Best Quartz Countertops that Look Like Concrete

The sum of weathered wood and exposed brick, building systems, lighting fixtures, and concrete, or what we call the industrial interior style, has dominated design trends since the late 2000s in various iterations. With it came the swift adoption of concrete countertops and the virtue of shaping this building material into any dimension to fit precise and particular homeowner preferences.

However, concrete is heavy and costly. And frankly, with today’s incredible concrete quartz countertops and their value for money, there’s almost no reason to warrant concrete countertops. Below are our top six quartz countertops that look like concrete, manufactured by top brands Cesaerstone and Cambria Quartz.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops Over Concrete?

Concrete countertops are undoubtedly durable, yet their exorbitant cost can be difficult to justify when quartz countertops fare just as well and offer more design variety. Concrete’s high price is not in the material, but rather in the fabricator’s skill and custom elements like inlays, aggregate, or special finishes.

A concrete quartz countertop is more often than not a better choice for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance: Quartz is non-porous and, unlike concrete, does not require sealing, keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • Installation: Concrete counters are poured in place and require time to cure. Their installation is laborious, time-consuming and 99% of the time needs to be done by professionals to ensure success.
  • Durability: Nearly all poured-in-place concrete countertops develop hairline cracks over time. The majority is insignificant, but some will require proper repair.
  • Weight: Because concrete is exceedingly heavy, cabinets and flooring must be strengthened to bear increased weight.

Quartz Countertops that Look Like Concrete

Concrete-looking quartz countertops offer all the attributes of concrete and more. Available in various gray hues and patterns, there’s almost no reason not to install them on your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities.

Fresh Concrete

quartz countertops that look like concrete

Caesarstone concrete countertops are lauded world-over for their high quality. Their Fresh Concrete countertops are no different, bringing subtle warm gray textures with a matte finish. This industrial-inspired quartz suits a delicate, modern aesthetic, and harmonizes with a broad range of color palettes, bringing luxury to interior designs. Its authentic concrete finish draws out its warm gray speckles and white base features.

Rugged Concrete

Characterized by white-hazed patinas to mimic industrial imperfections and dramatic gradients of robust concrete grays, Rugged Concrete is perfect for industrial designs in need of mid-tone gray countertops. Its strong white and gray variations capture depth and movement. Rugged Concrete looks just like the real deal with an off-polish, silky finish, except without the roughness and dust. Its matte finish is ideal for those who dislike glossy countertops.

Cloudburst Concrete

Pure white swells veil a creamy base, offering a light and versatile color that’s simple and elegant. Cloudburst Concrete quartz is a light-hearted interpretation of moodier industrial trends. Inspired by the uneven porous aspects of cement and alabaster’s matte texture, and despite its low-reflective finish, Cloudburst Concrete will lighten up any space.

It’s a versatile color for both residential and commercial projects, whether utilized for kitchen surfaces, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, or fireplace surrounds.

Airy Concrete

Featuring white and gray tones, Airy Concrete possesses an aged feel with the illusion of natural wear. Its matte finish comes with a satin touch, offering a versatile and calm appearance. This concrete-looking countertop complements shades of timber and slate.

Airy Concrete is suitable for various applications from benchtops and backsplashes to bathroom and laundry interiors. Airy Concrete is best paired with metallic finishes, including brass, brushes, or hammered styles.

Raw Concrete

caesarstone concrete countertops

Raw Concrete offers a refined nod to more dramatic and masculine industrial interiors. Its soft gray hue resembles the color of concrete, adding industrial ambiance to interior spaces. This light-color quartz stone is perfect for kitchens with large windows because its matte surface won’t produce an unpleasant glare.

Just like other Caesarstone Quartz, it does not require waxing or sealing. Raw Concrete’s off-polish, silky, light-gray finish is perfect for those who want a traditional concrete counter look.

Topus Concrete

This quartz countertops’ concrete color has a neutral, blush undertone that embodies contemporary pastel interior designs. Ideal for a range of design styles, Topus Concrete works well with off-white colors, injecting a soft industrial flavor into Scandi-inspired kitchens and edgier designs. Cabinets made in plain creams and putty hues, juxtaposed with dark timbers and black finishes, pair well with its warm-pink undertones.


Cambria Bridgewater quartz possesses a dark, steel-blue foundation with soft light gray patches and subtle darker gray veining. This quartz pairs well with blues, grays, browns, and creams. Named after a town of the same name in Nova Scotia, Bridgewater combines the best of natural stone and cement. Its patterning is closer to quartz than cement, while its mid-gray color strongly resembles. Like Caesarstone Quartz, it does not require sealing or polishing.


Who knew there were so many concrete gray quartz countertops? If you’re looking for gray quartz in Chicago, then you’ve come to the right place. Granite Selection stocks a wide variety of quartz countertops to suit every interior style. Our friendly team is always happy to advise you on the best quartz for your commercial or residential project. Contact us to find out more or request a free quote.

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