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More about Black countertops

While black may just be the absence of color, there’s certainly no absence of elegance here when you go black for your countertops. Black is just the kind of color that screams sophistication, power, and luxury just unmatched by other colors. In fashion, black is more closely associated with prestige and formality. But for interior design, black is that perfect color that makes your space more luxurious and gives it a delicate appeal.

Take away the gloom from your room when you add black quartz countertops to your kitchen or bathroom. Use black quartz countertops as your pièce de résistance for a more modern look. Complement that quality piece with white or any light, neutral shade.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a timeless, naturally elegant feel when you add black granite countertops. They work well with any pieces you already have, but they work best when paired with lighter colors to make rooms appear more spacious.

You can never go wrong with black countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. The best thing about them is they are easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, their dark surface makes them the perfect choice for large, busy families because they can easily hide any stain or scratch on the surface. But don’t take my word for it – look through our catalog and grab your very own countertop now and see it for yourself!

I was looking for black countertops to buy and have installed here for my house in Chicago. Did a quick google search and it was nice to see that you offer a variety of these black countertops with different designs or marbling. Had my eye on either the Calypso or the Carbono silestones so I called you for your take on the decision. Pros and cons were discussed on the design and it was just this display of knowledgeable and excellent customer service. Props to you guys and for the job done on the installation of the countertops, especially with how exact the measurements had been made.

Fern Villarreal

We wanted black countertops for our mini bar, preferably black granite since online searches show that this would cost less than most black countertops. We did see quite a lot of colors available for our $30-$45 range and they are all so tempting to get! The website was also so easy to navigate so we were able to find the granite slab we wanted. The installation staff also did a tremendous job with putting the countertop on so we now have an elegant looking mini bar at home and I’m feeling confident with all the future get-togethers my husband and I will be hosting.

Lindsey Maynard

There aren’t a lot of black countertops being sold at the physical stores near me at the moment so thank goodness for the internet! It was really convenient for us to set up the installation with the Granite Selection crew. Very professional but they had also been very pleasant to work with.

Timothy Gilliam
Granite Selection offers and installs black stone countertops for Chicago homes within the 70 mi. area of Elk Grove Village, IL. You can visit us and see our selection of black natural stones.
  • Black countertops are timeless and classy. They immediately add this elegant flair to any room they are in. And because black offers such a stark contrast, it'll be very easy to find any spill or crumb that needs wiping away. It is also this contrast that may make annoying stains like fingerprints may be particularly visible.
  • There shouldn’t be much difference with how easy clean-up goes for both dark and light countertops. Make sure to not use harsh or acidic cleaners for your black surfaces. Neutral stone cleaners, with warm water and a soft cloth, should be great for wiping your surfaces. Cleaning up after any mess right away will also be helpful.
  • Any sort of maintenance for your surface may not be all that convenient. But, it is necessary for preserving your surfaces. Absolute Black Honed Granite is a stone surface whose elegance you'll surely want to keep for a long time. To know all the details in doing so, you can check this link.
  • It's relatively easy to wipe any water spills off but hard water buildup can still stain your surfaces. Against the black, these stains would really be visible. To avoid this, just make sure that you have sealed your countertops. The application should also be checked every now and then.
  • The best thing about black is it complements any color, it being the darkest hue. It can top, as countertops do, any cabinet color. You can go for white cabinets for that stark contrast and if you want your countertop to pop out. If you want opulence, you can add a metallic tone, like gold, to your cabinet handles. Muted colors are also perfect for that homey touch.
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