How to Care for Absolute Black Honed Granite

Granite is known for its natural beauty and continues to be a popular choice for homeowners. In more recent years, matte countertops, particularly absolute black, have been gaining much attention just because of the sheer sophistication they bring to any room.

How to care of absolute black honed granite

One downside to having absolute black honed granite is that any imperfection can be easily spotted. Due to the lack of shine and the depth of color it possesses, scratches, dirt, and stains are easily noticed.

While cleaning the countertop surface, proper care must be exercised to avoid damaging the stone. Follow these tips below to understand how to properly clean honed granite and maintain its beauty.

What is Absolute Black Honed Granite?

Honing is a process done on granite to create a smooth, flat surface that is consistent all around. In the process of creating countertops, this just stops short of the polishing process. This leaves you with a matte, unpolished countertop that lacks glossiness and has a velvety touch.

When it comes to honed granite, none is more appealing than absolute black honed granite. This stone boasts a deep black color, touted as the darkest black you can get on stone, that is consistent all over the surface. The stone is quarried from southern India and is incredibly popular among homeowners due to its smooth texture and deep obsidian hue.

When observed from afar, absolute black honed granite appears as an unadulterated, perfectly black surface that lacks any visible veining patterns. Upon closer inspection, you will note small mineral specks that may appear as stars suspended in the night sky. This is highlighted even more in areas that have plenty of natural light.

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Caring for black honed granite is no rocket science. Just look at this shiny Black Pearl granite countertop!

Caring for Your Absolute Black Honed Granite

There is no doubt that absolute black honed granite is certainly appealing. However, this appeal can disappear just as easily when you don’t know how to care for your countertop surface. But don’t you worry. We’ve compiled the best tips for honed black granite maintenance so you can easily take care of your beautiful countertop.

How to Clean Honed Granite

It’s safe to say that your kitchen enjoys plenty of traffic on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s also safe to assume that your absolute black-honed kitchen countertop enjoys plenty of exposure. To make sure it retains its natural beauty, make sure you wipe it clean daily using a soft, wet cloth. For harder to remove dirt, use a soft-bristled brush and a non-acidic stone cleanser. Simply spray the solution on the stubborn spot and gently brush away the debris. Rinse the solution with warm water and wipe dry immediately.

There are also times when stains and fingerprints are hard to remove. Naturally, we would use a stronger agent for such cases. But that could damage the countertop surface. Here’s a better solution:

  1. Mix evenly until you get the right consistency, which is not too sticky, but not too runny as well.
  2. Spread the resulting paste onto the stubborn stain. Cover with plastic wrap and secure the edges with masking tape. Keep overnight.
  3. Take off the plastic wrap and remove the dried paste with a plastic putty knife.
  4. Rinse the counter with warm water and wipe off with a soft, dry kitchen towel.

To keep your countertop in pristine condition, remember to immediately wipe away spills, especially acidic liquids. Also, give it a scrub once a week to keep dirt away.

How to clean absolute black honed granite

Things to Avoid

Honed granite countertop maintenance isn’t really that hard when you think about it. It simply requires dedication to keeping it clean and a keen knowledge of what to avoid, such as:

  • Abrasives. Using hard substances like steel wool, brushes with hard bristles, knives, or heavy-duty scrub pads can scratch your countertop surface and leave unsightly marks.
  • Acidic substances. Stay away from acidic substances such as juices from citrus fruits, vinegar, or acidic cleaners. These can cause stains that are hard to remove.
  • Alkalis. Strong cleaning agents that are too basic should also be avoided as they might etch your countertop surface and can affect its durability.

How to Seal Absolute Black Honed Granite

Darker granite such as absolute black honed granite is less porous than its lighter counterparts. This means they have less tendency to absorb liquid spills and are generally more resistant to stains. However, that doesn’t mean they are water and stain-proof.

One of the best ways to protect your countertop and maintain its perfect shape is by sealing it using a natural stone sealant for granite. This allows your countertop surface to maintain its natural beauty while giving it a high level of protection.

Just a quick note: make sure your area has adequate ventilation by opening windows and/or doors to promote air circulation.

  1. Spray the sealant on the countertop surface.
  2. Using a soft cloth, gently apply the sealant all over using soft strokes.
  3. Let the sealant dry for about an hour.
  4. Using the same procedure, apply a second coating of sealant.

For maximum protection, your honed countertop must be resealed every 6 months to keep it protected from stains and increase its longevity.

As one of your prized possessions, you must take proper care to ensure that the beauty and elegance of your absolute black honed granite countertop are well-maintained. By taking the time to clean and seal your countertop properly, you can be sure that it maintains its shape for ages to come.


We’ll guide you through the steps of what to do if your granite countertop gets broken.

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