7 Places to Include Texture in Your Kitchen Design

How to Add Texture to Your Kitchen

Are you redesigning your kitchen? Are you sure you’ve accounted for everything? Let me know if this list looks familiar:

Wait, kitchen texture? Most homeowners seem to forget about giving their kitchens a textured look. Although it’s not really much of a big deal, kitchen texture is one of those small things that make a big impact. So now, your question should be, “what type of texture should I do in my kitchen?”

In this blog, we’ll share tips on how you can introduce kitchen texture into your design.

Is It Important to Have Kitchen Texture Design?

Truth be told, a kitchen, even when redesigned, will still look pale without any texture. Without kitchen texture design, your space looks dull, uninspired, and a little bit uninviting.

Implementing kitchen granite texture adds character to your space. Whether it has a modern design or a classic aesthetic, your kitchen space will surely get a layered look that adds personality and brings life to any aesthetic.

Where to Incorporate Texture in Your Kitchen

Still can’t find an answer to your question, “what type of texture should I do in my kitchen?”? Look no further. Did you know that there’s a wide range of textures that you can incorporate in your kitchen design? Think kitchen wall texture ideas, kitchen countertop texture, or maybe even kitchen ceiling texture. Here are some ideas that you can try so you too can add a textured look to your kitchen.


Textured Wall for Kitchen

Adding kitchen wall texture is one of the best ways to introduce texture into your space. Most homeowners go with using faux brickwork or wood panels to add kitchen wall texture. Other kitchen wall texture ideas include using different painting techniques and using textured wallpaper. Be careful about using too much, though. One wall should be enough as an accent wall. Otherwise, you risk making your kitchen feel cluttered.

Kitchen Island

Textured Island for Kitchen

Are you looking for something bolder? Try a textured kitchen island or worktop. It’s simple. You can choose natural materials like granite and marble or bolder choices like slate and concrete.


Textured Kitchen Backsplash

Textured backsplashes are a tried and true way of adding texture to your kitchen. Do you have a modern kitchen focused on smooth surfaces? No problem. You don’t need to have rough edges for texture. You just need to choose slabs that offer a textured look while retaining a glossy finish.

background image

A textured backsplash plus a black granite countertop sounds like a great match. See it for yourself!


Textured Cabinets Kitchen

Do you know how to texture kitchen cabinets? It’s easier than you might think. Similar to how you can add texture to walls, you can add texture to your cabinets with a simple paint job or by adding faux materials for a layered appearance. Try shaped veneers to the cabinets’ face for added texture.


Textured Kitchen Floor

Floors are one of the easiest ways to add texture by using textured tiles. You can choose stone tiles that fit your aesthetic. You can also use wood tiles for a more elegant look. If you want the hard feel of tiles but want to retain the sophisticated look of wood, try wooden stone tiles that mimic the look of wood.



We have to admit: kitchen ceiling texture is hard to pull off. But with the proper design, your kitchen will look absolutely stunning. You can use vinyl wallpaper or try installing wooden beams to add kitchen ceiling texture for a modern yet familiar vibe.


Textured Kitchen Countertop

The best way to introduce some texture into your kitchen is by adding kitchen countertop texture. There are a plethora of textured and textured-like looks for stone countertops, whether it’s granite, quartz, or marble. Adding kitchen countertop texture will surely be your best decision yet.


A texture-less kitchen is like walking into a boring office: it looks dull and uninspired. Thankfully, you can just as easily spice up your kitchen space by adding texture. By adding texture, whether on your tables, floors, cabinets, ceiling, or walls, you introduce some layers of design that add another layer of life and sophistication to your kitchen.

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