How Much Do Marble Countertops Cost?

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how much do marble countertops cost

Most homeowners find marble countertops are the quintessential material when remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Marble countertops project a timeless image of luxury and quality; however, budget is top of mind when considering these types of materials. So, how much do marble countertops cost? That depends on the type of marble used and the size of the area to be remodeled.

Marble Countertop Cost Per Square Foot

Marble countertops come in two different forms such as marble slabs or marble tiles. The marble countertop slabs will be 30% to 50% more expensive than the tiles. The average cost for marble countertops is 60$ per square foot but this can vary depending on the type of marble, the grade, the size, the installation, and transportation cost. Marble countertop cost per sq. ft. will range between $40 to $100.

Many types of marble are rare and marble slabs are more expensive than tiles.

Marble Countertops Installation Cost

A significant part of the cost of marble countertops comes from the installation process because marble is a sensitive material to install. The average cost of marble countertops for a 50 square feet kitchen can average around $3,500. This price would include the material and the installation fee.

We can break down the average cost of marble countertops in such a way: labor costs could range between $300 to $500 depending on the complexity of the project and the type of marble used whether it is in slabs or tiles. The average hourly fee for contractors will range between $30 to $50 an hour and the average installation time is 10 hours. Additional materials may be required by contractors which could cost around $150, and the rest would be the marble itself.

The Different Types of Marble Countertops and their Respective Prices?

Marble types range in thickness, grain, and the drawing of their veins which makes each type stand out in its unique way. All these characteristics will affect the cost of the marble countertop.

marble countertops cost


This type of marble typically comes in slabs 2 to 3 inches thick, and it is commonly used for countertops. It is recognizable by its whitish, bluish-gray background and light gray veining. The cost of marble countertops made from Carrara marble is an affordable option at an average of $40 per square foot.


This type of marble is popular in use for kitchens because of its glossy appearance and density. This marble comes from India and can be recognized by its milky, creamy white background with light gray veins and goldish-brown undertones. It is priced at an affordable $12 per square foot.


Statuario marble is a high-quality marble quarried from the mountains in Italy. Its luxurious look makes it an ideal choice for many kitchen countertops with its white marble and gray and gold veins. The average cost of marble countertops made with Statuario averages $50 per square foot.

average cost of marble countertops


This type of marble originates from Turkey, and it is unique in its appearance. It has rose hues with brownish, golden tones and red veins running across it. Its special look is becoming increasingly popular; however, it typically needs to be preordered. The average cost of marble countertops made with pink marble can range between $25 to $30.


Calacatta marble is a unique stone quarried in a single quarry in Italy. This marble which originates from the Carrara region has a bold off-white background with grayish-golden veins. It is priced at $180 per square foot. It has a distinctive look, and it is a special stone.

cost of marble countertops


Black marble also known as Travertine originates in Spain. Its background hues range from lighter colors like different shades of white to darker colors like brown with white veining running across it. It is averaged at $75 per square foot. It is popular for kitchen countertop use because it is smooth and durable.


Cultured marble is artificially manufactured from different types of stone, resin, and pigments. It can come in different colors which is an attractive option for many homeowners because this marble can be matched perfectly to your décor. It is also glossy and water-resistant which makes it a great option. It averages $65 per square foot.

how much do marble countertops cost


Danby marble is quarried in the U.S., it is a high-quality material with a luxurious look. It is a white to off-white marble with dark gray veins and brown and golden undertones. It is a dense stone, and its surface is much less porous than other types of marble. The cost of marble countertops made from Danby marble is priced at around $80 per square foot.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Marble Countertops


It is an option to install marble countertops DIY, however, this may not be the best plan of action. Hiring professionals to install marble countertops will take about 10 hours of work in total and may cost up to $500 for the whole service. Marble countertops are frequently installed as heavy slabs that may require specialized machinery to transport and install. In addition, marble stone is a heavy and sensitive material and may need a crew of up to five people. The cost of marble countertops should include installation by a professional service for the best results.

