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How thick should your granite countertop be?

The standards of thickness for granite countertops have changed tremendously compared to countertops of the past. The “industry standards” for granite and marble kitchen countertops are about 3 centimeters which is about 1 and ¼ inch thick while bathroom granite countertops and marble tops are typically 2 centimeters which is equivalent to ¾ of an inch. Many homeowners and designers are starting to going against the grain of this industry standard. The new trend seems to be to choose whatever thickness you like, depending on your personal taste, budget, and overall look you are looking to achieve.

The thicker the granite countertop is, the more expensive it will be. This is an automatic since more material will be utilized. So before getting your heart set on a specific look or style, it’s important to set your budget – and stick to it. So often, homeowners get very excited about the designing process and lose track of their budget or forget to set a budget altogether. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have the money to go with a thicker granite countertop, it is definitely worth it as it gives the colors and overall look of the granite a stronger presence in the specific room you are designing. Typically, thicker countertops and bathroom vanity tops look best in homes that are more modern, contemporary, or simplistic/minimalistic in design. It can also look beautiful and unique in a home that is more traditional or vintage if done right and as long as the colors compliment the room.

The color of granite chosen is an important aspect when considering the thickness of your granite countertops. Darker colored granite is easier to find thicker than lighter colors. Make sure you purchase a sample of granite to compare to your cabinetry and paint colors or bring a sample of your cabinetry with a swatch of paint colors you will be utilizing to confirm it all flows beautifully. An interior designer or kitchen remodeler can assist you in choosing colors, style, and thickness of granite countertops if you are feeling overwhelmed. They have a true eye for design and can show you a multitude of examples to better gage what you are looking for.

Good luck and enjoy the process…make it fun and it will flow much more seamlessly!


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