12 Types of Kitchen Sinks: Pros and Cons

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the sink is the heart of the kitchen. From undermount to farmhouse and integrated, there are many types of kitchen sinks to choose from. If you’re looking for kitchen sinks on sale, be sure to check out our selection.

We’ll cover the various kitchen sink types so you can make a great choice for your remodel.

1. Undermount Sink

kitchen sink types

An undermount is installed directly under the counter, giving you a seamless transition between the countertop and sink. Undermount sink types look sleek and make cleanup easier at the surface level since there’s no sink lip there collecting debris. But debris can get stuck under the counter where the sink and countertop meet.

Learn how to install an undermount sink here.


  • Easier cleanup;
  • Sleek and modern look;
  • Higher quality than overmount sinks. 


  • Debris can get stuck under the counter;
  • More expensive to purchase and install;
  • Undermounts require more space.

2. Top-Mount Sink or Overmount Sink

What type of kitchen sink is most popular? Top-mount or overmount sinks are some of the most common types of kitchen sink found in the modern kitchen. These sinks are installed from above. A hole is cut into the countertop and the sink is dropped down into the opening. Then, the rim is caulked to secure it.


  • Easy for DIYers to install; 
  • The overall cost to purchase and install is low.


  • Harder to clean;
  • Debris can collect on the rim;
  • Doesn’t offer a seamless look.

3. Single Bowl Sink

types of kitchen sink

These are types of sinks for kitchens that are technically a category of a sink, not a specific design. They include farmhouse or apron-style sinks and in-counter sinks. These types of sinks for kitchen styles don’t have a divided basin.


  • The single basin makes it easier to wash large dishes;
  • Ideal for larger households and those who like to cook from scratch;
  • Single basins give you the classic look of an apron sink.


  • No room for a drying area;
  • The smaller size makes them less popular sink types.

4. Double Basin Sink

When choosing the best type of kitchen sink, a double basin sink is worth a second look. These sinks are versatile and allow for dual purposes. One side can be used for drying or prep work, and the other for washing. Homeowners appreciate the convenience of a double basin sink.


  • Flexibility and convenience;
  • Useful for homes without a dishwasher.


  • Not trendy;
  • The utilitarian appearance fits fewer home decors;
  • The sides may be too small to fully accommodate large dishware.

5. Low Divider Double Basin Sink

What type of kitchen sink is best for your kitchen ultimately boils down to function and aesthetics. Low divider double basin sinks give you the convenience of a double basin sink, but the low divider eliminates the polarizing utilitarian look.


  • The flexibility of a double-basin sink without the utilitarian look;
  • A low divider allows water to spill over the top, accommodating larger dishware.


  • Harder to find and therefore pricier.
  • Despite the low divider, very large pieces of cookware like broilers won’t fit.

6. Stainless Steel Sink

types of sinks kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are lightweight and functional. You can purchase a variety of styles as well. When comparing porcelain vs. stainless steel sinks, stainless steel is more expensive but cheaper than sinks made of luxury materials like granite.

Sheeting thickness, or gauge, is how manufacturers categorize the various stainless steel sink types. Thicker gauges are cheaper and heavier, while thinner gauges are lighter and more costly. These types of kitchen sinks are heat resistant, but noisy and prone to denting.


  • Variety of styles and thicknesses;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Good value at mid-range prices.


  • Noisy;
  • Prone to scratching and denting.

7. Bar Sink or Prep Sink

Bar or prep sinks are very small, usually about 15 inches in diameter. They are almost exclusively single basin sinks and are used as supplementary food prep stations or for bartending activities. 


  • Are convenient, especially if you have a large kitchen and cook frequently;
  • Makes it easier for multiple people to prep food;
  • Excellent addition to the kitchen if you entertain often.


  • Takes up countertop space;
  • A luxury item that may bust the budget;
  • Can be infrequently used.

8. Integrated Sink

sink types

It’s a sink and countertop all in one. This kitchen sink type is typically made out of stone or ceramic. An integrated sink can elevate your kitchen to luxury status. While natural stone sinks are pricier, a ceramic-integrated sink combination is a more affordable option.


  • Gives your kitchen a higher-end, more luxurious feel;
  • Convenient to clean;
  • Easily sweep debris and liquid into the sink.


  • Harder to find;
  • More expensive to install;
  • Can only repair, not replace a damaged integrated sink.

9. Corner Sink

What types of kitchen sinks are there for small kitchens with limited countertop space? The corner sink is ideal for maximizing limited real estate in the kitchen. This design acts as a double basin sink, with one basin installed on each corner of the counter.


  • Maximizes utility in small kitchen spaces;
  • Unique design can make your kitchen pop.


  • Requires customization;
  • More fragile design;
  • Harder and more expensive to install.

10. Kitchen Island Sink

Kitchen islands are incredibly popular features for the modern kitchen. So, adding a kitchen island sink is a great addition to your kitchen island workstation. These types of kitchen sinks streamline your cooking workflow and can also save countertop space. If you’re thinking about installing this kind of sink, be sure to account for the increased cost of adding plumbing to the island.


  • Highly functional;
  • Saves countertop space;
  • Can easily converse while washing up.


  • Installation is more expensive and complex;
  • Can make the kitchen island appear messy when full of dishware;
  • Won’t work with a smaller kitchen island.

11. Farmhouse or Apron Sink

best type of kitchen sink

Farmhouse style, or apron sinks, extend over the edge of the countertop. These types of kitchen sinks bring a rustic, vintage vibe to the kitchen and they’re extremely popular and trendy. Usually, they’re made of fireclay or cast iron. These pricey, heavy sinks are great for accommodating large family gatherings and are easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean;
  • Accommodates large dishware easily;
  • Trendy and popular.


  • Can be pricey;
  • Heavy and harder to install;
  • Require ample countertop space.

12. Drainboard Sink

Drainboard sinks are usually made out of stainless steel. They’re environmentally friendly and easy to clean. When you want to know what are the best types of kitchen sinks for convenient cooking, it’s the drainboard sink. They have a built-in food prep area that you can also use to dry dishware. Excess water simply runs down into the sink.


  • Most convenient design;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Keeps countertops dry and clean.


  • Requires more countertop space;
  • The look only fits certain kitchen styles;
  • More expensive since this sink type is considered a specialty item.


What type of kitchen sink is best? It’s the one that fits your budget, counter space, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic. Start with your basic, most practical needs for a sink, and then work your way up to the style that most fits your kitchen decor and personal tastes.

At Granite Selection, we offer the largest selection of countertops and kitchen sinks in the Chicago area. Reach out to us today to get a quote and let’s start designing your dream kitchen.

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