What Color Do Cabinets Go with Brown Granite Countertops?

Designing a dream kitchen can turn into a nightmare if you’re unsure of your color choices and which palettes complement one another. When you’ve got brown granite countertops, then you’re probably all too familiar with this struggle.

Brown granite countertops look earthy and modern, but they can limit your complementary color palette for the cabinets. But sometimes, limitation allows your creativity to shine.

So, if you’re wondering what color cabinets go with brown granite countertops, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best cabinet shades that will make your brown granite countertops colors pop.

White Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops 

White cabinets with brown granite countertops

White cabinets with brown granite countertops are a time-honored classic for pairing with finicky brown shades. White kitchens are never out of style, and white cabinets bring a clean, sleek, and sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Often, brown shades can darken a space. But white cabinets reflect the light and make the kitchen look roomier. So, if you want a classic, sleek look for your brown granite kitchen countertops, you can’t go wrong with white cabinets.

Beige Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Beige cabinets with brown granite countertops

You might think that pairing brown countertops with just another shade of brown cabinets would be boring. Beige is just another name for brown, right? But that’s not so. Dark brown granite countertops or even tan brown granite countertops can look great with beige cabinets.

Beige often has cool gray or even soft pink undertones that can really offset a brown countertop. Beige is a soothing, subtle shade that will work with any kitchen style, whether it’s modern or traditional.

Black Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Black cabinets with brown granite countertops

Kitchens with fantasy brown granite countertops are the perfect style choice if you’re going for a bold, artistic look. Black cabinets can bring out the black flecks in our Fantasy Brown countertops, creating an eye-catching aesthetic.

Conventional wisdom says that dark colors can make a room look smaller. But that’s not always the case. Depending on how much lighting your kitchen has, black cabinets with dark brown countertops can offer eye-catching pizzazz without sacrificing a feeling of roominess.

Cherry Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Cherry cabinets with brown granite countertops

Red is supposed to stimulate the appetite. So what better place is there to decorate with red than the kitchen?

Red cabinets with fantasy brown granite countertops make the kitchen look warm, cozy, and inviting. We love the classic look of bright, Victorian-inspired red shades with the modern look of brown granite countertops.

Light Brown Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Light Brown Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

If you want your kitchen to have rich, earthy tones, light brown cabinets can offset brown granite countertops and give you the aesthetic you crave.

Some homeowners will choose a light brown paint if they want a more saturated tone, instead of simply leaving the wood cabinets bare or in a natural stain. Light brown paints can give cabinets an imitation wood glow while playing off the darker, mauve undertones in brown granite countertops.

If you want brown on brown in the kitchen but are concerned it might look too heavy, then use a lot of white trim or a white backsplash for a tan brown granite countertop.

Brown Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Brown Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Closely matching brown shades in the granite countertops and cabinets will give you a warm, earthy, and inviting kitchen. A dark, dense brown cabinet with equally dark countertops can bring chicness to the heart of the home. 

But again, white is your friend. Incorporate a lot of white trim, a light-colored backsplash, and bright lighting to keep it from getting too heavy. 

Gray Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Gray Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Dark, saturated grays are aesthetically pleasing and turn the cabinets into a focal point. Gray shades with dark purple or blue notes will offset tan and white flecks in a brown granite countertop.

On the flip side, the brown enhances the gray cabinets, drawing in the eye and making the kitchen pop. If you opt for a lighter, stone gray, this more neutral shade gives the kitchen a refreshing, airier look and feel.

Maple Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Maple Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Scandinavian-style interiors are in, and maple cabinets with brown granite countertops are on-trend for today’s modern kitchen design. Plus, maple holds up well to the usual wear-and-tear a kitchen has to endure.

The warm, orange and yellow tones in the maple perfectly complement dark brown countertops, giving your kitchen a trendy European flair. You can strike the delicate balance between beauty and functionality if you choose maple cabinets and dark brown countertops.

Wheat Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Wheat Cabinets with Brown Granite Countertops

Similar to maple, wheat cabinets offer brighter tones that play well with the darker shades present in brown granite countertops. However, wheat usually has a more orange-red undertone, which can bring a bolder aesthetic to your kitchen as opposed to maple’s softer yellow hues.

Choosing wheat cabinets to go with your brown granite countertops gives you a similar Scandinavian-inspired look as maple, but brighter and bolder.

Best Brown Granite Countertop Colors

fantasy brown granite countertops

At Granite Selection, we offer three eye-catching shades of brown granite countertops. Depending on the look and feel you want your kitchen to have, our Fantasy Brown, Baltic Brown, or Tan Brown granite countertop colors will be sure to meet your needs.

Fantasy Brown 

Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops are our most popular selection. While it looks exactly like real granite, it’s actually quartzite. Quartzite is a naturally-occurring stone with a look similar to marble, possessing cool undertones. In addition, quartzite offers heat, scratch, and chemical-resistant properties similar to granite.

Our Fantasy Brown has a lot of cooler, grayish-brown undertones with black flecks. Kitchens with Fantasy Brown granite countertops look great with crisp white, cool gray, beige, and black cabinets.

Baltic Brown 

Baltic Brown granite countertops are a dramatic choice that brings a level of unparalleled sophistication to the kitchen. This countertop has a lot of pinks and greenish-black tones throughout. 

Because the pattern is busier than the Fantasy Brown countertops, Baltic Brown granite countertops with white cabinets are a safe bet. The crisp white makes the countertops the focal point of the kitchen and maintains clean lines and a modern look. However, if you want to go bold, try pairing Baltic Brown granite countertops with black cabinets instead.

Tan Brown

Our unique Tan Brown granite countertops are chock full of rich, reddish browns in a tight spiral pattern over bold black and blueish-gray marbling. This granite countertop looks exceptional with cherry red cabinets, wheat, and maple cabinets. Even blue-gray cabinets would be a safe bet with Tan Brown granite.

Don’t Forget about Flooring and Backsplash Colors 

kitchens with fantasy brown granite countertops

It’s daunting enough to pick the right colors for your cabinets and countertops. But you’ve also got to consider your flooring and backsplash colors. While there are many “rules” out there for choosing the floor with cabinet and countertop colors, they’re more like guidelines. The bottom line is you want to consider the overall vibe you want for your kitchen. This can help you narrow down your backsplash and flooring choices.

But you can’t go wrong with contrasting colors. Some backsplash ideas for fantasy brown granite countertops or a backsplash for tan brown granite countertops are white or gray subway or arabesque tiles. Contrasting a striking Fantasy Brown, Tan Brown, or Baltic Brown countertop with white cabinets, a crisp white backsplash, and dark flooring will make for a breathtaking showroom kitchen.

Try our visualizer to rev up your creativity engine.

Shop the Best Brown Granite Countertops at Granite Selection

A great look for the kitchen is pairing your brown granite countertops with natural wood-grain cabinets. But you can also paint your cabinets too. Neutrals, grays, browns, tans, and the never-out-of-style white are all safe choices that will perfectly complement your beautiful brown granite countertops.

At Granite Selection, we have the largest selection of kitchen granite countertop stones in Chicago. Be sure to check out our granite countertops specials and contact us today to get started designing your dream kitchen.

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