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More about Brown countertops

The color brown is the color of wood and the earth. That is why it has always been associated with growth, dependability, and health – and a popular color choice for homeowners because of its neutrality and warmness as a color. This color can adapt well to many décor styles and themes and can blend well with a variety of other colors. But they are especially well-suited to decors with an earthy style.

Give your home a warm hug from mother nature by choosing brown quartz countertops. These are beautiful, elegant pieces that are sure to set the mood based on any look or style you want to achieve. Go for a rustic and chill vibe with our lighter hues or create a subtle stylish statement with the darker ones – you just can’t go wrong either way.

What can represent mother nature more than something natural? For countertops that truly make a statement, go for brown granite countertops. If you want to go for a look that’s a little bit on the wild side with crazy marbling patterns or a little more subtle look that’s easier to see up close, there’s always something available for you here.

Whether it’s granite or quartz, brown countertops are sure to give any room a warm, relaxing feel and an inviting look. Choose from among the best selections of brown countertops available. See our list below.

I have nothing but praises for the quality of service I got from Granite Selection. I had this company put on some brown countertops for my kitchen to match this kinda quirky granite sink that I got at a bodega sale. They really took the extra time to make sure that the countertop fit snugly around the sink, even with such an irregular shape. They were so careful with taking the measurements as accurately as possible but it was actually done faster than I had expected! Granite Selection really only has the best countertops and installation service for their cost in Chicago. This crew is highly recommended!

Jaya Morrow

I was browsing through for a brown kitchen countertop for our newly built outdoor kitchen. My husband originally wanted to buy them at the nearby Home Depot but that didn’t feel right to me. When I showed him this gorgeous Bedrock MSI Quartz on your online catalog, though, I’ve never seen him decide on a house component so fast. My husband has been talking nonstop about how you guys were such great people to work with and how he is so satisfied with our outdoor kitchen, now that it’s complete.

Marianne Ballard

When I told the staff that I wanted a brown bathroom countertop, they were so kind in helping me choose from their brown countertops. They made the ideal measurements and installed a countertop so that it is a perfect fit for my bathroom now. This company being near me was truly a blessing.

Brodie Pruitt
For that rustic and homey feel, you can check us out here in Chicago for your brown stone countertop options. We are located in Elk Grove Village, IL and offer our installation services for the surrounding 70 mi. area.
  • To keep the vibrancy of your brown countertops, you should observe proper and timely care. Any liquid spills and crumbs need to be wiped off fast. The proper cleaners should also be used. You should take note of avoiding acidic or basic cleaners as they can do more harm than good. You should also get your surface's seal checked and reapplied as needed.
  • As brown is one of the common countertop colors, it's with the shades that you can set yours apart. A red-toned brown can make your counters look rich and will mesh well with darker palettes. For a gentler pop of color, coffee brown goes well with a neutral kitchen. Tan tones also go well with dark cabinets and a warm theme.
  • Tropical Brown countertops are a great color choice. It’s an opulent stone streaked with black and dark brown crystals which would make for a good statement piece. This countertop color usually goes well with white cabinets, and if you're up for it, with a dark glaze. Cream and yellow-toned white can go well with this countertop, too.
  • White and brown are a neutral match made in heaven. Brown countertops would be a great addition to a white kitchen. White is an excellent canvas for any kitchen artistic expression. If you would like to check other countertop colors that would go great with white, you can check this link.
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