Red Granite Countertops: Best Colors and Ideas

red granite countertops

Red Dragon GraniteIf you want your kitchen to be sophisticated and eye-catching, but also cozy, then red is the perfect color to add to the heart of the home. From cheerful pinks to moody maroons and vibrant candy apples, red kitchen countertops come in a range of shades that will fit any aesthetic. No matter how you look at it, a red countertop will add warmth to the kitchen no other hue can match.

In this article, we’ll cover the best shades of red granite countertops for the kitchen. Explore our red granite countertop pictures and get inspired to design your dreamy red kitchen!

Why Choose a Red Countertop?

You might be concerned that red countertops may be too bold or difficult to design around. Worse yet, what if you get bored of it? We’re here to assure you that won’t happen for some reasons:

  • Enhances the kitchen’s character — Granite red countertops are a great look by themselves. But they’ll also enhance the kitchen’s character even more if ordered in a glossy finish. Glossy finishes are ideal for smaller spaces since they reflect more light.
  • Gives you many great color variations — You can order a red granite kitchen countertop in a variety of shades so you can fully enhance the colors you’ve chosen for other surfaces in the kitchen. Soft pink countertops will look excellent with green cupboards or backsplashes, while saturated bright retro red countertops will pair well with neutral paint.
  • Inspires unique interior designs — Choosing a red granite countertop in a deep, dramatic shade can help inspire your design for the other elements around it. If you’re stumped for kitchen design, pick vibrant red countertops to kick off your blueprint.
  • Pairs well with a kitchen diner — Do you have a breakfast nook or kitchen diner? Match your kitchen with red granite countertops to an element in the diner or nook to pull it all together for a cohesive interior.

Red Granite Countertops: 7 Best Colors

Once your sights are set on red countertops, the next step is to explore the various shades so you can choose the right red granite countertop colors for your space.

1. Red Dragon

A red dragon granite countertop is an excellent choice for the modern kitchen. It’s a natural, durable stone with gray and black veins that will look stunning in a kitchen or breakfast nook.


2. Bordeaux

If you want red and white granite countertops, a Bordeaux granite countertop is the way to go. This stone showcases thick veins of white and black against a soft, dusty red backdrop.


3. Dakota Mahogany

DAKOTA MAHOGANY The dramatic Dakota Mahogany granite countertop is more of black granite with red veins. For moodier, darker spaces, this stone is a great choice to showcase your bold side with a black backdrop, red accents, and a lot of sparkles.



4. Sunset Red 

Sunset red offers the creative homeowner an incredibly durable granite countertop. This shade of reddish granite countertops is reminiscent of the desert sands of the American southwest.

5. Red Brown

White cabinets with brown granite countertops

If you want a more earthy look and are eyeing brown granite countertops, Red Brown granite countertops are worth a closer look. This shade is a great choice if you’re looking to pair red granite countertops with white cabinets.

6. Diamond Red

Another earthy shade for the kitchen is Diamond Red granite countertops. A dusty brown backdrop makes this granite with red veins pop. It’s one of the most sophisticated shades on our list.

7. Iron Red

Eye-catching Iron Red granite countertops are the perfect choice if you want black and red granite countertops with a major wow factor. Light gray and black veining gives this shade a ton of character.

8. Red Flash

A sparkly pink backdrop with light gray and black veins is perfectly showcased in the red countertops shade Red Flash. This countertop will look great with neutral or white kitchen cabinets.

9. Samba Red

A fun and bold shade of red granite countertops are Samba Red. It’s a busier design, but we mean that in a good way. Orangey red and ample black, gray, and sandy brown veins race across this stone and catch the eye.

10. Lava Jewel 1. Red Granite Countertops with White Cabinets

Thick gray and striking burgundy veins bedeck the reddish brown Lava Jewel. If you want to bring an exotic touch to your kitchen, you’ll hit the mark with this. It’s also incredibly durable and a great addition to outdoor kitchens.

Red Granite Countertops: 7 Best Design Ideas 

red countertop

Granite countertops in bold red shades require an elevated design to match. Here are the best design ideas for red countertops.

1. Red Granite Countertops with White Cabinets

Bright red countertops with flat white cabinets look snazzy but also bring a vintage flair to your kitchen. Pairing this design with softly-hued floor coverings like wood in a light, dusty brown, or gray will soften this bold look. Flat panel cabinets give your kitchen a retro flavor but also keep the space looking modern with the red countertop.

2. Red Countertop and Wood Cabinets 

A kitchen with many shades of brown and natural woods can look incredibly cozy when paired with red granite countertops. The wood stain and finish will ultimately determine which specific shade of red countertop you’ll ultimately choose that will pull the space together.

3. Red Countertop with Colorful Cabinets

Create one of a kind style all your own with a red countertop and colorful cabinets. It’s fun, artistic, and bold, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Pairing red countertops with cabinets in various shades will make your house the envy and talk of the block.

4. Retro Red Countertops

In years past, playful patterns dominated the home. Bring a little vintage flair to your kitchen with retro red countertops. Bold red countertops matched with clean white appliances and cabinets and a checkered floor pattern pull this look off with a flourish.

5. Red Countertop Island

Want just a pop of color? If your kitchen is outfitted in neutral white or gray cabinets and flooring, you can get a pop of color when you top your island off in red. This simple detail will keep the kitchen looking clean without being sterile and stuffy. 

6. Red Granite Countertops with Countertops of Other Colors 

Another creative design choice is to combine different countertop colors throughout your space. This can work really well in larger kitchens with ample countertop real estate to work with. For example, you can do black countertops for the main working area and red for an island to divide it.

Depending on your home decor, black and red granite countertops might be a good choice for moodier spaces. Red and white granite countertops give a sleek, bright look, while gray and red granite countertops bring softness.

Dividing your kitchen into several color zones is another way to go — especially if you’re hesitant to go all out with red.

7. Red Granite Countertops with Veins 

Another option is to use inverse color schemes with a different color granite with red veins. For example, you have the option of installing white granite with red veins, or black granite with red veins. You can outfit the whole kitchen with inverse color red granite veins, or use these stones in different shades for different workstations throughout the kitchen.


Choosing the right shade of red for your countertops comes down to matching your cabinetry and flooring to the red granite. Rustic, traditional kitchens look best with more muted, dusty reds or brownish reds in a matte finish. A more modern kitchen aesthetic will look great with primary reds, ample black veining, and in either matte or glossy finishes.

At Granite Selection, we offer one of the most extensive lines of granite countertops in the Chicago area. Reach out to us today to get a quote on your dreamy red kitchen.

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