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More about Blue countertops

Blue is perhaps everybody’s favorite color – and for good reason. Blue gives off a feeling of loyalty, trust, and sincerity. But more than that, it evokes calmness and serenity while darker hues express exhilaration.

Give your kitchen a sense of calmness with a touch of vibrancy and style with blue granite and quartz countertops. Blue is a flexible color and can go with just about any other style. Why not try out a relaxed Mediterranean look? But if you are looking for a more sleek and sharp look, blue countertops will be your best friend.

Look through our wide selection of blue countertops below!

I really like the calming effect of blue and felt like it would be perfect for my bathroom so I was looking out for blue countertops near me for my bath sink and counter. Granite Selection was recommended to me since you lot was just in Chicago so I used you guys for the job, and boy were my expectations exceeded! The crew had also been so accommodating. I definitely love how my bathroom turned out and I truly feel that it was worth every penny I spent.

Jadene Rojas

The blue kitchen countertop I have now that was by you guys was super worth the cost it took to purchase and have installed. The Blue Pearl Granite was perfect with how the cabinets are painted underneath and are actually the first thing that pops out to you when you enter the kitchen. This feels like very quality granite for the countertop, too. Now I’m thinking of making my entire kitchen a blue, with some dark grays or silvers so these countertops can be the star in this room. This is just about the first of many future remodels, and I’m sure to use you guys next time for those.

Lilia Barnes

My MIL wanted blue countertops for her kitchen and insisted that I buy this specific blue quartzite she saw on your website, even though I had my own slab in mind. Well, why the heck not right? So you guys came in to install and it was a masterfully done. I’m surprised that I’ve only heard of you guys now, but you are certainly getting my recommendation.

Jasper Coulson
Visit us at Elk Grove Village, IL for our selection of blue countertops that would be great for your homes. We happily manufacture and install countertops for the 70 mi. Chicago area.
  • Blue is a great color to get a countertop with. The challenge lies in designing around it or choosing the best shade for your existing cabinets. Any pros and cons come with the material you have chosen so it is best that you consult a professional for your blue options.
  • Blue countertops need the same maintenance as any countertop would. Maintenance would still depend on the natural stone used. Make sure that you wipe off any spills and messes right away with the appropriate cleaners. You should also avoid putting very hot and very sharp items on the surface. You should also seal your surfaces with natural stone sealants. The sealant should also be applied every now and then.
  • Blue is considered one of the most popular kitchen colors so blue countertops should be just as popular. Blue is a gorgeous color and will be perfect for tying together a calming coastal room. Blue countertops would also be great if you'd like a Southwestern kitchen feel. Many themes can be created with blue that your countertop can take the lead on.
  • With how cool the tones of blue are, a steel sink should fit right in. Steel sinks, combined with your countertops are sure to make it look modern, even futuristic. Adding metallic accents to the edges or the handles of your cabinets, or even your faucets will do a world of good, too.
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