How to Match Granite Countertops With Your Kitchen Cabinets


When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it’s all about creating a cohesive, customized design, and expertly matching your granite and kitchen cabinets can create that perfect finish.

Granite finishes offer a stunning, elevated finish to your kitchen, adding value to your home while serving as a focal point in your space. However, ensuring your fresh countertops match well with cabinets is key to achieving a high-quality finish that compliments your new stone while creating a well-executed design.

Not sure how to match kitchen cabinets and countertops? No problem, our experts at Granite Selection are here to break it down. Let’s dive right in!

1. Determine a Color Palette

Match Granite Countertops With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Think of your color palette as the backbone of your design. Do you prefer browns or blacks? Are we going neutral or with a pop of color? Is the design traditional, modern, or classic?

Creating a color palette for all aspects of a kitchen remodel, from the cabinets to the floor, backsplash, and paint colors, and confirming your color guide in advance will help make matching granite with cabinets a lot easier.

2. Decide on the Right Pairing

Matching Countertop with Cabinets

When selecting your granite countertop, the next step after a color palette selection is whether you’re going to go with countertops that complement or contrast your cabinet colors. Let’s break it down.

Complementary Pairing

If you’re going with complementary pairings when matching granite countertops with cabinets, this means your granite color will be a similar shade to your cabinets. No – this doesn’t mean creating a monochrome kitchen but opting for a light-colored granite with veins with colors that match or are cohesive with your cabinet colors.

White cabinets with white countertops can create a seamless canvas for your kitchen design (plus, the countertops can have patterns and hints of color that aren’t as bland as just white). In contrast, white cabinets with tan granite can still offer that same complementary pairing while having a bit more variation.

Contrasting Pairing

Contrasting colors means that you select a dark cabinet with light granite or vice versa with a light cabinet and dark granite for a contrasting finish. Contrasting pairings are actually the more popular choice right now, offering a modern finish that instantly elevates your kitchen.

White cabinets with black countertops offer one of the sleekest contrasting pairing options and allow you to emphasize this contrast with the rest of your decorations in the kitchen. White is said to be the best cabinet color for dark granite, but there are many other light shades like tan, light blue, light green, or other light hues that can match your unique design.

3. Choose the Right Granite Pattern

Right Granite Pattern

As you may already know, as your renovation gets underway, there are a lot of color choices to choose from when it comes to granite and countertops. We like to categorize them in three main sections:

  • White and tan granite
  • Medium-dark granite
  • Black and other dark granite

Using this framework, we can better guide the best matching selections, such as what granite countertops with white cabinets will work best or the best cabinet shades for a deep, grey granite.

To find the right granite and cabinet pairing for your kitchen and design tastes, we are breaking down how to match granite countertops with cabinets based on color preferences below.

White and Tan Granite

What’s easier to match than white and tan? It’s not always as easy as it seems!

Typically, white granite isn’t truly white, but more of an off-white or mix of colors that can make finding the right cabinets to match a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, if you love the contrasting look, a dark cabinet choice, like espresso or black, makes the perfect pair for white granite. Additionally, take a look at the unique pattern in your slab. For instance, if you go with our Colonial White granite countertop, which features flecks of grey and black, you can seamlessly incorporate black cabinets.

White cabinets with tan granite are a great choice if you prefer a more complementary color palette. A stone-like our Typhoon Bordeaux will look great with white cabinets, which will bring out the lighter undertones in the pattern.

Medium-Dark Granite

Many granite countertop selections fall in the earth-tone hue of a medium-dark finish. This shade of granite often is the easiest to pair with cabinets as it offers varying shades of brown that can match a lot of different woods.

For natural wood cabinet finishes, like oak, hickory, or maple, medium-dark granite is the way to go. This natural wood is the best cabinet color for dark granite as it will compliment the different hues, such as in a stone-like our Chocolate Bordeaux slab.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated finish, go with black cabinets. This color will bring out the deeper tones in granite stones, particularly in a choice like our Toffee slab.

Black and Other Dark Granite

If you’re looking for a bold finish, a black countertop is a way to go. This choice doesn’t have to be solid black, but patterned black or a generally darker stone for that statement piece you’ve been looking for. We offer a wide array of dark stone options, from deep Black Antique to intricate Mari Blue or a pop of color with Brass Blue.

For a complementary look, we recommend going with cherry or chocolate-colored cabinets. This selection will further show off the depth of your dark cabinets.

If you want to provide a bit of contrast, a black countertop is the go-to color granite to go with white cabinets. The stunning contrast offers a clean and contemporary finish that you or prospective buyers will love.

Look at this Black Galaxy granite perfectly matching the dark cabinets. Love it? You can get one, too!

4. Ask the Experts

How to Match Granite Countertop with Cabinets

Still struggling to find the right granite and cabinet combination for your kitchen? An expert can help. Interior designers or someone that has experience with countertops (like our team at Granite Selection!) can do a lot to narrow in on the right choice for you. With an eye for a remodel and knowledge of the latest-and-greatest trends, an expert can steer you in the right direction.

5. Set a Budget

Matching a Countertop with Cabinets

When it’s all said and done, the main determinator of your kitchen remodel will be the budget. Before becoming too obsessed with one stone or kitchen design, you’ll need to set a budget to ensure you can afford it. Some stones are more expensive than others, and while matching granite with cabinets is the end-goal, so is staying within budget.

Once you have a budget, our team can take you through our showroom to find the best slab that is within budget. No matter the color palette you’re going with, there’s a choice for you that is unique for that ideal custom kitchen finish.

6. Bring a Cabinet Door to the Showroom

How to Pair Granite Countertops with Cabinets

Matching granite countertops with cabinets is easiest if you bring a cabinet door to the showroom. By coming with the cabinet we are working to match, it takes the guesswork out of the selection process as we can hold the cabinet beside our stone slabs to see how they work together.


No matter the color palette, preference for complementary or contrasting finishes, or the budget you’re working within, the perfect stone slab is out there to expertly complete your kitchen renovation – it just takes a bit of searching.

For help finding the ideal stone for your dream kitchen and for assistance with how to match kitchen cabinets and countertops in your space, our team at Granite Selection is equipped to complete your project, no matter the design you have in mind. Call us at 888-906-3317 today, and our team will be happy to help complete your renovation.

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