How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost in Chicago?

quartz countertop kitchenThe cost of quartz countertops is often the first concern for any customer. The first question every customer always asks us is how much does a quartz countertop cost? You have a budget and want to know whether you can complete the installation of your quartz countertop at or below that budget.

At Granite Selection, we are experts in fabricating and installing quartz countertops. We understand what goes into the making of these kitchen and bathroom staples, and we’re prepared to guide you to the best choice of quartz countertops for you. Understanding this information can help you choose the quartz countertop that fits your needs.

Average Cost of Quartz Countertops in Chicago

How much are quartz countertops actually? On average, customers will pay about $75 per square foot for quartz countertop installation. This means that most customers will pay somewhere between $1,800 and $3,000 when accounting for kitchen islands or vanities with multiple sinks. 10 square feet of countertop space will cost around $600 on the low end. You should keep the average cost per square foot in mind.

Chicago Average Cost $2300
Chicago Average Range $1700-3000
Low-End Cost $600
High-End Cost $6000

Factors Determining Quartz Countertops Cost

There is a range of factors that can impact how much you’ll end up spending to install quartz countertops. Let’s go over what you should consider before you come to a final cost per square foot of this natural stone.

1. The Size of the Project in Square Foot 

Quartz countertops’ price naturally varies, but you’ll find that, on average, it falls somewhere around $70 per square foot. However, this cost will fall anywhere between $40 to $100 per square foot depending on various other factors.
When you start looking at higher square footage numbers for engineered quartz, you’ll also start to see some more range in potential quartz countertops cost, as the cost of professional installation and labor costs starts to go up as well.

The fact is, very little of quartz countertops’ cost is for the actual material. Much more significant is the cost of fabrication, edge finishing, and installation, all of which will vary based on square footage. This is because, for the most part, the cost of quartz countertops is never just for the quartz itself. You’ll hardly ever find manufacturers pricing their costs of material and quartz countertop installation separately.

Though there are some manufacturers who price materials separately, it’s the fabricator who sets the prices of the final materials, and the cost per square foot is based on that.

Sq. Ft. 10 20 30 40 50
Avg. Cost $700 $1400 $2100 $2800 $3500

2. Quartz Quality 

  • Surplus/Low-Quality Quartz: This type of quartz countertop is going to be cheaper, but it won’t be as vibrant. It’s likely to have veins, and it may fade over time. It will still be durable, but you won’t get the same luster. Expect to pay around $40-65 per square foot. 
  • Standard/Mid-Quality Quartz: This is considered to be commercial grade and is the most commonly sold and purchased form of quartz. It is likely to be between $65 and $75 per square foot. 
  • Premium/High-Quality Quartz: The color of first-choice quartz will be vivid, and there should be almost no visible veining. Because this quartz is often made for custom orders, the cost can fall anywhere in the $75-200 per square foot range. 

 3. Fabrication

CNC machine stone

An uncut slab of quartz is going to be more expensive than a slab that is prefabricated. Prefabricated quartz slabs come in standard sizing with finished edging, and they are therefore less customizable. Only professionals opt to spend more on uncut quartz slabs, which can be modified to more accurately fit the dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom. Prefabricated quartz slabs are lower cost, but you’ll need to be exact with your measurements.

4. Edge Treatment

The edge treatment on your quartz slab can significantly impact the final price. Edge features and corner treatments are priced per foot, and some will be far more detailed and therefore more expensive. Take a look at the pricing for popular quartz edges offered by Granite Selection! Below are just a few of the quartz countertop edge treatments we offer and how they will affect the cost of your quartz.

  • Standard Eased: This is the most common countertop edge, offering a simple, elegant look. CSharp corners are slightly rounded for safety, but the edge is otherwise straight. These will be up to $30 per linear foot. 
  • Half Bullnose: This can be up to $30 per linear foot as well. The top of the edge is rounded while the bottom resembles the standard eased edge. This is a cheaper option than a full bullnose edge choice. 
  • Full Bullnose: This edge resembles the half bullnose but is fully rounded on both the top and bottom. It falls between $20 and $45 per linear foot price-wise. 
  • Bevel: This cut features a 45-degree angle at the top edge of your quartz. It is most common for contemporary or modern styles, as it looks crisp and sharp. 
  • Ogee Edge: This is an S-shaped edge that looks elegant and ornate. It is therefore also more expensive, likely to be between $30 and $60 per foot. 

5. Quartz Brand

natural stone warehouse

Different brands will naturally price differently, so choose your brand wisely. Brands will often have their own proprietary colors, so you’ll have to stick with them if there’s a color you really fall in love with. There will always be subtle differences between the same color at different brands, so we recommend that you avoid mixing and matching. 

Many quartz countertop brands will maintain the same cost for the engineered stone material, but their chosen fabricator will set a final cost that incorporates the cost of installment and edge treatment. Brands will base their costs on the same bracket, so they shouldn’t stray too far from one another, but prices will still vary. 

