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Premium Granite Selection for Wholesale Prices in Elk Groove Village

  • Largest selection of marble, quartz and granite countertops in Schaumburg and Chicagoland. Over 14,000 slabs in stock.
  • Best granite prices in Chicagoland starting at $29.99 sq.ft. installed with no hidden fees!
  • Premium quality 1 1/4” (3 cm.) granite.
  • Digital laser template and estimate.
  • Precision digital waterjet cnc fabrication.
  • Professional installation.
  • 15 year sealer application.
  • Awesome customer reviews on Google+ and Facebook.

With one of the largest supplies of countertops in the Chicagoland area and the prestige and expertise to match, the team at Granite Selection is here to help through every step of your countertop selection and installation process, making your home renovation more seamless than you could ever imagine.

We truly are a company that’s in your backyard with our base here in Elk Grove. For high-quality, trusted, and beautiful granite countertops in Elk Grove Village, Granite Selection is the answer.

Choose the Best Material for Your Countertops in Elk Groove Village

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Installation Near You in Elk Grove Village

Feeling overwhelmed not just by the prospect of a remodel, but in selecting a company to provide and install your countertops? We get it – it’s a tedious process. However, with the right team of experts, you can ensure your space looks brand new and elevated in no time.

At Granite Selection, our local countertop store in Elk Grove Village not only offers the promise of a diverse range of incredibly high-quality stones but a team of experts to match. With an array of knowledge on the different materials of stones, maintenance requirements, and best styles, our years of experience ensure that we complete your project to perfection – whether it’s equipping your kitchen with a new island or covering your bathroom in a stunning, durable stone. No matter the ask, our team has the answer.

And that’s not all. Once you select your stone – a process we can guide you through – our staff is ready and willing to install your selection, taking the stone from the showroom to the home with extra care. With competitive prices and the delicate, thoughtful care we take, we know you’ll love the results.

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Visit the Best Countertop Store in Elk Grove Village

We know selecting the stone is the hardest part – a decision that largely relies on you, your design vision, and the needs of your family.

However, you’re not in it alone. Our team at Granite Selection is happy to walk you through our showroom, discussing the in-depth details of the stones that catch your eye and taking into consideration your design and budget needs to find the right slab for your countertops. We know it’s not one size fits all, and what makes a home feel like home is all in the details, so we are happy to help find just the right selection for you.

Once you’ve found “the one” in our showroom, we offer Elk Grove Village countertop installation, expertly securing your new stone in your home. Trust us, the result will be perfection.

How to Get to Our Stone Showroom From Elk Grove Village

As excited as we are to select your new countertop stone? Our showroom displays the most beautiful, unique granite countertops near Elk Grove Village, and with a quick visit, we can ensure you leave with just what you’ve been dreaming of.

To make the process of your stone selection even easier, we are sharing the best directions to find our showroom and get started with the selection and installation process. Follow the directions below, and we look forward to exploring the showroom with you!

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