratch resistant. A professional's insight is definitely necessary.
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