What Color Quartz Countertops Go with Dark Cherry Cabinets?

You have finally decided on your kitchen cabinet and went for the dark cherry color. How do you go about choosing your kitchen countertop table now?

There are many quartz countertop colors that can complement a cherry-colored cabinet. However, you still have to be careful in choosing the perfect color pairing for your kitchen interiors.

With so many colors to choose from, trying to settle for one kitchen countertop hue becomes a step that needs extra care and attention to detail. How dark cherry is your cabinet? Does it have a polished finish with extra shine? Or does it have a rough, rustic vibe?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Color

Now that we have come to terms with the idea that there are several factors in choosing kitchen interior colors, allow us to help break it down for you.


How people perceive the actual color of your kitchen can be greatly affected by lighting. Are the sunrays heavy in the room? Or is it too enclosed, and has little to no natural lighting? How about the kitchen lights? Are they warm or bright? How does it complement your cabinet color?

To answer all these questions and talk about lighting, is another topic in itself. What is important to understand is that you have to know how your natural light affects the actual color of your cabinet. Then and only then can you identify the shade of its color, and search for the perfect countertop to match.

If with lighting, your dark cherry countertop’s honey tones are accentuated, then you can complement it with a warm-colored quartz countertop. However, if the shades become accented and darker, then go for light-colored quartz countertops.

Color Accents

Since you are eyeing to pair your cherry cabinets with quartz countertops, then you should also be mindful of the accents of your slabs.

Quartz tends to exhibit veining and flecks on its surface. As such, these accents have unique patterns and colors. You not only have to consider the base color of the slabs but these accents as well.

This is a meticulous process so you can use our online design visualizer to help you perceive an idea on the overall look. Of course, you can also request sample swatches to take with you in order to check and compare.

Focal Point

What is the first thing you want people to notice in your kitchen? The walls? The dark cherry cabinets? The floor?

You have to identify your focal point when deciding the colors of your kitchen interiors because you have to accentuate each and every part in a way that highlights your desired focal point.

In most cases, it is the kitchen countertop that is made the focal point. This is usually the first thing that people, especially guests, notice. It has the power to enhance, or kill, the beauty of your kitchen.

With such an important role to play in creating a beautiful kitchen, it is important that you consider aesthetics heavily. Yes, we are aware that you need to take into account functionality, durability, and other factors. Just remember that in this case, beauty does not come second to functionality; it is on par with it.

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Quartz countertop color options

With this knowledge on the basics and importance of choosing kitchen color interiors, here are a few suggestions on what countertop colors work best for dark cherry cabinets:

Neutral Yellow or Gold Countertops 

Gold or neutral yellow countertops go well with wooden cabinets, including Red Cherry and Dark Cherry colors. These colors greatly complement the dark Cherry shade because it gives a wonderful contrast to the dark tones of the cabinets. As a result, you achieve a strong but classy kitchen vibe.

Just a reminder, these are neutral yellow and gold colors, not pastel tones. Examples of these tones are the Venetian Gold and the Cambria Brittanicca Gold.

Cream or Beige Countertops

Now, if you aim to achieve a country-home feel with your dark cherry cabinets and quartz countertops, then go for a more comfortable and carefree shade.

What can be more carefree than beige or cream-colored countertops? These are the go-to shades for when you want to achieve the typical homey kitchen feels. These warm colors are able to “calm” the darkness of the kitchen cabinets, and help brighten up the overall atmosphere of the kitchen.

You can check the Eternal Marfin and Ice Flakes colors as reference. Ask for a swatch of these samples and check with your cabinets. For sure, a certain shade will pop out and be the perfect quartz countertop color for your kitchen.

White or Black Countertops

Some people may think that dark cherry cabinets will go well with similarly dark-colored countertops, or any shade nearer in shade to the existing tones of the cabinets. However, this is not always the case.

More often than not, it is more aesthetically appealing to do away with monochromes and go for contrasting colors instead.

That said, your dark cherry cabinets will greatly be complemented with white countertops. This will beautifully exude a traditional and sophisticated vibe.

Or, you could also go darker than your cabinet, and pair it with black countertops. This way, your cabinet becomes the “lighter” shade and therefore, still achieves contrast. Just that, this time, the kitchen feels shifts to a more manly and disciplined ambiance.

Again, choosing the right kitchen cabinet and countertop color combination really depends on what ambiance you want to achieve for your kitchen.

Knowing all these might be too overwhelming in the beginning. Help from experts is always a welcome option so that you can be quicker in deciding which quartz countertop color to go for.

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