Granite Countertop Installation: A Complete Guide

granite countertop installation

As a homeowner, it’s natural to experience excitement during home renovations, particularly when it involves the heart of your home – the kitchen. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Witnessing the transformation of your space with a brand-new granite kitchen countertop can be truly enchanting.

The allure of a kitchen renovation project is so strong that many homeowners are inspired to take on the task themselves, despite not being experts in granite countertop installation. Are you considering a kitchen countertop upgrade in the near future? Let us make the installation of your granite countertop a breeze with our detailed guide.


Learning how to install a granite countertop is a little tricky for beginners. However, installing a granite countertop is an achievable objective if you take the correct steps.

Careful measurement, utilization of appropriate tools and adhesives, adding plywood support, cutting and fitting to cabinets, and thoroughly rinsing off any excessive grout or cement after installation are all necessary for successful completion. For added safety, use sealant once everything has been installed correctly.

Let’s explain it in more detail.


granite countertops installation

It’s crucial to properly plan and prepare. By organizing your project, you’ll set yourself up for a smooth and successful granite countertop installation.

Select a Granite Vendor

The first step in planning your project is to find a reliable granite vendor. Take the time to research and compare various vendors based on their reputation, quality of materials, and cost to install granite countertops.

Check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family who have recently undergone similar projects. A reputable vendor like Granite Selection will offer a wide range of granite patterns and colors at affordable prices with responsive customer support.

Choose a Granite Pattern

Once you have selected a trustworthy granite vendor, the next step is to choose a granite pattern that complements your kitchen’s design and suits your personal taste. Granite countertops come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and finishes, so take your time in selecting the one that best fits your vision.

Consider factors such as the color of your cabinets, flooring, and overall kitchen aesthetic when making your choice. If you’re unsure which pattern to choose, consult with your granite vendor, who may have additional insights and suggestions to help you make an informed decision. Remember that a well-chosen granite pattern can elevate your kitchen’s appearance and increase its value.

At Granite Selection, we carry over 14,000 unique slabs of stone in over 400 stone colors at our Elk Grove warehouse. You’re sure to find something that fits your lifestyle and design aesthetic.


Before embarking on your granite countertop installation, it’s essential to gather all the necessary tools and equipment. Having the right equipment on hand will not only make the installation process more efficient but also help to ensure a professional result.

You’ll need a lot of things including a tape measure, level, circular saw or wet saw with a diamond blade, a jigsaw, clamps, a grinder, a drill, safety gear (gloves, goggles, and ear protection), adhesive, epoxy, and sealer. Additionally, you may need a helper to assist with moving and positioning the granite slabs, as they can be quite heavy and unwieldy.


Granite Countertop Installation Choose the Right Tools

Now let’s get to the installation process. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be able to install your granite countertop correctly and safely.

Measure Your Countertop & Make a Template

You can either do this yourself (if you are not sure how, check out our eBook) or you can schedule a free in-home measurement with our granite selection experts.

We utilize the latest laser template technology to ensure your countertops are cut to the exact measurements within your home regardless of curves and oddities.


Use a wet saw or circular saw with a diamond blade to cut the granite slab according to the template. Be sure to follow safety precautions and wear protective gear, as cutting granite can be dangerous. Circular saws are especially useful here.


Before removing your old countertop, disconnect the plumbing, such as the water supply lines and the drainpipe, to prevent any water damage.


Carefully remove the existing backsplash from your kitchen wall, taking care not to damage the wall or the surrounding surfaces.


Loosen and remove any screws or fasteners securing your old countertop to the cabinets. Then, gently lift and remove the old countertop.


how to install granite countertop

Temporarily remove any appliances, such as a cooktop or sink, that may obstruct the installation of your new granite countertop.


With the help of a friend or family member, carefully position the granite slab onto your cabinets. Adjust the slab until it is correctly aligned and leveled.


If your countertop requires multiple slabs, join the seams with epoxy, making sure they are properly aligned and smooth.


