10 Ideas for Granite Kitchen Island Design

The kitchen is one of our favorite places to gather with friends and family while cooking our favorite meals. To make the space more functional, allowing for more countertop space, storage, and room to circle around, we love to incorporate a kitchen island.

A kitchen island table can not only make your kitchen more functional, helping achieve all your culinary dreams, but can show off your unique style and customize your space to your liking. Whether you’re looking for a classic kitchen island that makes rolling out cookie dough easy, a small kitchen island with storage to hide your mixing bowls, or one with a pop of color you were too afraid to incorporate in the rest of the kitchen, there are tons of kitchen island ideas that can elevate your kitchen.

With the right design and the perfect countertop, your kitchen can have the chef’s kiss of approval. Not sure where to start? There are a lot of kitchen island options to choose from, with each one giving your space a different look and feel. To get you started, here are our favorite granite kitchen island designs from our experts at Granite Selection.

Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar is a popular stone countertop choice for families and single homes alike. This cozy and impromptu seating arrangement brings everyone close to the energy of the kitchen. It also makes cleanup easy, as the hard granite is easy to brush and wipe to a fine polish.


Island Sink

Many kitchens feature an island kitchen sink that faces towards the house instead of cornering you against the wall. Island sinks are also located more conveniently towards the dining room, which makes cleanup simple. In this example, two sinks are located on facing countertops, which allows you to work on food preparation and dishwashing at the same time.


Minimalist Modernism

This stunning countertop optimizes form and function with a simple rectangular countertop and cabinet piece. Working with a designer and contractor to develop your cabinetry to complement your granite countertop can make a much bigger impact than simply replacing the countertop alone.


background image

You will enjoy cooking on this leather black granite outside grill island.

Double Countertop

A two-level countertop is a great way to add versatility to your kitchen space. Whether you use the same granite, two different granites, or two different materials, the visual and practical appeal of this countertop is self-evident. In the example above, a warm blue brushed glassed countertop perfectly complements the sand-colored granite to simulate a lovely beach environment.


Outdoor Grill Kitchen

Who says granite is just for indoors? In fact, the durability and shine of granite make it perfect for outdoor use, particularly around the grill. Hot flames, smoke, grease, and sharp utensils can deteriorate lesser materials rapidly, but for granite it’s no problem at all.


Waterfall Countertop

What better way to make a statement with your modern kitchen island than with a waterfall countertop. This is one of the most popular luxurious kitchen island designs, instantly updating your space. A waterfall countertop takes the countertop of your choice all the way down the side of the kitchen island to the floor, creating a seamless design from the island countertop to the ground. Obsessed with your stone? This is a great way to really show it off. We love this look with a white countertop for a sleek finish.

waterfall kitchen island

Room for Appliances

Don’t want all your appliances crammed in the surrounding counterspace? Make your space more functional by incorporating your must-have appliances in your kitchen island designs. From putting your stovetop on your island, to building in a wine bar (yes, please!), you can make your kitchen island more functional by making room for your kitchen essentials.

room-for-appliances kitchen island

Contrasting Colors

Make your kitchen island table pop with a contrasting color. From the base of the kitchen island, to the choice in countertop, you can have some fun with your space by changing your choice in materials for an island that’s different from that of the surrounding kitchen. This will instantly add a unique style to your kitchen, customizing it to show off personality. Want a countertop that will really pop? We love our granite stone in Brass Blue for the dose of color your kitchen island table needs.

contrasting colors kitchen island

Slim Wins

A kitchen island is one of our favorite parts of the kitchen for gathering, and there are ways for even the smallest kitchen to have one. In a more narrow space, a slimmer, skinny kitchen island is the way to go. This small kitchen island creates more countertop room without sacrificing walking space in the kitchen with a more narrow dimension. Who said you can’t have it all? This is even a great option for a large kitchen, as it can create a slim, sleek, streamlined division in a big space.

slim kitchen island

No Corners

Another one of our favorite kitchen island ideas for a small space is an oval island. For those with a small family, this is the kitchen island for you. Think of a circular island, with no corners and which doesn’t waste the space of your kitchen. This not only gives you extra counter space, but creates a kitchen island with storage having plenty of nooks and crannies for all your kitchen essentials.

circular kitchen island


From a kitchen island with storage, to waterfall designs, there’s a unique island design for everyone. The design you choose will depend on your style, but whatever stone you choose can be perfectly cut and shaped to match. While a granite countertop can provide the durability you need, your kitchen island table can be topped with whatever material you prefer – whether it’s granite, quartz, or marble, we have a selection of stones you’ll love.

Feeling inspired? Us, too. Contact Granite Selection for all your kitchen island needs, whether you’re renovating a small kitchen or looking for a modern touch, we can help create the entertaining space you’ve dreamed of.

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