Quartz countertops are made from a special type of hard and durable natural stone. In fact, it is the fourth hardest natural stone and is often mentioned in the same breath as topaz and diamond. It can also look very elegant and intricate. Having weaves and patterns that are unique, classy to edgy colorways and designs makes it a very fun material for home renovators and interior designers to work with. This is why quartz countertops are often seen in bathroom and kitchen countertops. Both for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Quartz countertops can also last a very long time. If you’re a fan of the saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it, then your choice of quartz countertops can stay with you for a very long time. Overwhelming, isn’t it? To top it off, choosing the right countertop might just be one tick of a laundry list of choices for your project space.

Don’t stress. We’ve broken down some super helpful tips and tricks that most homeowners and professionals use to improve your chances of getting this choice right.

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A daunting task in and of itself but once broken down into smaller bits may be more manageable. Smaller and simple tasks will help you visualize much easier by giving you straightforward milestones.


Quartz countertops are an engineered quartz mix of both natural stone and a small percentage of resin. Importing quartz abroad comes with its risks and a higher resin percentage in most cases. American-made brands are the highest quality option, containing the highest percentage of natural quartz stone in relation to its resin content.

Foreign quartz countertops tend to have more resin. Whereas in American quartz brands, like MSI Q Quartz, Cambria, and Caesarstone, you get strong durability while also keeping the gorgeous, nature-inspired patterns, weaves, and colors in the counters.

American brand quartz countertops provide quality as well as durability. They are scratch resistant, scorch resistant, and can handle extreme heat, making it a harder surface than granite or marble, but just as aesthetic and beautiful as granite or marble, without being high maintenance.


Quartz countertops are non-porous which provides stain resistance. Quartz countertops won’t absorb bacteria and other substances, like red wine and other stains, that would otherwise seep into the surface. When compared to higher maintenance and higher cost stone like marble, quartz is the more affordable option while also being high quality and low maintenance.

Since they are a non-porous surface, quartz countertops are the perfect option when designing a new kitchen or doing a kitchen renovation, ensuring the surface of your counters will remain bacteria-free for years.

The brand, color, texture, edge profile, slab cutouts, and installation are all costs you should keep in mind when designing quartz countertops.

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Appearance should be considered when choosing quartz for your home. See our quartz countertop projects, and choose the best.


The look. Part of the pride of having a natural stone countertop is the look it gets from foreign eyes. Eyes who might set on them once or twice. More important than that is how it looks to you, the homeowner. You’re the one who gets to wake up every morning and look at the new countertop while you drink your morning coffee or make breakfast.

Quartz countertops come in many quartz countertop colors. Each color brings a different kind of attitude or mood. From the simple classic pearl to the intricate and tantalizing Antico Cloud, an elegant cloud white color, there is a wide selection of white quartz surface options alone.

Keep in mind this is just in the realm of white quartz countertops. There are several other solid color and patterned selections. Quartz countertops also come with a host of different patterns and designs. This can be the chemical X that your countertop needs to be one of a kind. Or it can just fail to work with the rest of the room.

Suppliers and designers will usually have pallets of color options and patterns to choose from. Visualize with the rest of the space to see what works best. Looking only at the color might throw you off. The same goes for just looking at the patterns. Make sure to consider both, and getting a few samples to test with the space is a wise option.

Appearance should be considered when choosing high-end quartz countertops for your home. See our quartz countertop projects, and choose the best.


What is the difference between a slab and prefabricated countertops and why does it matter?

Prefabricated (prefab) countertops are the cheaper option, and usually the quickest installation since they are pre-cut. You will pay considerably less per square foot than slab countertops since the cutouts are not customized. On the flip side, you will have fewer options if you choose prefab, making it more difficult to customize for your project.

When choosing quartz, full slab countertops do have a higher overall cost, however, you get a totally customizable and unique counter option if you choose quartz slabs. A full slab countertop gives you complete freedom in your design choices.

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We’re now moving more into the function territory. How thick or thin your own quartz surfaces and countertops have both advantages and disadvantages. It will also contribute to the aesthetics of quartz surfaces, but for the most part, it impacts function.

The thickness of quartz countertops will determine how much weight they can bear. Although strong and sturdy, some quartz kitchen countertops can still break. If you are designing your quartz kitchen countertops for heavy use and abuse, then thicker is the way to go.

Thinner quartz countertops are lighter and look more sleek and modern. However, unlike natural stone, they would not have the brute strength that thicker quartz countertops will. They can also be much cheaper.

We understand that design is only limited by your budget and your imagination. But design includes function, reliability, and longevity. Small compromises now might lead to big problems in the future.


