How to Mount a Dishwasher on a Quartz Countertop

Quartz is a very strong and durable material. It is also extremely hard. It takes pride in coming next to only 3 other materials on the hardness scale. Quartz can also be very elegant and beautiful. Its unique designs, patterns, and colors make it a favorite choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Having a quartz piece can really elevate the overall look and feel of the space.

Despite all its strength and glamour, installing a dishwasher under a quartz countertop is a totally different story. It can really be a struggle for a lot of people. As mentioned earlier, quartz is extremely hard and strong. That alone can make the task very daunting. Screwing the dishwasher directly under the countertop may make it prone to cracks and breaks. This will make any homeowner think twice about taking on this project. Leaving the dishwasher unsecured is also not an option. Most homes have an arsenal of prized kitchenware. Having these on an unsecured dishwasher is not only dangerous but potentially a very expensive accident waiting to happen.

Quartz countertop with a dishwasher

There are, however, alternatives to mounting your dishwasher under a quartz countertop. Despite the challenges, innovation has not failed to step up. Here are a few examples of how you can do it.

Determine Your Countertop Type

One key element to sort out before even starting this project is figuring out what type of mount your dishwasher has. Older iterations of dishwashers usually have top mounts while the newer ones have side mounts. This means that the older dishwashers are designed to be screwed directly under the countertops which are not a viable option for quartz. Knowing this, a little bit of innovation is required.

Fortunately, you would not have to innovate from the ground up. Retrofit braces are readily available at very affordable prices. These are simply apparatus that convert your top mounting dishwasher to a side mounting one. An easy fix to a seemingly difficult problem.

Side mounting dishwashers should not be a problem at all. They are simply screwed on to the adjacent cabinets or wooden frames and that gets the job done pretty quickly.

Attach to Adjacent Cabinets

One alternative to screwing directly to under your natural stone countertop is attaching it to the adjacent cabinets. This secures the dishwasher from tipping and potentially causing more damage. This also solves the problem of not being able to screw directly under the quartz countertop.

This, however, is not an option for top mounting dishwashers. But just like mentioned earlier, you can use retrofit braces to convert them into side-mounting dishwashers. You just simply screw the retrofit brace to the top of the dishwasher where it originally attaches to the countertops, then screw the side plates to the adjacent cabinets or wooden frames, and the job is done. A simple yet effective route. It is also much safer than screwing directly on the stone.

How to mount a dishwasher on a quartz countertop

Installing to the Plywood Support

Quartz is sold in a variety of options. It has several different colorways to go with intricate patterns and designs. Quartz is also sold in a variety of different thicknesses. If your particular countertop is on the thinner side, it will most probably have plywood support underneath. The stone would usually have a built-up edge to conceal the plywood from view. All you have to do to figure out if your particular countertop has this is to look underneath. In some setups, you might need a flashlight. This is an opportunity you can take advantage of when installing your dishwasher under the quartz countertop. Instead of screwing directly on the stone, you can let the screw bit on the plywood support.

Using Mounting Strips

Another way to mount a dishwasher is through the use of mounting strips. Almost all dishwasher legs are adjustable in height. You can raise or lower it to fit underneath your countertops. By lowering the balancing legs, you can clear enough space on the top of the dishwasher and fill the gap with a wooden strip.

First your lower the balancing legs enough to provide clearance for the wooden strips. Next, you will need to take out the dishwasher. Then attach the wooden strip with a silicone adhesive. Let it sit overnight or up to 24 hours. then, replace the dishwasher, now already lowered. Lastly, screw the mounting plates to the wooden strip.

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Look at how a dishwasher can look on your quartz countertop. There’s an amazing Ocean Jasper quartz project in our portfolio.


Quartz is one of the hardest coming only next to diamond, topaz, and conundrum. However, just like other natural stone, you cannot screw directly on the stone countertop for the risk of cracking or breaking. There are alternatives that would allow you to mount dishwashers under a stone countertop, but they require a few handy skills and safety materials. Make sure you prepare your materials and do some research before starting on the project.

If unsure about your handy skills, never shy away from seeking professional help. Granite Selection is a leading provider of quartz, granite, and other natural stone. Our stone yard has over 14,000 slabs available to make sure that you find the one the fits your home or commercial space. We are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and service the surrounding 70-mile area. Give us a call at (888) 906 3317 or visit our website to see how we can help.

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