The Most Popular Black Quartz Countertop Home Design Ideas

Elegant, edgy, sophisticated, or classic, black quartz offers unrivaled durability and the type of versatile embodiment that suits a number of traditional and contemporary interior design choices. Whether it’s a statement island with a waterfall edge in the middle of a kitchen or an industrial-chic bathroom, there’s no denying that black quartz can easily fulfill these design requirements and more.

Not only that, black quartz is affordable. Its advantageous price point and adaptable nature make it a win, regardless of its design application. This guide on black quartz countertop ideas from Granite Selection store in Chicago will help you choose a design that best highlights the stone’s beauty.

Black quartz kitchen Chicago

Home Design Ideas with Black Quartz Countertops

From minimalist to maximalist design, black quartz can enhance any interior through its resilience and gravitas.

Modern Bath

The latest trends indicate that when it comes to a color scheme, black is the new gray. From the classic high-contrast black and white bathroom to an all-encompassing charcoal palette with eye-catching brass finishes, black is here to stay.

Monochrome bathrooms provide the opportunity to experiment with textures and finishes that create a luxury feel, while classic black and white can be easily upgraded with a black quartz countertop and pops of color. Characterized by floating sinks, frameless glass showers, and industrial aesthetics, modern bathrooms emphasize stark contrasts and simplicity.

Black quartz bathroom

Marquina Midnight

Maquina Midnight derives its name from the dark night sky. Its stark white veins stretch across a deep-black background, offering a bold and dramatic look that creates an arresting focal point in any bathroom.

Midnight Majesty

Sleek and handsome, Midnight Majesty has a deep black background with light flecks in a brushed finish. Modern without being overly bold, this quartz is ideal for bathrooms with a classic feel that exudes understated sophistication.

Chic Farmhouse

A farmhouse kitchen design with black quartz countertops can update this traditional style usually associated with rustic charm. The chic farmhouse has traded white-washed cabinets for those in a glossy shaker style, providing a facelift to a well-worn look.

Open shelving, wooden accents, and apron-front sinks remain popular. Polished black quartz countertops that reflect light complements earthier wooden farmhouse-style elements, like floors, barstool chairs, shelving, and cabinets.

Black quartz farmhouse kitchen


When the light falls on Blackwood quartz, it catches flecks of gold, cream, and blue. As a Cambria quartz, it’s incredibly durable and suitable for robust kitchen applications. Blackwood quartz fairs well with a decorative Ogee countertop, offering a rustic kitchen an air of sophistication.

Cambria Black

With barely-there flecks, Cambria Black, for the most part, offers a uniform pattern of little variety. Cambria black exudes timeless appeal and is perfect for those who want a black kitchen countertop with little deviation. This quartz goes well with white shaker cabinets.

Island Design

Of late, oversized islands with waterfall edges have dominated kitchen designs with quartz countertops. An island doubles up as a cooking and eating area for large contemporary kitchens and anchors the space as a design focal point.

A black quartz island can either blend in with a dark color palette and become an extension of the countertops or completely contrast with white design elements. With the correct lighting and placement, an island can make the entire room pop.

Black quartz island


This deep, glassy black quartz with thick white veins looks similar to soapstone and is bolder in aesthetic than other natural stones like marble. Mersey quartz comes highly recommended to those who truly want their kitchen island to make a visual impact.

Sparkling Black

Like the name suggests, Sparkling Black quartz glints under the light. This deep black quartz has tiny speckles that exude a crystal-like sheen. Against a light interior and as a kitchen island, it is guaranteed to make a statement.

Kitchen bar

If an island is too dramatic, then a black quartz wet bar in your kitchen may be something to consider, especially in large, open-plan designs. Kitchen ideas with black quartz countertops like a wet bar, for example, create a dynamic entertainment area.

Wet bars with black quartz countertops or backsplashes work well with almost any design style or color, and they increase kitchen storage space. If a wet bar isn’t your thing, swap it for a dry bar or coffee station.

Black quartz countertop in white kitchen


Icy, crisp, and cool, Sharpham looks like the ocean’s surface after a wave has broken. Its thin but dense veining pattern offers a unique texture that still manages to stay relatively neutral. If against dark or white cabinetry, it will provide a comely contrast.

Vanilla Noir

With delicate and sparse veins, Vanilla Noir embodies luxury and elegance. Used as an accent or for an entire countertop, this quartz provides an impressive and powerful look that provides enduring beauty.


Backsplashes have been severely underrated for the longest time. A black quartz backsplash can add depth, enhance fixtures and fittings, as well as become a design statement unto itself.

Quartz backsplashes are undeniably more practical than tiles, as there’s no grouting to clean, and they add a touch of elegance. Modern backsplashes tend to extend across the entire wall space, so there’s no distinction between the two. However, a black quartz backsplash can work equally well adjacently to tiles or a painted wall.

Kitchen with black backsplash


Mottled tones of black with hints of brown characterize Wellington quartz. This subdued and inconspicuous stone suits a range of kitchen cabinetry and design styles, especially for those who want a backsplash that blends into their kitchen design.

Welshpool Black

A deep black with tan and gray flecks that look gold, Welshpool Black is perfect for kitchens with natural wood cabinetry or design elements as its warm flecks enhance wood’s earthy hues. This brooding stone looks dreamy in a gloss or matte finish.

Black and White Design

If you’re looking for fail-proof kitchen decor ideas to go with black quartz countertops, then white is the way to go. Although not strictly colors, black and white is a timeless combination that doesn’t seem to date.

A black and white kitchen can be modeled in a traditional, transitional, or contemporary style. This classic color palette is versatile and forgiving with unfettered design options. For those that want something classic or are averse to risk, this combination is fail-safe.

Black and white kitchen design


From afar, Menai looks like the night sky with tiny stars. Its flecks dazzle in the light without ostentation. The subtle pattern of Menai countertops adds texture without detracting from the kitchen’s overall design. Any application that this quartz is used for will have extra sparkle.

Blackpool Matte

This stone’s low-sheen and the silky-smooth surface provide understated luxury. Simple, plain, and suitable for countertops, backsplashes, vanities, and wet bars, Blackpool Matte is as classic as it gets when it comes to uniformity and elegance.

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What the little black dress is to fashion, black quartz countertops is to interior design, a staple classic. As professional quartz stone suppliers and fabricators, we can offer loads of kitchen decor ideas to go with black quartz countertops. Granite Selection has a wide variety of MSI Q Quartz, Cambria Quartz, and Caesarstone Quartz to choose from. Browse our selection online and click here for a fast quote.

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