The Thickness of the Slab

The thicker the marble used, the higher the price will be. Most countertops are installed with slabs that are 3mm thick, however, some homeowners prefer a thicker stone of 5mm to give the countertops a more luxurious appearance.

Edge Design

The cost of marble countertops is directly affected by the type of marble stone, surface, and thickness you install, however, there is an additional selection to be made which may determine the cost of marble countertops. It is the edge treatment, also known as well edge detail. Depending on the finish of your marble edges, it can cost up to an additional $40 per square foot depending on the type of craftsmanship.


Marble has a grading classification which is a factor when it comes to the average cost of marble countertops. The grading scale ranges from A to D; grade A has the least blemishes and D the most.

  • A grading: This type of marble is the most expensive. Its colors are subtle, and it has a minimum number of veins. It has the fewest number of flaws, and it is typically not chipped or damaged in transport.
  • B grading: This type can contain minor flaws that are easily overlooked and may appear a bit cracked.
  • C grading: This one contains greater flaws and appears a lot more chipping.
  • D grading: The cheapest option but also has brighter colors and darker veins. It is commonly chipped and has some flaws.

Finish of the Countertops

The average cost of marble countertops will also be affected by the polished finish of the marble. 

  • Polished finish: It is the most common. It gives the marble a luxurious sheen.
  • Honed finish: A honed finish will highlight the natural look of the marble without giving it an extravagant shine. 
  • Leathered finishes: This is the most expensive because it isn’t easy to achieve. Because of its price, it tends to be less popular. 

Additional Costs and Considerations

marble countertop cost per sq ft

Removing Old Countertops  

In many cases removing old countertops to install the new ones can be typically included in the installation fee, however, some companies may charge extra to remove the existing countertops. It is important to double-check before hiring professional installers. Depending on the size of the countertops that need to be removed and the type of material they consist of can affect the price a company will charge for the removal of the existing countertops. The price can range between $100 to $350 depending on the factors mentioned above. It is recommended to hire professionals for the installation and removal because a lot of the materials that countertops are made of can be heavy, messy, and hard to handle.


Marble stone is a high-quality and durable building material, and it embodies luxury. If you already have a great quality marble countertop, it may be worthwhile to refinish it rather than replace it. This, of course, depends on the condition of the existing counter. This process can restore your existing countertop to its original shine at a fraction of the cost. Refinishing marble countertops can range between $600 to $1,300 depending on the size and the condition. This is a less expensive option than outright replacing it, however, refinishing the countertop will not take away blemishes, cracks, or stains or repair the chipped marble. 

Repairs and Additional Treatments 

Some homeowners are satisfied with their quality marble countertop and don’t want to replace it. Some countertops just require some repairs to return the marble stone to its original glory. For large repairs, it is recommended to hire a professional, and depending on how damaged or chipped the marble is, they can charge up to $600 plus an additional hourly fee for the labor of $75. Some marble may need to be treated with chemicals such as waterproofing which can be an additional cost. However, hardware stores do sell DIY marble repair kits at around $50 per kit, these kits are good for minor repairs that can be done by everyone. 

Additional Installations  

When considering the cost of marble countertops, it is also important to consider additional installations that can increase the final cost of the project. Popular additional installations are sink cutouts which can add another $100 to the project, not including plumbing. A cooktop cutout can also add another $100 to the final price, although a cooktop installation and hookup can add another $500 to $1,100 to the bottom line. A very popular, however, more expensive addition is a backsplash. Even if the backsplash is not made of the same marble stone, you can expect to pay on average an additional $1,500. This depends of course on the size of the backsplash and the surface it will cover.

Tips on How to Save on Marble Countertops

marble countertops

Marble for countertops is a highly sought-after material because it embodies luxury, elegance, and classic beauty. There is a way to save money and avoid hidden costs when buying kitchen countertops.

