Can You Cut Quartz Countertops

Cutting quartz countertops requires some handy skills and good tools. Having them at the ready before starting on your project will save you a ton of time and energy. It will also prevent a lot of possible mishaps that are from moving around the work area from time to time. Here’s our best way to cut quartz countertops.

How to cut a kitchen quartz countertop

How to cut quartz countertops?

Despite being known as hard and strong, just like any other stone material, quartz can still break or crack if not handled properly. Cutting quartz may not be for the novice handyman as it is no easy task to do. It may require some experience with materials and tools that may be risky at the hands of a newbie. The circular saw is one good example of this. If unsure or not confident, it is always best to seek professional help.

The best way to cut quartz countertops is to use a circular saw with diamond tips for the job. Remember that quartz is one of the hardest materials out there. Using regular blades may not be effective or result in a lousy job.

The debris or powder of quartz is fine and can be irritating to the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. They have even been reported as toxic. Wearing protective gear when doing this project is vital. Ensure that your airways are protected with a mask or better yet a respirator. An N95 mask designed for construction is recommended. Protective goggles are also essential in carrying out this task as the fine dust can easily go airborne. Cutting stone will also result in extremely loud vibrations which can potentially harm your ears. An ear plug will be helpful in this case.

To ensure the effectiveness of the job, a ruler, straight edge, powder chalk, or marker needs to be prepared. On some jobs, you might even want to use a level. Cutting with a circular saw can cause a lot of vibration. Securing the countertop on a platform with clamps will help you get the best results. You might find the need to polish the cut area of the countertop afterwards. It will be a great addition to have polish and a grinder at the ready.

Secure the Work Area

It is important that you carry the task as safely as possible. DIY projects are mostly done in the confines of the home where family members and pets are around. Make sure you work in an area of the house where pets and children will not wander. Remember that you are working with a circular saw and with a material that would give off potentially toxic residue. Also, the noise from the vibrations may be harmful to children and pets.

Step by step guide on how to cut quartz countertop at home


Secure the quartz in a stable platform. It is vital that you secure a platform that is sturdy and will not shake a lot. Using a circular saw will result in vibrations. Having a shaky table or platform may result in an uneven cut. Clamp down the stone slab on the platform. Use soft materials such as cloth or rubber foam in the area to be clamped so as not to result in scratching of the quartz surface.


Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the area to be cut. If the purpose of the cut is to mount a new sink or other kitchen equipment, make sure to double-check with the actual equipment. It is important to note that the measurements are to be made on the outside border of this equipment to leave the room to fit inside the cut area. Mark the area with a marker or powder chalk. Professionals recommend spraying substances to make the powdered chalk set. Hairspray is a command household item that will easily do the job.


Prepare the tools needed. Make sure to properly fit the diamond tip on the circular saw. Follow tool instructions in making sure that the blade is secured. Remember that this is a sharp tool that spins very fast. Mishandling might lead to serious injuries. Remember to fill the reservoir with water if using a wet saw which is recommended. Run the saw a few times to let water through the blades before cutting. This ensures you don’t hit the quartz countertop dry and will result in a cleaner cut.


Gently but steadily run the blade through the quartz. Make sure not to apply too much pressure as this might result in cracks and make you prone to accidents. The blade will do its job. You only need to patiently guide it through. Another best practice is to clamp a straight edge on the side of the marked line to securely guide the saw. Guide the saw until you reach the end of the marking. If exhausted rest. It is dangerous to handle power tools while fatigued.

Want to see a finely cut quartz countertop? Find inspiration for your kitchen remodel in our Bianco Pepper quartz project.

Granite Selection Experience

When unsure of how to cut quartz countertop at home or not 100% confident in the task, seek help from professionals or your local stonemason. Speaking of professionals, Granite Selection is a leading supplier of Granite, Quartz and other natural stone in the Chicagoland area. We are located in Elk Grove Village Illinois and will service the surrounding 70-mile area. Our stone yard holds an inventory of over 14,000 slabs of natural stone to make sure you find the one that fits your kitchen or bathroom perfectly. Give us a call at (888) 906 3317 and see how we can make your natural stone project better.

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