How to clean quartz countertops

You used to have a beautiful quartz countertop in your kitchen that lit up your morning every time you entered the room. However, lately, something has been amiss. The challenge is while quartz is naturally glossy and does not require polishing, the stone is not entirely maintenance free.

Once you realize this, another question pops into your head about how to clean quartz countertops? You might have done some minor cleanup work already but how can you restore your quartz’s natural luster.

Below we explore how to clean quartz countertops as well as some cleaning ideas you should avoid.

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5 Ways How to Clean Quartz Countertops of Different Kitchen Villains

#1. Non-Bleach, Non-Abrasive Cleanser

You can use a simple solution like window cleaner with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Spray the cleanser over the surface. Give it a few seconds and then wipe the countertop with your towel or cloth.

For regular cleaning, using a multi-surface cleaner like this works best.

how to clean a quartz countertop

#2. Spills

What should you do if a little one spills something? Well, first remember to breathe and appreciate how you caused all sorts of trouble when you were your kid’s age.

Next, clean the spill. If you have trouble with a spill, use a scouring pad and a moderately powerful cleaning formula to remove it from the countertop.

It is best to let the formula sit for 10 minutes to attack your stains and dirt before you use the scouring pad. You can use a scouring pad on your quartz countertop without scratching the surface. However, you should not use it on a regular basis.

#3. Cooking Grease

Can you believe the gall of people who think they can cook with pots and pans next to your stunning countertop? If they dare to use greasy pots and pans around your beautiful quartz countertops, do NOT fear. Even if some cooking oil gets on the counter, you can use a non-bleach disinfectant cleaner to remove the grease.

After you use the cleaner, make sure to rinse the spot afterward in a circular motion with a rag or sponge. The approach should handle most grease spots.

#4. Tough Stains

Do you ever have one stain that will not go away? One solution to get rid of the stain is rubbing alcohol. Put it on a wet cloth to rub out the stain.

Next, remove the rubbing alcohol with warm water. The stain should be a memory by now.

#5. Permanent markers

Sometimes craft time gets messy. Often colored pens fly left and right as kids attempt to paint the most magnificent bowl of fruit ever designed in the history of humanity.

If their works of art suddenly spill onto your quartz countertop, you can use Goo Gone or a comparable cleaning product. Like a stain, rub in the Goo Gone and then rinse the cleaner with warm water.

coloring quartz countertop

5 No-No’s When Cleaning Quartz Countertops

#1. No wax or polish

Waxes and sealants are unnecessary because quartz is already an ultra-smooth surface. The wax or polish has little to no effect on the countertop.  

#2. Avoid High-pH cleaners

You should High-pH cleaners like oven cleaners and concentrated bleach solutions. They cause destroy the bond between the quartz and polymer resin that keeps your countertop together.

The same reasoning applies to low-pH cleaners that are more acidic. The acid can eat through your countertop.

#3. Extreme heat

Your quartz countertop may seem invisible, but it has a breaking point. Quartz does not do well when exposed to temperatures above 300°F.

You should use a trivet or mat to protect your countertop from hot pans, pots, and other heated dishes. Too quick a change to your quartz countertop could cause thermal shock to your countertop, which could lead to discoloration or worse.

#4. Your countertop is not a slicing board

You may use a quartz cutting board. However, your countertop like all other stones with too many knife cuts will show its age. Better to ruin a $20 chopping board than your classy countertop.

cutting board on a quartz countertop

#5. Outside weather

Finally, this is not so much about how to clean your quartz countertop, but a general recommendation. Do NOT use quartz for outdoor kitchens. The sunlight will fade the color and warp or split the stone. No cleaner can fix fading and warping.

Final Thought

Were the ideas above helpful in cleaning your quartz countertop? If you have further questions about how to clean quartz countertops, then contact us today at 888-906-3317. Our professional staff can give you expert advice on the best steps to ensure your quartz countertops stay in top shape.