Secure the granite countertop to the cabinets using adhesive and any additional fasteners recommended by your granite vendor.


Finally, apply a sealer to your granite countertop to protect it from stains and enhance its durability. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper application and drying times.
Average Cost to Install Granite Countertops in Chicago

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Wondering what your granite countertop will look like after installation? Check this Black Galaxy granite project to get an idea.


When considering a granite countertop installation in Chicago, it’s important to understand the factors that contribute to the overall cost. In this section, we’ll discuss the aspects that influence the average cost to install granite countertops in the Windy City.

Origin of Stone

Granite is formed by extreme heat and pressure underneath the earth’s crust and can be mined in many different countries, including Italy, Brazil, India, Canada, and the United States. If you select granite mined closer to home, it will often cost less.


The price of your granite countertop will vary depending on how much of that particular stone is available. If there is an abundance of the stone, it is likely to be less expensive. The harder to find, the more likely it is to cost you more.

Rarity of Color

Many types of granite offer a combination of colors, hues, and movement. The more distinctive the pattern of the granite, the more likely it is considered rare or exotic and harder to obtain.
Therefore, the cost is often higher.

There are many granite colors that offer a beautiful mix of color and movement at an affordable price. Granite Selection has a variety of colors available at all price points. Popular natural stone countertops colors – Black, White, Cream, and Silver.


As with color, the intricacy of the countertop edges profile greatly affects the price. Edges can be formed in Eased, round, bevel, and bullnose. The more complex the edge, such as a waterfall or an ogee edge, the more the cost will increase in fabrication than a round or eased edge.


There are also additional costs that may be added on at the end to install a granite countertop, such as certain sealers that only need to be resealed after several years. These sealers and finishes are all up to the discretion of the client, of course.


Kitchen Appliances Granite Countertop

Let’s face it, granite countertops can be a beautiful addition to any home. One of the most important steps in installing them is making sure they are properly installed.

Many people opt to do the installation themselves, but this can be a challenging task that may not result in the best outcome. You should trust the professionals unless you have extensive experience in residential installation projects.

Reason #1: Pros Know Exactly How Granite Should Be Transported

Transporting your natural stone into your home is a task in itself. Depending on the size of the space that needs countertops, the slab of granite could be large and difficult to maneuver into your home. Plus, doing so may accidentally cause damage to the stone, the last thing you want after making your purchase.

Granite Selection has the equipment necessary to safely transport your new countertops from our showroom into your home without causing damage.

Reason #2: Pros Have the Right Tools

Although it may seem like a straightforward process to install granite countertops on your own, it is more complicated than you may think. Consider the necessary cut-outs for appliances, sinks, intricate angles, or ventilation needs of your space.

Granite is also a popular choice as a backsplash, requiring significant strength and strategy to successfully install. Balancing and supporting the stone is a dangerous task that shouldn’t be left to novices.

We use tools such as power saws, filing tools, drills, scribing tools, and a belt sander to execute a high-quality installation. Some installation projects also require previous plumbing and/or electrical knowledge to successfully connect your dishwasher or garbage disposal to your new countertops.

Reason #3: Pros Will Do It Accurately & Quickly

A lot of work goes into transforming a plain granite slab into the perfect piece of functional art for your home. The plain slab that you picked out must undergo measuring, cutting, sanding, polishing, and sealing before it is professionally installed in your home. You likely don’t have the skills, tools, or expertise to take care of this promptly.

Attempting to do this yourself can take you a significant amount of time and energy. Plus, it is physically strenuous. Thanks to our team’s knowledge and tools, we’re able to install your purchased countertops in no time.

Reason #4: Pros Can Answer All of Your Questions

You may have never interacted with granite before, resulting in a list of questions about how to handle the material. When our team finishes your granite countertop installation, you’ll have an opportunity to ask them questions to better understand how to care for your material so it lasts for years to come.

