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May 11, 2018
How to repair your granite countertop?
Granite countertops usually last at least 10-20 years. However, from time to time things happen. It is part of life. That is why we created this nifty little guide to help you repair your granite countertop if something does go wrong. Before we talk repairs, let’s talk about prevention While stuff happens, here are a […]
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May 09, 2018
What to do with your old granite countertops?
Often when we help homeowners remodel their home, one question always comes up. “What should we do with our old granite countertops?” While the answer on this varies depending on your circumstances, we have a few solutions. Five things to do with your old granite countertops #1. Trash the old granite countertops The average life […]
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May 07, 2018
The 411 on Laminate Countertops
Over 100 years ago, two engineers discovered how to substitute mica rocks for high-pressure plastic resins. The two engineers named the substitute Formica in recognition of the material it replaced. The name stuck, and millions of homeowners’ lives changed with Formica laminate countertops and other products. The most prominent product the company sold was their […]
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March 16, 2018
What are the quartz countertops pros and cons?
Quartz is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in the United States. Based on a recent study of different kitchen countertops in households, 40% of homeowners used engineered quartz. The market share is second only to granite countertops (41%). With so many homeowners using this for their kitchen, we thought it would be […]
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March 09, 2018
Do Quartz Countertops Look Like Marble?
Did you ever see a celebrity’s kitchen or bathroom’ like Lebron James, Ellen DeGeneres, and Khloe Kardashian? It is enchanting to look through these websites at the celebrities’ marble counters and other fixtures throughout their homes.  However, we discovered some quartz countertops that look like marble. The benefit of using quartz is the stone does […]
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March 06, 2018
What are quartz countertops made of anyways?
Have you ever gazed at your beautiful quartz countertop and thought to yourself, what exactly are quartz countertops made of anyways? What makes the composition of the stone shine just right? How can your quartz countertop be strong enough to withstand such regular abuse and still look good? Maybe we are alone here at wondering […]
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March 02, 2018
Understanding the differences between quartz countertops or granite countertops
Do you want a quartz countertop or granite countertop for your kitchen renovation? While the two stones have a lot of similarities at first glance, they both have their pros and cons. Both are premium stones you can use in your home. One stone is less heat resistant, while the other requires more maintenance. To […]
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February 28, 2018
Are quartz countertops heatproof?
You just finished boiling the pasta for dinner tonight? As you prepare to empty the water into the sink, you get the phone call you waited all day to receive. Without thinking, you put the boiling pot of pasta on your quartz countertop and answer the phone. Ten minutes later, you come back to drain […]
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February 27, 2018
How to care for quartz countertops
Quartz is one of the most durable stones in the world. While it can handle different elements, quartz is not impenetrable to spills, heat, and cuts. Therefore, it is essential to know how to care for quartz countertops. Otherwise, you shorten the lifetime of your quartz countertop. Even if you protect the countertop, you cannot […]
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February 15, 2018
How much do quartz countertops cost? 
  The first question every customer always asks us is how much does a quartz countertop cost? You have a budget and want to know whether you can complete the installation of your quartz countertop at or below that budget. While we would love to tell you we can meet your budget, you must help […]
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