The devil is in the details. A small detail can give you a major win, or spell total disaster. Like a single dissonant note to a piano piece, a mismatch in the small details can hurt your overall design.

White quartz countertops can look modern and sleek with a glossy or matte finish. A polished finish countertop will fit very well with a classic and more upscale home. Matte finish quartz countertops bring a muted and warm aesthetic to a space. A satin finish will be more appropriate for a more modern-looking apartment or condo, giving it a straightforward and minimalist look. The styles are endless.

When it comes to quartz finishes, the aesthetic design of your space will help determine which one you should go with.


One factor that can be easily overlooked is the edge design of your quartz counters. The edge profile is one of those finer details you will want to pay attention to in a quality quartz countertop.

Quartz countertop edges are just as important to consider as color and pattern designs. White quartz kitchen countertops options with a polished edge finish and a straight-line edge can have a very modern look. The same color can have a very classic and artsy feel with curved and rounded edges. Even though the color may stay the same, the different edge profiles can give the stone a completely different look and feel.

The edges of a quartz counter can be more curved or straight, depending on the elements of design you are styling your space with. Certain edge profiles can add softness or sharpness to your quartz kitchen countertops and overall look to a space. There are many different edge styles you can choose from when choosing quartz countertops that will fit the design and feel of your project space.


Read the room. There isn’t a singular item, color, pattern design style or finish that’s perfect for your space. Perfection is achieved by the combination of dozens if not hundreds of little details put together in a cohesive manner.

The value of the countertop is how it adds to the space. In some cases, it might be a centerpiece. At other times it can play a supporting role.

One best practice is to physically or digitally cut out a picture of your room and superimpose cutouts of countertops with different colors and patterns. This helps you visualize what works and what doesn’t in a more real-life situation rather than relying solely on imagination.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can actually take a picture of your space when shopping for countertops and juxtapose it with the samples at the supplier. Bouncing ideas back and forth can actually help you get to the best choice.

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The durability and quality of quartz countertops will last you a lifetime. This can make designing and shopping for the right one for your space and home an overwhelming project. Here are five easy and simple steps to remember when looking for quartz countertops.


When considering quartz countertops whether for your kitchen counters or in your bathroom, it’s important to consider the size, colors, lighting, and design of the entirety of the space. Even the highest quality quartz countertops could look mismatched in a space if they do not mesh well with the rest of the elements and accents of a room.


Not every quartz stone will look good in a space if the hues, tones, and accents are off. Using a color wheel could help determine which colors and undertones will go best together. It will be important to match all the elements of the design to ensure a cohesive and polished look in the end. This is also why samples are important, and bringing your color wheel with you to the supplier to pick out quartz samples will make your experience that much easier.


Samples are the easiest and most fool-proof way of keeping your design cohesive and succinct. Similar to paint samples, using quartz samples will help you visualize what will work with a room and what will not. Experiment with several different colors, textures, and finishes to get a better grasp of what you’re looking for in quartz countertops and how they will mix with your space.


When taking into consideration the way light works in your space, you will want to take note of the underlying feeling of your space in natural light and in your artificial light. You will want to consider the cool, neutral, or warm undertones of the light in your space to determine which quartz will look best for your space.

The samples you pick will help you test the colors and finishes against the lighting. Use the samples during different times of the day, each hour providing different angles of light, to see how the samples compare in different variations of lighting.


Before you add all the finishing touches to your renovations and design, it’s a wise idea to let your quartz countertops settle for a while before you add other accents and elements to your space.

Let your quartz countertops truly absorb the space before you pick the perfect accent colors and accessories to match the space, especially since quartz countertops are often the focal point of a room. Once everything is installed and renovated, adding those small, finishing touches will come naturally and harmoniously.


We have 300+ quartz countertop colors and patterns in our latest 2024 collection. Call us and we’ll be more than happy to asnwer your questions and give you a free estimate.


Any choice must consider the rest of the space and the overall design. Small details contribute greatly to the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen countertops. A single color can impact the focal point of a room differently if presented in different tones, shades, and finishes.

Choosing quality quartz countertops can be overwhelmingly stressful but once broken down into more simple and understandable tasks it can be suddenly doable.

It is also best to always consult with professionals. These are people who have worked on projects similar to yours several times over. They have seen what works and what doesn’t and may have developed what you would call an “eye” for the job.

Granite Selection is one such professional and probably the best at it. We are the leading supplier of quartz countertops in the Chicagoland area. Our yard has over 14,000 slabs to make sure the perfect choice is available for you. We are located at Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and will service the surrounding 70-mile area. Give us a call at (888) 906 3317 and we’d love to help you find the perfect quartz countertop for you.

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