When it comes to fireplace design today, quartz is the word on everyone’s mind. Why? Quartz is harder and more durable than granite, keeping its polish while enduring high temperatures and lots of wear and tear. Plus it retains heat better; distributing the warmth of your fire throughout the room even after you put it out.

Since quartz lovers are already ahead of the game when it comes to interior design, we put together a collection of our favorite modernist quartz fireplace designs.

A Combination of Quartz and Limestone

This fireplace is boldly asymmetrical yet classically minimalist. The austerity of the design makes it perfect for minimal decoration/ornamentation (as shown in the photo), or the foundation for virtually any interior design aesthetic you can think of.



Single Slab

This fireplace really showcases the chromatic and textural range of quartz. Although it doesn’t have as many diverse styles and colors, you’ll find among most granite selections, quartz still allows you to make a statement with just a single slab contrasted with natural hardwood paneling.


Stacked Fireplace?

No… stacked quartz veneers! These easy-to-install quartz pieces go right over your existing wall or fireplace to help retain heat and add a new layer of luxury to your home in just hours.



Gas fireplaces look dangerous, but they are actually safer and easier to use than a chimney fire. And with a glass front to contain the fire from all sides, their efficiency is increased up to 89%, while allowing you to admire the fire from all sides.


Like Picasso?

Then you’ll love this cubist quartz fireplace design. A mantle and shelf make it just as functional and decorative as a traditional fireplace design while making your living room look like a Parisian gallery in the 1930s.


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