What to Do With Quartz Remnants: 10 Best Ideas

Quartz remnants are versatile offcuts from larger slabs used for smaller projects such as vanities, shower ledges, or furniture pieces. We always tell our clients in Chicago; if they need a small bit of stone for their next project, they should look at remnants first before they consider buying a complete slab. It’s an eco-friendly choice that often sells at a lower price! Here are the ten best ideas for stone remnants.

A Bathroom Vanity

Quartz vanity

Bathroom vanities offer easy maintenance and additional storage space to hide clutter. If you’re already using natural stone countertops for another part of your home, you can use the off-cuts or partial slabs for your bathroom. A quartz remnant is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear from high traffic, and less porous than other natural stones, making it a great choice for an environment with frequent moisture.

A Kitchen Backsplash

We’re often asked at Granite Selection, “can I use quartz as a kitchen backsplash?” You certainly can. Because quartz is an engineered stone, there are way more colors and designs to choose from. Kitchen backsplashes are great if you want to update your interior look and feel, and they also protect the wall, make cleaning quick and easy, and reduce the risk of fatty stains ruining wall paint.

Cutting Boards and Cheeseboards

Quartz cutting board

Replace your ordinary wooden chopping boards with a style upgrade. Leftover pieces of marble and granite can be fashioned into practical kitchen tools. Natural stone cutting boards are more hygienic than wood, thanks to their limited porosity. They make great gifts, and if you already have enough chopping boards, you could create a large baking mat. Natural stone’s hard surface is perfect to roll out and knead the dough, or even prepare sushi on.

Bar Tops

Natural stone bar tops can last decades. If you’ve got strong cabinets, it doesn’t take much to replace the current countertop with granite or quartz, or even marble. The right stone can create ambiance and style while withstanding traffic and liquid stains. A bar top can blend into current design themes or provide high contrast and transform into a statement piece. Tucked into a game, dining, or living room, and if cleverly designed, you can also double up the space as a serving countertop.

Coffee Tables and Desktops

Quartz coffee table

Furniture tops like desk surfaces, coffee, and occasional tables can be made from a quartz remnant. Smaller pieces of quartz stone are easy to turn into workable surfaces for your lounge, or study. This is an easy solution for homeowners who want to bring the natural stone trend into their homes but don’t like massive statement pieces or permanent stone fixtures. It’s also an affordable way to gain an extra piece of durable furniture with stunning patterns.

Stepping Stones

Why not create a simple bridge or causeway allowing you to cross the water feature in your garden? Natural stone remnant pieces can be honed to ensure they’re not slippery. Even if you don’t have a water feature, you might decide to play around with your indoor floor designs and add stone remnants to create a unique pattern. Granite remnants, for example, could even be incorporated into your shower design.

Fireplace Surrounds

Quartz and granite remnants are excellent for fireplace surrounds because, as natural stones, they retain heat, which means rooms stay warmer for longer. They’re scratch-resistant, create a distinct look, and can increase the value of your home. If you’ve already selected natural stone for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home, then using stones for your fireplace is a great option that will unify the overall look of your home.

Trays and Trivets

Quartz tray

Lately, natural stone has become a very trendy finish in both interior design and architecture. Trays and trivets fabricated from leftover slabs used for kitchen countertops, for example, not only complement a home’s decor theme but are a cost-effective way to ensure you get the most from the slabs you’ve selected. Any natural stone tray or trivet brings an instant sensation of glamour to a home, whether it’s quartz, marble, or granite.

Shelves and Bookends

Sleek and modern, floating shelves provide additional storage space in places otherwise impossible to keep things. Granite remnants or any other natural stone remnant can accentuate walls in a sophisticated way that maintains neatness and adds style. You may want to create a feature wall to display ornaments or even a bathroom floating shelf to keep bits and bops or place plants. If that’s not your thing, you can also create some beautiful bookends that are guaranteed to keep your literature in place.

Laundry Room

Upscale your laundry room with a quartz remnant countertop. Just like bathroom vanities, laundry rooms can also incur a fair amount of moisture, which a stone like quartz is suited to. You don’t have to worry too much about strong, acidic cleaning products because quartz remnants are highly stain-resistant and can handle vigorous laundry room activity.

Explore a Vast Selection of Quartz Remnants at Granite Selection

As you can see, there are loads of creative applications for quartz remnants, whether you’re merely purchasing the stone remnants or using offcuts from a slab you’ve purchased. At Granite Selection, we have a huge selection of remnants in amazing colors and patterns at great prices. As expert granite, marble, and quartz suppliers and fabricators in Chicagoland area, we can help you with smaller stone projects too. Explore our constantly changing selection of quartz remnants!

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