How Long do Quartz Countertops Last?

Quartz is an attractive addition to any kitchen or bathroom countertop at any price point. This is because of its unique colors and patterns. They can instantly make your kitchen centerpieces look like a work of art. May it be to a homeowner, or a commercial real estate developer, quartz is a truly wonderful go-to material. Having significant knowledge of quartz is a valuable addition to your DIY or real estate arsenal.

Quartz is also known for being extremely durable. It is a very hard material and is also very resistant to heat. It has a non-porous characteristic that makes maintaining it a breeze.

How long do quartz countertops last

Are Quartz Countertops Durable?

Quartz is topped only by Topaz, Corundum, and the hardest of all materials, Diamond, in the hardness scale. It is made of very strong material that is highly resistant to scratches, chips, dents, breaks, and even burns.

Most of the quartz countertops we have available are engineered. This means that they are part quartz powder and part polymer, synthetic resin, and pigments. I know what your thinking. Doesn’t this adulterate the material and make it weaker? Don’t worry just yet. These engineered countertops are made up of about 93% Quartz and only 7% of the other materials. This means that it will still retain the strengths and durability of the original stone while getting the spark and shine that the additives provide.

The short answer to the question is, yes. Quartz countertops are the most durable of countertops.

Why is Quartz Durable?

The fabrication process used to create modern quartz countertops was developed in the 60s. This is by a company called Breton. Breton hired Italian engineers for their granite fabrication R&D and manufacturing. The focus of the fabrication process was centered on one thing and one thing only. Material Strength.

All this effort did not go to waste as quartz is today known for being the toughest material out there. Quartz is also highly resistant to heat. Much more than natural stone is. Marble is actually prone to thermal shock. Granite is also reported to break with constant exposure to hot pans and pots. No to mention that the sealant or polish on the granite can melt.

The natural characteristics of quartz, the engineered fabrication process, and the heat resistance all combine to make quartz one of the most reliable countertop materials.

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Quartz not only lasts a lifetime, but also boasts amazing looks. See this project to make sure we’re not exaggerating.

How long do quartz countertops last?

Barring any natural or man-made disasters, accidents, or a sledgehammer, quartz countertops can probably last you a lifetime.

With the material strength that comes naturally to quartz, it is destined to last you a very very long time. There are still other factors that add to its durability too! Quartz is non-porous and extremely resistant to heat. The non-porosity is significant because this makes quartz very easy to maintain. Chemicals, food residue, and all forms will not penetrate the stone and make it resistant to any chemical changes. Once again contributing to its strength and longevity. This also leads to less exposure to detergents and other cleaning agents that may possibly cause wear and tear in the long run.

Quartz durability

The synthetic resin and polymers on the surface are chemicals that make quartz resistant to any organic growth. This includes bacteria, mold, and mildew. This means that even with some lackadaisical care, quartz will still hold its own against the elements. This is perfect for the busy homeowner who will have little time to inspect and maintain these parts of the house.


Quartz is one of the hardest materials used to make the most durable countertops. Get one for your kitchen, and it will last for years to come!


Quartz is one of the strongest materials available to grace the surfaces of your countertops and sinks. In fact, it is the strongest countertop material. The almost maintenance-free characteristic helps it weather the constant heavy use and abuse of everyday kitchen life. This is why it is a go-to material for kitchen and bedroom countertops and sinks on almost any price point.

The material strength and durability of Quartz coupled with its unique patterns and designs make it a worthwhile investment. It instantly adds value aesthetically and also reduces maintenance and damage worries.

If you are looking to build a house that you are planning to live in for a very long time, perhaps retire and grow old in, quartz will be a very good material to consider for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

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