Here are a few major brands to look out for:

  • MSI Quartz: These can be anywhere from $15 to $90 per square foot. This brand offers a number of patterns and designs, and they have a large selection of whites, grays, and beiges to choose from.
  • Caesarstone: This brand is known for its bright colors and is often available for purchase in stores. Prices range from $55 to $400 per square foot.
  • Cambria Quartz: Most of this brand’s countertops fall in about the same range of $60 to $150 per square foot. Variations in cost are likely to be set by the fabricator.
  • Silestone: This brand offers a variety of mid-quality quartz options, ranging from $50 to $120 per square foot. Silestone is available in many home improvement stores.

6. Quartz Finish

The quartz finish will influence more than just the final look of your countertops. The three choices for a quartz finish are honed, sueded, and polished, which we’ll get into below. Learning your options will help you determine which finish to choose. 

  • Honed: A honed, matte finish is perfect for anyone looking for that contemporary look. While it isn’t available for all engineered quartz countertops, it does a great job of hiding any crumbs or imperfections.
  • Sueded: A sueded finish is more textured than a honed finish, and it does best with dark quartzes. It is low maintenance and easy to clean with a soft cloth. 
  • Polished: For anyone looking for a more classic finish, the question of honed vs polished quartz will certainly best be answered with the latter. This finish is shiny, lustrous, and beautiful.

7. Leveling

Prior to installation, new quartz countertops must be leveled to ensure that they can safely support certain weights. This is a significant part of the quartz countertop installation process, and, if done incorrectly, will result in cracks forming in the quartz. Professionals will know how to use the right materials to create a level surface. For certain quartz countertops, the leveling process may be more labor intensive, thereby increasing the cost.

background image

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How Much Does Quartz Countertops Installation Cost in Chicago?

Installation is often included as part of the new quartz countertops cost, and it’s only a small part when adding in the price of the quartz countertop edge treatments, finishing, and polish. The fabricator will determine the final cost based on both the cost of materials and the cost of the actual installation process.

To do this, the fabricator will need to determine the exact measurements. Most likely, they will need to make a template of the work area to base the design. They’ll need to consider any cutouts designed for a sink or faucet, and they’ll include space in the template design for all of these extra pieces. This process can take anywhere between two weeks to a month, at which point you can begin the actual quartz countertop installation.

Realistically, you’ll be paying an average of $60 to $80 per square foot. This is the most common cost for quartz countertops, but due to the added difficulty of cutouts, you’ll pay more to install a sink and faucets.

Additional Costs and Considerations

There are certain fees that are overlooked when making plans to install quartz countertops. It’s easy to forget these additional costs that should be kept in mind when planning to stay within a set budget. 

Backsplash Installation

A matching quartz backsplash can look beautiful next to a countertop, but it’ll raise your final price significantly. This will likely be priced the same as the countertops, and you’ll be charged for both material and higher labor and installation costs.

Old Countertop Removal

Before putting in a new countertop, you’ll have to remove the old countertops. Professional countertop installers will charge about 10$ to $!5 per square foot when it comes to countertop removal. We highly recommend sticking with the professionals on this one, as it’s possible to seriously damage your existing cabinets if the old countertops are removed incorrectly.

Sink Cutout

Some companies will charge you for any cutouts you choose to incorporate into your countertop design. While others will include the cost of cutouts in their final price, you should always check to be sure.

Plumbing Work

Any changes to the current plumbing will induce additional fees. Sink removal or disconnecting and reconnecting pipes is likely to add anywhere from $150 to $400 in fees.

Quartz Countertop Selection and Installation Process by Granite Selection

installing a quartz countertop

We need to sum up the current text in the article into a shorter description of our process at Granite selection.

Step 1. Quartz selection online and at our showroom

At Granite selection, we’ve developed an effective process to help you install quartz countertops. Our Quick Quotes system helps you choose what type of stone you want for your quartz countertop first. 

Next, you should estimate your countertop square footage and discuss preferred features like edging and sink types. We provide a complimentary in-home measurement to give you an accurate quote.

Often customers try to save money by going through an intermediary to get their quartz slabs, but going through a middleman can actually cost more because they require that you purchase the entire slab.

Instead of wasting money on extra quartz, Granite Selection customers get access to our Natural Stone Warehouse, so they only spend money on the stone they need. We can also save you money on fabrication by using our advanced quartz-cutting technology.

Step 2. Free in-home measurements

At Granite Selection we create a seamless quartz countertop by measuring the space of your proposed countertop area.

An expert Granite Selection employee comes to your home for a complimentary in-home measurement service. During this time, we use an LT-55 XL Laser Templator to measure the dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom to within 1/16 of an inch.

The Laser Templator can template a countertop up to 50 feet.

Step 3. Installation

Mistakes happen, but they can be costly. When you have an experienced team, you reduce those errors significantly. All employees at Granite Selection have 10 or more years of installation experience. Our employees know how to install countertops through every obstacle.

Furthermore, we understand one of the most likely places for a quartz countertop to break is in transport. That is why we use the Asinus 350 Lift System to carry countertops weighing up to 770 pounds.

It requires fewer people in the installation and lowers the cost of your countertop setup. Plus, this protects the countertop from potential scratches and breaks.


We have a vast 2023-2024 season collection of the finest quartz slabs to fit your budget. Have your pick!

As for quartz countertop installation, our experts will take care of it!

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At Granite Selection, we offer a wide range of specials on Chicago quartz countertops, and we’re happy to guide you through installing quartz countertops! We’re always here to help.

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