For example, you can discuss regular maintenance, how to repair chips, or discuss how often your granite countertops need to be resealed.

Reason #5: Pros Are Insured & Can Guarantee Their Work

Granite Countertop Installation

In addition to executing a flawless granite countertop installation, professional teams are fully insured in case something goes wrong during installation. There is a level of risk involved in each installation as well, and if someone gets injured on the job, insurance will cover it.

Because professional installers do this daily and are highly trained, they bring down the risk level during each installation. If something goes wrong, you won’t be held liable for any of the damages.

Reason #6: Pros Will Save You All the Trouble

Let’s face it; installing granite countertops on your own is difficult work, and the slabs themselves are too heavy to handle alone. With so many laborious steps involved, such as measuring, cutting, sanding, polishing, and sealing, you likely don’t want to deal with installing granite countertops on your own.

Convenience is one of the main benefits of hiring a professional team to install your new granite countertops. A professional company such as Granite Selection has specialists on standby ready to help execute this task. We’ll leave your space cleaner than we found it!


Each and every employee that is involved in a Granite Selection installation has at least 10 or more years of installation experience.

Through our combined years of experience as granite countertop installation contractors, we have seen it all, and can therefore swiftly and accurately address any issues as they arise.

Experienced Employees

We take pride in the work that we do. We understand that the granite countertops we are installing are not simply a new surface in your home. Countertops, especially kitchen countertops, are a focal point of a home and are often where families and friends gather to cook and talk.

Countertops receive a lot of wear and tear, which is why we ensure your granite installation is as durable and seamless as possible to last through numerous holidays, parties, and family dinners.

Asinus 350 Lift System

At Granite Selection, we utilize the Asinus 350 Lift System for safe and easy loading, transportation, and installation of granite kitchen countertops up to 770 pounds.

The advantages of this system for our clients includes considerably reduced body effort, meaning clients do not have to rely on the strength of an individual to safely transport their countertops. Using this system also means that fewer individuals are required for installation, reducing the cost of manpower.

The Asinus 350 is also perfect for granite installation in the Chicagoland area. This rig allows for the vertical transportation of granite slabs. This provides a wider range of mobility in narrow rooms and alleys with practically no danger of breakage.

And, with height adjustment capabilities by an electric motor with high-performance batteries, your granite will be able to be safely installed on any level of your home.


Choose a slab from over 200 stones in our catalog, and we’ll handle the rest.

LT-55 Laser Precision Measurements

Our expert Granite Selection employees use the LT-55 XL Laser Templator to enable our team to come into your home, complete a precision template of your kitchen or bathroom with an accuracy of +/- 1/16” for measurements up to 50 feet and move on to fabricating your custom granite countertop quickly and with as little frustration as possible.

By using the LT-55 Laser, we ensure your countertops are cut to the exact measurements within your home regardless of curves and oddities. Using this technology, your granite will be measured and cut to perfection, that’s our guarantee.

CNC Machine Cuts

In addition to our use of the LT-55 Lasers, we cut your granite to those precise measurements using a CNC Machine. Using this technology, we are able to provide invisible seams and perfect cutouts for kitchen sinks and other appliances.

This means that there is no need for additional cutting or sanding of the stone on site. Other companies bring granite slabs to your home with only the larger cuts made. They then hand measure and cut the stone for appliances and fixtures. This can result in gaps between the stone and the sink or wall and/or undesired edging to try and get the stone to fit.


When it comes to granite countertops installation in Chicago, going with the pros ensures that you’re getting the highest quality service. It’s certainly possible with extreme skills to install granite in your home on your own, but why risk it?

Granite Selection is the best choice for quality and accuracy. Our experienced employees and advanced technology ensure that your granite countertops are measured, cut, and installed perfectly the first time. From the Asinus 350 Lift System to the LT-55 Laser and CNC Machines, your granite will be installed with precision and care.

Contact us for a free estimate today!

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