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Are Quartz Countertops More Expensive than Granite?

There are plenty of things to consider when deciding how your home should look. But one of the more important factors is, of course, the cost.

Whether loose or tight on cash, working within the budget is a goal not many can achieve.

Indeed, there are a lot of cost considerations in order to create that perfect home. In fact, the most crucial one may be that of your kitchen countertop, especially when choosing between a quartz countertop and a granite. Is quartz more expensive than granite? Today, we find out.

How is Quartz Different from Granite? 

Granite countertops made from natural stone. Many people prefer granite because it promises to be more durable. Moreover, granite provides a natural appeal that is just hard to ignore.

Granite is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops because they are not easily scratched. This is an important consideration, especially when there are hot pots and knives all around.

In contrast, quartz is considered an engineered stone. This means quartz is made from natural stone particles bound together by a cement-based polymer. But despite its classification as engineered stone, there is no denying its natural look.

One of the biggest advantages of quartz over granite is variety. Because it is an engineered stone, many variations in colors and patterns can be seen on quartz that you just can’t find on granite.

There are many fundamental differences between granite and quartz that can factor in its cost. Answering the question of whether quartz or granite is more expensive is difficult without a point of comparison. Hence, before you decide on your kitchen countertop, here are some suggestions for points of comparison to consider.


As an engineered stone, quartz offers versatility that is difficult to match. In terms of color, quartz is available in a wide assortment of colors ranging from the pearliest of whites to the truest of blacks. In terms of veining, many patterns are available to quartz that you just can’t find on granite.

But there’s just no denying the beauty of natural stone. While the selections may be limited to the availability of the stone, the selections that you do get are elegant. But don’t get me wrong. Granite is still available in a wide range of selections.


Quartz countertops take the cake when it comes to durability. Quartz countertops were made with quartz particles and polymer resins that greatly enhances the countertop’s durability while also reducing its porosity.

Granite, on the other hand, needs to be sealed upon installation. As a natural stone, granite is more porous than quartz countertops, which will require resealing regularly to maintain its quality and protect it from damage.

Of course, this is not to say granite is not durable at all. It is still quite durable. This is because it is sealed with resin-based binders. With this, granite becomes resistant to standard damages. However, it still comes second to the durability of quartz. Lastly, granite countertops are prone to cracks and chips.

Despite these differences in durability, with proper care, they both can last 25-50 years.


Relative to durability, maintenance is also a slight concern for granite. Up on the list of reasons is the process of sealing and resealing. As mentioned, granite needs to be resealed every so often. Meanwhile, quartz comes pre-sealed, which will require no further resealing for maintenance.

Quartz is also less problematic when it comes to stains, which lessens the need for additional maintenance. In contrast, granite is porous. Hence, when stains seep in, it becomes more difficult to clean out.

When taking maintenance into account, it would seem that granite could be more expensive over time owing to the fact that it maintenance costs could accrue to prevent any damage or unsightly marks on the surface.

Environmental Factors

For some, environmental factors provide much weight in their buying decision. There are many who are conscious about carbon footprints and whether the things they purchase have been made without doing any more damage to the environment – and they are willing to pay a premium for that.

While there certainly is a gray area when it comes to mining activities, both granite and quartz are extracted in the safest way possible. However, since granite countertops are created from natural stone, its manufacture may be considered as more environmentally-friendly, as opposed to quartz where further extraction of quartz particles is necessary.


We have over 14,000 quartz and granite slabs in stock! Take a look and we’ll be happy to help you make your choice.


Now, we come to the main issue. Given all those factors, which is costlier? How much do quartz countertops cost? How granite kitchen countertops are priced? What is more expensive, granite or quartz?

With the marginal difference between the two based on appearance, durability, maintenance, and environmental factors, how will the cost pan out?
Here are cost factors to consider to better understand this concept:


When it comes to color, some are more expensive due to its rarity. Case in point: granite. Because they are manufactured directly from natural stone, some colors are considered more “unique”, which are therefore more expensive. Meanwhile, some quartz colors can be engineered to mimic those “rare” colors of granite, which may be relatively less expensive.


Thicker slabs, of course, will cost more. This will depend primarily on where the surface will be used. For instance, kitchen countertops may require a thicker surface than those used in bathrooms.

Source and Shipping Cost

Source and shipping factors heavily into the cost of each stone. Cost primarily depends on where the stone was sourced as some countries ship cheaper stone slabs than others. For instance, stones mined from China are generally less expensive that those shipped from Italy.


Generally speaking, installation costs come into play, as well. Some stone merchants are generally more expensive than others. Others also have less expertise in the field, which means incorrect prices for each stone. That is why it is important that you only buy your stone countertops from trusted merchants who are experts in the field.

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