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Discounted Granite Countertops in Chicago

GRANITE COUNTERTOPS SALE Starting from $39 per sq ft


Note: Additional travel charges apply outside of the Chicagoland area.

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* from $29 per sq. ft., no measurements and no installation included


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Like everyone who comes across specials you think it’s too good to be true. I came across the Granite Selection website, saw the Special page and took a shot pleasantly surprised that there were no hidden costs involved.  I wanted granite countertops for my kitchen. They came out, took precise laser measurements and told me to come out and select a stone. I went out to Elk Grove to pick a stone and go over everything and they told me it would take about a week. On the day of my installation, the two gentlemen (Andy & Sergio) arrived on time and finished the job in 2 hours with no mess at all.  Highly recommended and will DEFINITELY use again!!!!

David Adams

I didn’t have that big of a budget but I heard that Granite Selection had some installation packages available. I’ve always wanted a stone countertop so it was good information to know where I can get cheap granite countertops near me. I checked their site and true enough, they offered packages that included whatever service is needed. I just needed to pay and everything else was taken care of by them! The inclusive stone colors were all so good also it’s hard to choose which one I wanted to take home! Very good service from this countertop company here in Chicago!

Jessica Knights

I was looking out for good quality countertops that I can really save on. I know, it may just be me shooting for the moon but the granite countertop specials from this company were a real god send. I now longer have to worry about the installation because it’s included in the package and these packages are also all fairly priced. The team further exceeded my expectations when I saw how well they did my kitchen counters. I had some comments during the placing and they were all very obliging and professional. I will be recommending their services and they definitely deserve all the future businesses that come their way!

Brian Macleod

Granite Selection has the best catalog for discount granite countertops in Chicago. It was also really nice of them to come up with packages that make it so much convenient for us who have countertop needs. They are always consistent with making sure that they are providing the best service to the community. To anyone who asks me about countertops in the future, they are absolutely going to be directed to Granite Selection.

Nell Patterson

Your Granite Countertop Installation Company in Chicago





Located in Elk Grove Village, IL, Granite Selection specializes in natural stone distribution, design, fabrication and installation of fine custom granite countertops, marble vanities, shower walls, and fireplace surrounds. Our reputation for quality work at affordable prices brings us tremendous business through referrals from our satisfied customers. Check out our Projects page for examples of our work.

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  • Digital laser template and estimate
  • Precision digital water jet CNC manufacturing
  • Professional installation
  • A 15-year sealer application, edging, and a single bowl sink and sink cutout.
  • Awesome online customer reviews. We guarantee that you will be impressed working with our Chicago granite countertop installers.

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At Granite Selection, we are able to sell exquisite granite at affordable prices through our close partnership with local suppliers. Our supplier partnerships know that we take great pride in our work and craftsmanship and they understand that, when they work with us, they are working with a qualified company who takes their business very seriously.

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FAQs about granite countertops

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  • This is probably one of the most popular questions about granite. This being said, black and tan granite slabs are the least expensive slabs. This is because of availability as mined granite from all over the world is usually in the darker shades. There is also quite the demand for these darker colored slabs.
  • There are several factors that can affect good pricing on granite. The color would be one of them, so it would be good to check out darker slabs first. To keep it economically friendly, we would also suggest buying granite wholesale. You can save a lot by buying from a direct distributor. Not to mention, that if you don’t need assistance with installation or measurement, you can buy it at a contractor's price.
  • To keep the beauty of your granite countertops, proper sealing is needed for maintenance. It is professionally advised that you seal your granite once a year. But, this also depends on the need, the countertop usage and the porosity of the granite. It's always best that a professional is consulted beforehand.
  • Being an igneous rock, Granite definitely has some heat resistance to it. Putting a hot pan on granite may not deal some immediate damage to the stone itself. But, it will to the sealant that coats it. This can cause some discoloration and further exposure to heat can make small cracks appear on the surface
  • The cost of granite varies depending on the type you choose, but can range anywhere from $35-$39 for a simple, yet beautiful, square foot of Santa Cecilia or Giallo Verona, to $65 for a square foot of the gorgeous and dynamic Blue Flower.
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