What to Do with Your Old Granite Countertops?

Often when we help homeowners remodel their homes, one question always comes up. “What should we do with our old granite countertops?” While the answer to this varies depending on your circumstances, we have a few solutions.

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Five things to do with your old granite countertops

#1. Trash the old granite countertops

The average life expectancy of a granite countertop is long. Remember, many stone countertops throughout the world are still around in historic buildings. Experts estimate that most natural stone countertops can last over 100 years.

Marble was not the only stone used in the ancient world to build the wonders of the world. Some of the structures in ancient Egypt, which still stand today, use granite. Builders around the world use the sturdy stone for building.

Occasionally, something happens to your granite countertop. While granite countertops breaking down entirely are rare, you need to maintain the granite stone. Otherwise, you might not be able to save it.

The key to preserving your granite counter is to give it regular maintenance.

#2. Donate your old counter

If your stone is still in good shape, consider donating it to Habitat for Humanity or a similar charity. Because Habitat for Humanity builds homes based on donations they can use your old granite countertop.

Plus, donating goods like this can reduce your tax bill. However, we are not accountants. Nor do we play a CPA on TV. Therefore, we recommend you speak with your CPA to find out how much you would save from the donation.

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#3. Convert your granite counter into something new

If you still want to keep your granite stone, tell us what you want to do. We can help you convert it into something useful in another part of your home.

Many homeowners have turned their granite countertops into flooring, wall decorations, fire pits, tables, shelves, cutting boards, and centerpieces. The sky is the limit if you have some quality granite pieces left. Here are some ideas for a stylish use of granite remnants and our broad collection of remnants to choose from.

No matter the age, you can still find something useful for most homeowners if the quality of the stone is good enough. The key is how much quality stone is available.

#4. Recycle your granite countertop

Over 53 million tons of construction materials got tossed into a landfill last year according to the EPA. Most of this waste could be used again for another purpose.

We discussed converting granite pieces in the previous point. Recycling the material goes beyond the conversion discussion. At Granite Selection, we want to make the process of adding your new countertop as eco-friendly as possible.

Some of our customers also found success using sites like Freecycle. Freecycle is a nationwide network where you donate different things to other people.

The site sees plenty of items like granite countertops find new life with new owners who value and might need the countertop more.


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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas of what to do with your old granite countertop. Whether it is recycling, donating, converting, trading, or trashing it, spend some time thinking about your best option.

Let us know if you have more questions at Granite Selection about how we can help you with whatever decision you make for your old countertop.

Call us at (888) 906 3317 today to schedule a free consultation on what to do with your old granite countertop.

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