Remodeling a kitchen can be daunting, especially since every minor detail counts. Not only do you have to choose a color and vein pattern you want, but you must also select an edge profile that goes with the room. To make this process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best edges for quartz countertops. We’ll walk you through each one to help you pick out the best edge you want for your quartz countertop.

quartz countertop edge types


Not all countertop edges are made the same. Some are simpler with only minor details while others are more “flamboyant” and have levels of detail. We categorize these as standard/traditional edges and premium edges. Look through the list below to find out what countertop edge designs are for your next remodeling project.


As mentioned above, there are two groups based on the level of detail. Standard edges fall under the simpler category and are typically the most common edges you can find on countertops everywhere.

quartz countertop edge options


This name is a misnomer. Straight-edged countertops don’t have a square edge. Instead, they are slightly rounded to reduce the risk of damage to the surface as well as prevent injuries. It is a great option for a simple, low-key design that goes well with any décor.


To add a little pizzazz to your countertop without adding too much, a bevel edge is a perfect option. The half-bevel features an angular edge on the top corner of the countertop. It adds a subtle design that looks stylish and elegant while still not being too distracting. It also adds a slight functionality to your quartz surface since it allows liquids to run through the edges with minimal damage to the cabinets below. Now that’s form and function.quartz countertop edge types


The full bullnose is perhaps one of the most common edges for your quartz countertop and is certainly a popular selection for homeowners. It features a full curve on both corners, giving a smooth corner all around. This timeless classic is certainly a perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Half Bullnose quartz countertopHALF BULLNOSE

The half bullnose features a rounded right corner connected to a straight bottom corner. This smooth transition from a rounded edge to a straight edge leading down to the lower portion makes the edge appear thicker. Similar to the half-bevel edge, it also allows water to run off the edge without any damage to the cabinets below.


The quarter-round edge also features a rounded corner on the top portion of the edge. But unlike the half bullnose, this roundedness is smaller, similar to that of a pencil. This gives the countertop edge a sleek look with a more traditional feel.


One of the best quartz countertop edge options, a mitered edge is a popular and modern edge profile that creates a seamless and clean look. This edge is created by joining two pieces of countertop material at a 45-degree angle, creating a sharp corner that runs along the entire length of the quartz countertop. The mitered edge is particularly suitable for materials with intricate patterns or veining, as it allows for uninterrupted flow of the pattern across the entire surface.

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Look at our finest quartz project to get an idea of what the best edge for a quartz countertop is!


Premium edges feature more elaborate, sophisticated designs that can surely help your new countertop command the attention of anyone in the room. Look through the selections below to see which one you like best.

OGEE/COVE DUPONT quartz countertop


The ogee edge is one of the most popular choices for premium edges. Countertops with ogee edges have an S-shaped curve on the edge that looks masterfully elegant that goes well with traditional kitchen designs.


A double quarter-round edge features pencil-round edges on both corners of your countertop, which gives the surface a thinner look. If you don’t like the full curviness of the full bullnose, the double quarter-round might be a perfect choice for you.


The double bevel features angled edges on both the top and lower edges of your quartz countertop. This creates a reflective surface that can catch the light, which creates a bigger impact on your countertop.

Double Ogee quartz countertop


The double ogee, as you might have guessed, features two S-shaped curves in succession on the countertop edge. Its curves are shallower than the ogee, giving your countertop a more luxurious feel.


Chiseled edges create a more rustic appeal to your kitchen as it features exposed raw stone for a more natural appearance. Its jagged edges look wild, making it appear a little ‘rough around the edges.’


Triple pencil edge is a popular and stylish edge profile for countertops. As the name suggests, this edge features three small pencil-like edges that are stacked on top of each other, creating a sleek and elegant look. The triple pencil edge is a great choice for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their kitchen or bathroom without going overboard.


Quartz countertop edges are manufactured through the use of modern techniques and technologies. As the manufacturer will create the exact shape of your choice, deciding what shape they prefer is usually the hardest part for any customer.

The type of quartz countertop edge can make a huge difference in the design of your space. That’s why making the right choice is essential: it’ll be in your kitchen for years to come. Is it the right style? Does it have the functional properties you look for in your future countertop?

The variety of options is truly remarkable. As soon as you take your pick of the available quartz countertop edge styles, the manufacturer can start bringing your design vision to life.


quartz countertop edge profiles

Your choice of quartz countertop boils down to personal choice, but there are also some things that you should keep in mind in order to make your choice a bit easier.


First things first, how much money are you willing to spend on your future countertop? The size and design complexity directly correlate with the cost of a quartz countertop edge, so you should always consider your budget.


Smaller spaces call for subtler edges to avoid pulling attention away from your décor. Elaborate edges are perfect for larger spaces to tie everything together.


You also have to consider your cabinets as well as the overall aesthetics of the room. Your edge profile of choice should go well with your décor. It should not compete with the other elements of your kitchen, instead, it should add to the kitchen’s overall appeal.


If you are not ready to spend much of your time on cleaning and maintenance, you should go for simpler options for your countertop edge. Straight, beveled, and bullnose variants are usually easier to clean.


Rounded edges for a quartz kitchen countertop are much safer. Go for these options if you have children or if there is a safety concern.


Will there be any furniture pieces that lean directly on the countertop? Go for the rounded options to avoid any scratches.

Refresh your kitchen!

We can offer many edge options for your quartz countertop project.


We know that making a choice is harder than it seems, especially when there is such a wide array of beautiful options to choose from. We have put together some tips for you that will hopefully make your choice of quartz countertop edge styles easier:

  • First of all: just relax! Don’t overthink this too much. This is your home, you know what you want and you should rely on your instincts. Choose what you think is best!
  • Keep in mind that more complex design edges will draw attention. This means that small spaces will visually become even smaller.
  • Don’t always go for the fanciest designs! If your cabinetry looks elegant or attention-catching, consider going for more modest countertop edges, and vice versa.
  • Most of the manufacturers have a sample board handy. Take one home to see how your future quartz countertop edge will work with your kitchen. If this isn’t an option, do the opposite: bring samples or pictures from home to see how well it fits.
  • Last but not least: enjoy the process! Even though the choice can be stressful, furnishing your new kitchen or revamping your old one should be fun!


The best way to choose the perfect countertop edge for your quartz countertop is to work with professionals that can help you visualize the process. Granite Selection is a manufacturer and installer of quartz, granite, and other stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms in the Chicagoland area. Choosing edges for your quartz countertop is much easier with Granite Selection as your partner.

We are located in Elk Grove Village, IL. We serve anyone within a 70-mile radius. Give us a call at (888) 906 3317 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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