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Quartz is similar to granite in its durability. However, Quartz is an engineered stone, unlike granite, it is not a natural stone. In addition, quartz is more flexible than natural stone which makes it more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, because it is an engineered stone, quartz countertops are not as heat resistant as countertops made from natural stone. When choosing brands of quartz countertops, the decision will come down to availability, color, and finish. Engineered quartz countertops are growing in popularity with designers and homeowners alike. Quartz manufacturers carry a variety of brands of quartz that each have unique characteristics.



Quartz surfaces absorb less than .5% of the water that penetrates the stones’ surface.

Comparatively, granite and marble often absorb between .5 to 2% of water. While the other stones are still non-porous, they soak up more water over time. That can lead to other problems like bacteria and germs contaminating your kitchen.

Many homeowners today choose quartz because they know it will not take in as many liquids over time.

Remember that you should still clean up spills on the countertop, so you do not stain the stone. It is good practice for any stone counter.


Quartz countertops have a robust and reliable surface. While other stones like Marble and Granite rely on their natural abilities, quartz composition is roughly 93% raw quartz and 7% polymer resins.

While the amount of resins varies based on manufacturer and brand, what is known is that they make the quartz more resistant to household chemicals and cleaners. This toughness allows the stone to last longer than other natural stones. This is a key feature for kitchen countertops.


Because quartz is the most abundant material in the earth’s crust, you can use it to make a wide variety of countertops. Quartz stone has a rich natural color palette with vibrant solid colors.

Quartz countertop brands use the diversity of stones to their advantage. Below, we discuss the different designs they create.


Quartz is one of the most popular countertop materials used by designers, architects, and homeowners for both kitchen and bath dealers. As quartz products are gaining in popularity, this directly affects the supply chain, therefore, making it more cost-effective and accessible. Despite the popularity of quartz, there are many differences between brands that you’ll want to consider.

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We have a few quartz brands that can the kitchen of your dream. Just look at this one!


There are many colors and patterns of quartz from which you can choose. As quartz is 93 percent mineral content, it means there is a distinctive look across varieties. Common colors and patterns include pure white, Calacatta, Caesarstone, Silestone, and more. Some patterns are more understated with simple and subtle veining while others are more dramatic depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve.


The process of engineering quartz into countertops started in the early 1960s and was developed by an Italian company. Today, you can find quartz coming from many different origins around the world including Turkey, Belgium, India, Canada, China, and parts of the U.S. such as Arkansas and North Carolina.


Of course, you can find quartz countertops across price points from various quartz manufacturers. High-quality quartz ranges from $50 to $65 per square foot but you can also find it as expensive as $150 per square foot based on the origin and the overall quality.

#4. USE

There are many different applications when it comes to quartz. You can use it both indoors and outdoors or even on your walls to add a bit of flair.



Instead, they have agreements with high-quality contractors like Granite Selection. We get access to Cambria quartz like Berkeley, Brittanicca, Canterbury (see below), Armitage, and Bellingham.


The first company to produce quartz is the Israeli-based Caesarstone. The company started in 1987. Their site talks about how they are the original creator of engineered natural stone countertops.


MSI quartz and particularly their Q Quartz varieties offer a collection of unique and innovative countertops that embody modern elegance. There are over 100 scratch, stain, and heat-resistant styles from which you can choose. Their unique look and feel pair beautifully with other areas of your home and they are ideal to use in high-traffic areas as they are so durable. These products come with a limited lifetime residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty.


Compac is another leading quartz manufacturer based in Spain. The company prides itself on making quality decorative surfaces and it was founded in 1975. Today, they have two modern production centers, one of them for technological quartz based in Portugal. They combine beauty and durability in all of their products and they offer an associated warranty with their products, most of which come with a warranty that lasts 33 years.


Corian Quartz used to be known as Zodiaq quartz and it offers varieties in ranging tones, hues, and colors for an impressive look and specialized application. Regardless of your design needs, you can rest assured that you will find the design to suit your needs. It’s ideal to use Corian products in areas that are high traffic as their products are nonporous, stain-resistant, and easy to clean and sanitize.


HanStone Quartz is based out of Canada and they offer over 40 colors and patterns from which you can choose. They proudly manufacture materials for all of North America and they are known for their impressive quality and exceptional designs. Its hard and non-porous material makes HanStone Quartz’s design ideal for bathroom and kitchen countertops.


Granite Selection is ready to assist you. Contact us today for a free consultation on quartz countertop brands and we’ll help you make your choice!


The Spanish quartz countertop manufacturer has over 142 quartz countertop designs and 15 edges. It is the most extensive collection of the three manufacturers.

They also have the lengthiest warranty of the three quartz countertop manufacturers we discussed. Their 25-year limited warranty is transferable to the next owner when the original owner transfers the warranty.

Silestone quartz comes in varieties like Haiku, Lyra, and Cemento. As you can see below, the stones anchor the visual beauty of a kitchen.


Polarstone quartz is unique in that it combines marble quartz with the durability of quartz. It is inspired by beautiful Italian marble and uses innovative engineering to meet even the highest industry standards. It is non-porous and non-absorbent, meaning it won’t harbor bacteria. There isn’t any seal required, making it ideal for those who enjoy cooking. Each product comes with a 15-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.


Viatera Quartz is manufactured by LX Hausys and it’s designed to mimic the distinct beauty of nature. It’s composed of up to 93% quartz and has various collections including the Musica Collection, Classic Collection, and Masterpiece Selection to suit a range of aesthetic preferences. Viatera offers a 15-year limited warranty, among the best in the industry.

Cambria Heavy, mixed and fine 0.51”, 0.79”, 1.18” 55 ½”x122” Lifetime warranty but only for original owners 133
Caesarstone Matte, Satin and smooth Standard slab: 0.51”, 0.79”
Jumbo slabs: 0.79”, 1.18”
64 ½”x131 ½” Lifetime warranty for original owners and a 10yr warranty upon transfer by original owner 53
MSI Quartz Concrete, Matte, Polished 2 cm x 3 cm 120 in x 63 in 10-year limited 100+
Compac Glace finished, polished 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm 60 x 60 cm 33 years 44
Corian Polished, leathered, matte 2 cm x 3 cm 63 in x 120 in 10 years 48
HanStone Polished, matte 20-30mm 130 in x 165 in 10-year limited 47
Polarstone Polished 2 cm x 3 cm 121 in x 63 in 15-year limited 40+
Viatera Polished, velvet touch, leather, brushed 2 cm x 3 cm 55 in x 120 in 15-year limited 40+


Natural quartz surfaces are ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms. What are the best quartz countertop brands? There are many, however, and brands are not always timeless. So instead of naming a specific quartz countertop brand, we will lay out advice that will help you find the right brand for you. First off, buy American brands when it comes to countertop material, especially quartz. There are many cheap brands of quartz manufactured in China but their quality is not always guaranteed. In addition, it is vital to only purchase slabs that you can see and feel in person. Avoid ordering from big box stores or online where you can’t have access to the material beforehand. Instead, make your way to a quartz supplier, local fabricator, or stone yard where you can touch the material before buying it. These are simple tips but they will help you find leading brands at consumer quartz prices that will be affordable without affecting the quality.

If you need help choosing a granite counter that works best for your home, please reach out to Granite Selection today at (888) 906 3317 for a free consultation.

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