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They did our kitchen counters and island in November and we were so happy with the quality of the installation and the beautiful granite that we had them do our 2 bathrooms in January. Again, we were happy with the results. I informed them of some minor issues and they immediately came out and made the corrections, no questions asked. They have quality materials and do quality installs. I recommend them without hesitation..

Bradley Lipman

We are so pleased with our experience with Granite Selection! Remodeling our kitchen after 26 1/2 years was a bit overwhelming but Granite Selection made the counters a breeze from the minute we walked in their door until the installers left our house. I love my counters! So beautiful and I feel we got a great value for our money. I highly recommend Granite Selection to anyone thinking about counters!

Mary Gauden

I absolutely Love my new granite countertops. I am totally impressed by the whole team at Granite Selections. They exceeded my expectations with excellent service and quality from start to finish. From the sales/office team, picking out my slab, accurate quotes, in home tailor measurements, quick production time, and professional installation of a beautifully flawless granite countertop I am truly impressed and will definitely tell anyone I know to use Granite Selections.

Denise Malek

The Granite Selection staff were excellent to work with; friendly and very knowledgeable about there products. Paul was meticulous with his measurements and discovered a potential problem with spacing that was missed during cabinet instillation concerning my dishwasher. I am very happy with my beautiful granite countertops and with the attention to detail by the staff and installers. I would definitely use them again.

Ilona Hagen

My brother and I paid to get our knew kitchen granite counter tops installed by Granite Selection around a month ago and we keep being satisfied for the result because this kitchen experts really know how to do a good job with excellent materials and with a very professional crew. We recommend this company to all people!

Mike Goldfarb

Just had quartz countertop installed in kitchen. Extremely happy with everything. The ladies Zoe and Julia in office were very helpful and patient with helping me choose the color. The guys who installed were so nice and did a beautiful job. They were very careful and precise when installing. Thank you!

Jessica R.

They helped make our dreams come true. Some of our ideas they were honest with us and said it would be unstable and dangerous. Where other companies would have just done it and collected the custom $$’s. The designer who came out to measure was unbelievable and gave us several choices of custom shaping on his computer that would fulfill our vision. Couldn’t be happier all around. Extremely professional in every step of process. Delivered and installed on time and on date. Very clean and respectable of our property. OHHHH, and by the way they came in several thousands of dollars less than 4 other quotes. Thank you granite city. I will be back very soon for bathroom vanity tops

Robert M.

Just had our granite installed in our townhouse and are very pleased with the results. We stopped by their showroom when we were looking for quartz. The representative was helpful and made great recommendations based on the drawings we had of our layout. An appointment was scheduled that day for only 3 days later for measurements. We had no problems, everything was done on time and all of our questions were answered on the spot! We received a quote that was very reasonable and within our budget. We are very happy with the outcome!

Luiza R.

I am a new home owner who never in my life thought I could afford granite counter tops. I found Granite selection on Google and decided to give them a call. From day one everyone was extreamly helpful through the process. The installation techs we’re prompt and extremely professional. The counters look amazing! Thank you so much for making my house a home!

Samantha Barbise

Extremely professional group of people. Very easy to deal with, always ready to answer any of your questions. Did not interface with one employee that ever gave us reason to doubt our choices. They did all they could do to accommodate our schedules, checked & double checked everything along the process, from selection to installation. Highly recommend to any one going through a kitchen remodel as we did.

Dick Geerling

I wanted to have my kitchen ready by Christmas and they have graciously accommodated me last minute to make that happen. I will forever be grateful to Tijana for making that happen!! This is my second time I have selected Granite Selection for my countertop needs. They are an outstanding organization! The service is always friendly, the prices are very competitive and the quality is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for friendly service, quality countertops at a great price.

Alina Burson

At a leader in natural and fabricated stone countertops, we install hundreds of perfectly measured and cut kitchen and bathroom countertops every year.

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  • In the field of mending broken things, superglue is one of the go-to saviors. Indeed, it is amazing how it can instantly patch things up and how durable it is as an adhesive. However, there are even more precious things in the household, like a quartz countertop, for example (if you own one), that may become a casualty of superglue.[...] Continue reading
  • How to fix a chip in quartz countertop?
    In the world of kitchen countertops, quartz is one of the superstars. There is no question that it is one of the most durable countertops in existence. Composed of a fusion of stone and resin, it is as solid as granite and its aesthetics is also something that you can be proud of. Because of its sturdiness, quartz countertops rarely get scratched, cracked, or chipped.[...] Continue reading
  • When it comes to home furnishings, quartz has become one of the crowd favorites, especially in American homes. Specifically, it has been widely used as a material for countertops. With their durable and aesthetically pleasing nature, quartz countertops have undoubtedly gained some popularity alongside granite and travertine.[...] Continue reading
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