Which Granite Looks Like Marble?

If you are planning on a kitchen countertop makeover, you might have come across suggestions to use granite due to its marble-finish looks. You are probably trying to understand why people like marble finish, but go for granite instead of actual marble.

The most basic answer to this curiosity is the price difference between these two types of slab materials. There is a significant price difference between granite and marble, granite, as the cheaper kind.

Granite VS Marble

In order to understand further, why people are going for marble looking granite, we have to delve deeper into the qualities of granite and marble. What are their similar qualities, and what are their major differences?

What is Granite?

Granite is quarried off soil, thus it is considered a natural slab. It is not excavated off just any area, as it is a kind of rock that resulted in the cooling down of molten rocks. As such, the more solid granite rocks are those extracted in deeper areas, where heat is higher, enough to produce the molten rocks. Then it is pushed to the surface and that is what is often quarried to be used as slabs.

It is a combination of rocks and minerals. It has quartz, micas, amphiboles, and other mineral contents. The different proportions of these materials result in the many colors and designs of granite slabs.

This material is porous, thus it needs proper sealing every 2-3 years. Regardless, it is easy to clean and is durable enough to withstand cracks and spots. Just as long as one observes proper cleaning.

The design for granite is predominantly of flecks and dots. However, it would considerably have veining patterns on some occasions.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed from either calcite or dolomite crystals that underwent high heat pressure from the earth’s crust. Historically, people began extracting marble by inserting sticks in cracked mountain rocks. Splitting it would reveal the rocks inside.

Marble is more rare and delicate to mine, but at the same time, promises patterns that are more beautiful. This is partly the reason why it costs higher than granite. However, the price does not stop people from choosing it as a countertop. That is, if one can afford the price.

In addition, marble is more delicate compared to granite. While both are natural slabs and are porous, marble tends to crack easier. In fact, one way to determine if a slab is granite or marble is to do a scratch test. When you intentionally scratch a slab and no visible marks appear, then that is more likely granite material. When it does show the scratches, then it is more likely marble, or other more porous materials like lime. This is the reason why it requires more delicate maintenance procedures. It also requires sealing more often than one would need for granite.

Its porosity is also causing it to be easily damaged with stains and blotches. However, it is a better material when it comes to handling heat. It can withstand heat greater than granite could.

However, for all that it is slightly behind granite for, it greatly makes up with its beautiful patterns and designs. Unlike granite, marble designs are bigger, and more visible. They are prominently swooshes and vein-like, unlike that of the specks that granite slabs have.

Marble also exhibit unique color qualities that highly complement the vein-like designs. Making it one of the materials that people go after, when the priority is beauty and exquisiteness.


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Sample Marble-looking Granite Countertops

If you want to achieve the exquisiteness of marble but for the sturdiness and price of a granite, then you should start by checking some of granite’s white slabs. More often than not, granite that looks like marble are those with white base colors.

River White

This white granite offers great movement with its slight variations of white and gray veins with small burgundy spots. White colors with grey blends give it a sophisticated vibe. This is also one of the less expensive choices, but its beauty, when paired with the right backsplash and flooring, remains rich and classy.

Bianco Romano

Bianco Romano offers an elegant mix of white and multiple shades of gray, with an abundance of brown and black flecks in an ‘icy’ backdrop. Its intricate patterns of dark gray swooshes provides a hazy and smoky effect that adds to the overall aesthetic. This design grabs that marble look and provides an airy and spacey feel to your kitchen.

New River White

This granite displays a cool design with its cream-brown base and brown and gray veining patterns. Its beautiful and wild patterns creates an elegant aesthetic that brilliantly imitates marble. It is perfect for dark or oak-colored kitchen cabinets. It gives the kitchen countertop a homey character, perfect for those who want to be more adventurous in their kitchen countertop choices.

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An Alternative to Granite

While granite that looks like marble is already a great thing in itself, if you are still looking for more options, you can also try to check if you would like using cultured marble. It is marble, but just that it is manmade. The great thing about this is that it looks like marble, but is more durable and less porous. However, it is still a manufactured product, so much so that the designs are not as unique as those that are naturally quarried off earth.

The question is, would you go for fabricated marble looking materials, or stick to what unique and beautiful designs nature can offer?

Whatever your choice may be, it is always best to have experts help you go through the process of planning and installing your kitchen countertops or bathroom installations. Maintenance with an expert team is just as important as well.

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