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More about Green countertops

Green is the color of life. It represents nature, renewal, harmony. It is considered to be the most relaxing color for the human eye because we are so used to seeing it all around us. In fact, green is believed to provide a feeling calm and relaxing atmosphere which is why it is the color that is commonly used in medical spaces such as hospitals and clinics.

Green is life. The same goes for your kitchen. You can bring your kitchen to life when you add a green granite and quartz countertop. Green countertops will give your kitchen space a natural and earthy vibe while providing a clean and fresh look.

Green countertops were needed for my bathroom sink and cabinets so it looks pretty tropical. Found some really good green granite slabs at Granite Selection in Chicago with also really fair prices. I had requested some tweaks with how the stone was cut and how it was to be installed and the crew really worked to fulfill those requests. The quality of the finished counters was top notch and fit right into the vision I had relayed to the crew. I’ll be sure to ask them again to do my kitchen counters next to keep the quality of work uniform.

Sidney Walmsley

I am obsessed with anything green so when my wooden kitchen counters finally gave out, it was the perfect opportunity for me to slap on some green stone to replace it. Granite Selections did my bathroom last year and I was very happy with their result then so I called them again for this project. We were able to work out the design, the measurements and the pricing easily and as expected, I was given the same quality work that made me come back to their services. I could not believe that I own this beautiful green kitchen countertop at the cost I had paid.

Lily-Ann Findlay

I wanted to try dark green countertops for an outdoor sink but there aren’t usually that many options for green countertops. Where to buy them is also a question that may not be answered so easily. This is why Granite Selection is my go to for countertops. They have a humble selection of green countertops that are sure to be readily available and are of the highest quality. All it takes is one call and my outdoor sink is done!

Jeremy Plant
We can assist with choosing and installing the perfect green countertop for your Chicago home! We are located in Elk Grove Village, IL and happily serve a 70 mi. area.
  • Your green countertop would most likely be a potent and bold addition to your kitchen. This countertop would go well with beige and cream cabinets. If you would like to add a more tropical, lush feel, you can color your cabinets a light brown. A muted green countertop would also look traditional against dark wooden cabinets.
  • Green is pretty loud but it is still a lovely countertop color. This color can be muted down some by choosing cabinets painted a subtle grey or cream. If your stone countertop has a veined pattern, check the color of the veins and get cabinet colors that match the vein. You can also use shades of black and white to tone down the color.
  • Admittedly, green is not as popular as the more neutral shades for countertop colors. But, the right shade of green can be just as trendy. Darker shades of green had been making their rounds as well as the muted green stone countertops. These shades make them easier to pair with other kitchen colors.
  • Green countertops are easy to maintain. All they will really need to preserve their beauty is consistency with the cleanup. Whether you use the appropriate cleaning materials matters, as well. Make sure you use natural stone cleaners when you can, along with a soft cloth to wipe off spills. Sealants will also help with your countertop's spill resistance. You have to check this frequently.
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