Buy Locally Sourced

The ultimate luxury is countertops made from fine Italian marble; however, the price of imported marble stone slabs can be very high. These types of marble are often imported from faraway locations such as Turkey, India, China, and others. For a limited budget, it may be worthwhile looking into locally sourced marble which will still have that wow effect at a fraction of the price by foregoing expensive shipping costs.

Best Prices on Imported Goods

When it comes to marble stone, the more popular the type of marble, the less expensive it will be, and the scarcer the type of marble, the more expensive it will be. This is a simple supply and demand equation. It is worthwhile to check out prices of imported marble which may be cheaper than even the locally sourced type simply because it is readily available on the market due to its increased popularity.

Simplify the Edgework

Marble stone is already an ideal and elegant material for kitchen countertops. It is not necessary to have the thickest slabs to impress. For homeowners on a budget, a great way to reduce the average cost of marble countertops is to simplify your edges. There are a dozen edging choices in the marble world and the more intricate the workmanship, the more expensive the overall cost will be. So to save money, it is worth considering a thicker or thinner slab, or a simpler or more decorative edge. There are ways to save.

Hunt for Overstock Steals

Deal hunting is traditionally the best way to save. There is no exception when it comes to marble countertops. Many stores will have surplus products that can be used for kitchen countertops or even customized slabs that were never utilized just crowding their warehouse. It is worth it to make a phone call and find a bargain. The money you will save on that can give you more leeway for other things like thickness or decorative edges.

Choose the Most Popular Color

This goes without saying, that when there is a lot of something, it tends to be less expensive. It may be quirky and fun to experiment with marble colors, however, this may increase your marble countertop cost per square foot in a notable way. It may be wise to consider a popular color and pay a significantly lower overall cost.

Consider Installation Cost

Installation costs are a big component of the overall cost of marble countertops, it may be advised to remove old countertops, and take out appliances to save money on installation. If the installation team spends less time installing it will inadvertently cost less.

Marble Countertop Costs vs. Other Materials

cost of marble countertops

Is Marble Cheaper than Granite?

Although granite and marble are similarly priced, marble countertops are still more expensive to install than granite ones. Granite ranges from $30 to $200 per square foot whilst marble ranges from $40 to $200 per square foot but some rare types of marble can get pricier.

Is Marble or Quartzite More Expensive?

Quartzite is a lot more expensive than either marble or granite because there is far less supply. The cost of quartzite countertops with installation can range between $140 to $300 per square foot. Quartzite has risen in popularity because it is easier to maintain than marble countertops.

Is Marble or Quartz More Expensive?

Installation costs for both are nearly the same: quartz ranges from $65 to $75 and marble ranges between $65 to $95 per square foot. However, marble countertops are much more expensive than quartz ones. Marble goes up to $200 per square foot whilst quartz only gets to $125 per square foot installed.

Countertop costs by different materials other than marble

Countertop Costs by Material
Concrete Countertop Costs $5,000 – $10,000
Cost to Install Granite Countertops $2,000 – $4,500
Laminate Countertop Prices $800 – $1,650
Cost to Install Quartz Countertops $1,500 – $12,000


What is the most expensive type of marble?

The most expensive marble type is grading A Calacatta marble at $180 per square foot.

Which is cheaper: granite, quartz, or marble?

This depends largely on the type and grading of the marble, but granite is typically less expensive.

What’s the difference between solid surface, engineered stone, and marble?

An engineered stone is fabricated with resin and quartz whilst a solid surface is made of pigments, resins, and minerals to produce a stone surface. Marble is a material that is quarried in nature and molded to fit our interiors.


How much do marble countertops cost? The average cost of marble countertops ranges between $65 to $200 per square foot to install. This depends on the type of marble, the rarity of the marble, the decorative edges, cutouts, and more. Is it worth it? Having marble countertops brings a sense of elegance, timeless beauty, and luxury with a flare of the modern yet classical to your kitchen. Don’t hesitate and get a quote for your marble countertops in Chicago. Granite Selection is a trusted marble supplier in Chicago, see our extensive marble selection and get a fast quote.

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