The Most Popular Gray Quartz Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas

Gray Quartz Kitchen Design Ideas

The popularity of gray quartz kitchen countertops has endured since the 90s due to their interior design versatility. Whether it’s a dark, moody ambiance that has become trendy of late or a classic minimalist design you’re after, there are a plethora of gray countertop ideas to suit your desired kitchen aesthetic. To aid inspiration, let’s take a look at the best gray quartz countertops and their corresponding design ideas.

Why You Should Choose Gray Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an engineered stone. It’s durable and low-maintenance because it doesn’t need to be sealed. Unlike natural stones such as granite or marble, the patterns in quartz are consistent, making it a favorite among those who prefer a more uniform look. All counters should be looked after well, but quartz is undoubtedly less porous and prone to etching, providing greater longevity.

Granite and marble are quarried, which produces a negative environmental impact. However, one of the gray quartz’s benefits is that the stone is made from recycled minerals, which makes it a more eco-friendly option. Another pro of gray quartz countertops is that quartz can mimic any material. A granite or marble aesthetic is easy to achieve with this stone.

Gray Quartz Countertop Design Ideas

“Kitchen design gray quartz countertop” is a phrase that has grown in popularity on Google searches this past decade, owing to the color’s versatility and quartz’s durability. Here are some inspiring gray kitchen countertop ideas.

Gray Field

Gray Field Quartz Kitchen Design

Fieldstone quartz is solid and provides a rich, deep color that can be picked up by fieldstone accent walls or cabinetry. It works well in spaces that already have multiple textures. This quartz provides neutrality that doesn’t distract if you’d prefer to highlight kitchen elements other than countertops.

Similar Colors

Similar Colors in Gray Quartz Kitchen Design

Analogous shades of gray can be just as striking as more dramatic or minimalist interior designs. Scales of different gray provide a space with richness and depth without overcrowding it with busy patterns and high contrasting gray countertops. Quartz is an excellent option as it comes in many shades of gray.

Go Monochrome

Monochrome Gray Quartz Kitchen Design

Just because a kitchen is monochrome doesn’t mean it should lack texture. For instance, your choice of gray quartz kitchen countertops might have veining patterns or be a different hue to your backsplash. Monochromatic kitchens are unified by the floor, whose color can be further highlighted by the countertops.

Highlight the Island

Island Gray Kitchen Design

Kitchen islands can be used as design centerpieces, especially if they have waterfall edges or dark gray quartz countertops. While islands are lauded for their practicality, you should make the most of them and highlight their aesthetic appeal in your kitchen’s overall design.

Choose Minimalism

Minimalist Gray Quartz Kitchen

Minimalism is an all-time contemporary favorite. Medium-gray quartz is perfect for this look as it can anchor an otherwise sterile and monochrome space. Light gray countertops, quartz stone, in particular, can either add to space’s serenity or provide a welcome break with unique patterning that still matches your desired color scheme.

Colorful Undertones

Gray Quartz Kitchen Design Ideas

Gray has the versatile ability to take on different hues in its undertone that range from warm to cold and dark to light. If your kitchen is green or blue, you might want to install a quartz countertop with the same hues or those with its opposite while still staying neutral.

Add Some Contrast

Contrast Gray Kitchen Quartz

When it comes to kitchens, homeowners tend to opt for contrasting or complementary colors. For example, dark or light gray quartz countertops can be chosen to contrast with your cabinetry. Quartz countertops achieve this well as they offer the appropriate degree of contrast without too much grain or pattern that can detract from the overall design.

Modern Concept

Modern Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Waterfall edges create a 90-degree angle at the edge of the countertop. Rather than ending with a finished edge, the countertop heads toward the floor and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating area. Quartz waterfalls are durable and complement any contemporary kitchen.

Gray Kitchen Countertop Colors

From dark gray cement tones to almost white, we have gray quartz countertop colors to suit every pocket.

Dark Gray Quartz Countertops

Dark gray quartz countertops add a sophistication that works well with dark cabinetry, flooring, or other rich and weighty finishes for a dramatic look.

Coastal Gray

Coastal Gray Quartz

Coastal Gray costs $75 per square foot and derives its look from granite. Its black and white markings are akin to water splashing against dark rocks.

Fantasy Gray

Fantasy Gray Quartz

At $59 per square foot, Fantasy Gray is mid-range quartz with dark veining and cloudy-white touches, whose darker color is ideal for high-traffic home areas.

Iced Gray

Iced Gray Quartz

Iced gray has a monochromatic aesthetic with pewter speckles over a dark gray background. Gray quartz countertops cost $39 per square foot with this stone.

Light Gray Quartz Countertops

Light gray quartz countertops bring brightness into moody interiors and illuminate dark, heavy cabinets and flooring.

Misty Carrera

Misty Carrera Quartz

This quartz stone is light with irregular splotches of darker gray. At $49 per square foot, Misty Carrera is ideal for those wanting a countertop with a solid as opposed to vein patterning.

Calacatta Nuvo

Calacatta Nuvo Quartz

Made from Caesarstone quartz, Calacatta Nuvo retails at $105 per square foot. As high-end quartz, this stone emulates marble and exudes luxury.

Carrara Lumos

Carrara Lumos Quartz

With wispy gray veins, this soft, stone-inspired look will brighten any environment. Carrara Lumos has short vein patterns and retails for $49 per square foot.

How to Choose Gray Quartz Countertop

How to Choose Gray Quartz Countertop

Color, finish, and edging are three things you need to consider when choosing a gray quartz countertop.

Choose Creatively

From Pearl Gray to Blanca Arabescato, there are many quartz stones to choose from that vary in color and markings. Gray quartz countertops can exhibit veined markings, blotches or look almost completely plain.

Moreover, creative countertop edges like Bullnose, Ogee, or contemporary waterfalls can provide a modern edge to antiquated or more traditional spaces in need of an upgrade.

Select a Suitable Finish

Like granite and marble, the best gray quartz countertops come in a variety of finishes too. Polished quartz has a high-gloss finish, while honed countertops contain a soft sheen and a more natural aesthetic. Concrete finishes are also popular and come with a smooth, velvety texture that’s still low-maintenance and just as durable as polished quartz.

Review Quartz Samples

We always encourage our clients to visit the showroom floor and take samples home to compare which type of quartz looks best. Colors on-screen can be inaccurate as each monitor calibrates color differently. It’s important to see how the quartz interacts with the light in your home and what it looks like with flooring, cabinetry, and backsplashes if those are already installed.


Granite Selection specializes in the distribution, design, fabrication, and installation of gray quartz countertops. We have rejuvenated many homes and offices in Greater Chicago with our ergonomic and beautiful countertop designs. Our experts can help you install the perfect gray quartz kitchen countertops, as well as offer kitchen design inspiration. Contact us here for a quick quote.


How much are gray quartz countertops?

Gray quartz countertops cost between $50 – $100 per square foot, depending on the quality of the stone you choose. Prices vary from $50 – $60 per square foot for low quality to $60-$70 for medium quality and $70 – $100 for the very best grade.

What color do cabinets look good with gray countertops?

Gray, black, white, blue, and natural wood cabinets work well with gray countertops. The color of your cabinets will depend on the color of your countertops and whether you want to create a contrast or complementary effect.

What backsplash goes with gray quartz countertops colors?

Like choosing cabinets, you need to decide if you want a matching or contrasting backsplash. Both can look equally good; it just depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. Some select dark backsplashes, while others prefer light ones. There’s also the option to use tiles or another type of natural stone like marble, for example.
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