What is the Difference between Polished and Honed Quartz Finishes?

Quartz has become an increasingly popular option for countertops over the years due to its durability and overall natural aesthetics. If you’re thinking about getting quartz countertops for your home, know that you can choose between a polished and honed finish of quartz. But what is polished quartz? Can quartz countertops be honed? Let’s find out.

What is Honed Quartz?

Honed quartz pertains to quartz countertops whose surfaces have a soft sheen and a more natural, less formal aesthetic. Also known as matte surfaces, honed quartz countertops have an organic appearance that retains their authentic quality and high appeal while maintaining a less glossy finish. Honed quartz countertops are ground to create smooth, flat, and consistent surfaces with no bumps or ridges and have little to no reflection.

In countertops with a honed finish, the natural polish found on quartz surfaces is removed so little to no shine or refection can be seen on its smooth surface. However, they do still retail quartz’s natural look but will be visibly lighter in color. Most homeowners prefer a matte finish to reduce the reflection of overhead lighting elements on their countertops and evoke a more relaxed, casual vibe.

What is Polished Quartz?

In contrast to quartz with a honed finish, polished quartz countertops have glossy surfaces that are highly reflective and are more vibrant. With polished quartz, the stone’s natural qualities such as its colors, hues, and vein structures become more highly pronounced.

Polished, or glossy quartz countertops are perhaps the most popular and most widely-used countertop sheen on the market today because of their overall vibrancy. Its reflective surface adds to the countertop’s overall appeal because it enhances the countertop’s appeal that makes them a perfect addition to any kitchen that seeks to create a more elegant style full of energy and sophistication. With polished quartz, countertop surfaces are easy to maintain with their smooth, polished surface and glossy finish that repels moisture and reflects light.

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Differences Between Honed and Polished Quartz

The type of finish that you choose for your countertop surface will not only affect the look but also the feel of any room. Whether you choose a polished or honed surface, your countertop surface will ultimately add to, or take away from, the overall aesthetic and vibe of each room.

Both honed and polished quartz each have their own pros and cons. Their differences, both subtle and pronounced, should be considered when making your decision between the two surface types. Moreover, these differences should be your primary considerations in order to make the best possible decision.

Appearance of Polished and Honed Quartz

Major differences between the appearance of both honed and polished quartz are most apparent in the amount of light they can reflect, which is minimal for honed and plenty for quartz. However, there are also several subtle differences between their appearances.

One subtle difference in their ability to hide fingerprints and smudges. Because of its high sheen and reflectiveness, polished quartz has a better ability to hide fingerprints and smudges on its surface than honed surfaces. That is because body marks like hand and fingerprints as well as smudges come from oil, which has a similar sheen with glossy countertops.

On the other hand, seams, chips, scratches, and other imperfections are more noticeable on polished quartz countertops because of the opposite effect. These imperfections are borne from damage dealt on the countertop surface, which in turn creates a surface with far less sheen than the exterior.

What quartz finish is more available?

Generally speaking, polished countertops are more readily available than honed surfaces, which also has been the case for quartz in the past. Earlier versions of quartz countertops mostly came with a glossy surface because of its overwhelming demand. This is because quartz always came with a natural sheen. But more recently, the demand for quartz countertops with matte finishes has seen a major uptick, which resulted in an increase in the availability of honed quartz.

What quartz surface is easier to maintain: honed or polished?

One of the biggest advantages of quartz over other countertop materials is that it requires minimal maintenance and does not need to be sealed. This quality is present in polished quartz countertops but not in honed finishes. Honed quartz is a porous material, which means it will need to be resealed every few months just to maintain its quality and integrity.

Is polished finish more affordable than honed quartz?

Quartz is a naturally shiny stone. When crafted into countertops, they are converted into their standard form, which is that of polished quartz countertops. Because it is already in its natural standard form, polished quartz countertops do not require additional processing and will not have any additional fees or charges.

On the other hand, the matte sheen on honed quartz can only be achieved through the removal of the polished surface, which requires fabrication and processing. That is why honed quartz is considered an option for upgrade. The extra cost will depend on the fabricator.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Quartz Finishes

Choosing a finish for your quartz countertop isn’t a decision that you have to make willy-nilly. There are plenty of considerations you have to make to avoid making the wrong choice and regret it later on. Here are some things to consider before making your purchase.

Scratch and Etch Resistance. Will your countertop be located in high-traffic areas like the kitchen? This will leave your countertop at risk of damage from scratching or etching. If scratching and etching damages bother you, then consider honed quartz.

Stain Resistance. As mentioned above, honed quartz is a porous material. This leaves your countertop vulnerable to stains. Polished quartz countertops are more stain-proof without any need for sealing.

Personal Preference. At the end of the day, what kind of surface do you like more? Do you like the look and feel of polished surfaces? Do you prefer the low-key elegance of honed surfaces? Does the look of honed or polished surfaces go with the overall aesthetic you are going for with the room? It all boils down to what you really prefer.

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The Best Choice

The choice between polished and honed countertops is a difficult decision to make because you will need to consider a lot of things. So it should take some time before you finally decide on a surface you like.

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