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  • Largest selection of marble, quartz and granite countertops in Schaumburg and Chicagoland. Over 14,000 slabs in stock.
  • Best granite prices in Chicagoland starting at $29.99 sq.ft. installed with no hidden fees!
  • Premium quality 1 1/4” (3 cm.) granite.
  • Digital laser template and estimate.
  • Precision digital waterjet cnc fabrication.
  • Professional installation.
  • 15 year sealer application.
  • Awesome customer reviews on Google+ and Facebook.

Our Quartz and Granite Countertop Projects in Schaumburg

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White Spring Granite Project in Schaumburg, IL

White Spring Granite Project in Schaumburg, IL

  • Square foot: 65 sq. feet
  • Type of Stone: White Spring Granite
  • Edge: Standart eased
  • Location: Schaumburg, IL
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Granite Selection, Chicagoland’s Finest

Granite is one of the most prized stones in the world for its natural beauty and unparalleled durability. Forged and excavated from deep within the far corners of the world, granite has been an emblem of prestige in every great civilization, from the ancient Egyptians and Romans to the first-world countries of modern globalism. At Granite Selection, we bring the luxury and opulence of premium granites from around the globe right into your home.

From natural stone distribution to design, fabrication and installation of fine custom granite countertops, marble vanities, shower walls, fireplace surrounds, Granite Selection Schaumburg does it all. First, we select and import only the prime slab specimens from South America, India, Africa, and beyond. Then, we work with you to bring your design vision to life. Our expert fabricators and contractors fashion every slab into a work of art, hewing nature’s raw beauty into exquisite refinement.

What makes Granite Selection unique in the arena of fine stone distributors and fabricators is our commitment to excellence at an affordable price. We achieve this by sourcing our slabs directly from local producers and never pre-fabricating them before you buy. This gives you, the customer and visionary, unprecedented creative control over your masterpiece while passing savings along to you with virtually wholesale stone pricing.


Granite Selection for Schaumburg

Granite Selection is proud to add value to the beautiful homes of Schaumburg by providing a staggering selection of fine granites sourced from around the world. Flecked with precious stones of every shade and hue, our granites are chosen and fabricated to bring unparalleled luxury to your kitchen, bathroom, and patio. After all, granite is more than just a building material; it’s a statement of purpose, a manifesto, a polemic. What you can achieve with your granite selection is limited only by your imagination.

Located just southeast of Schaumburg in pastoral Elk Grove Village, Granite Selection has been neighbors of this lovely community for decades. We consider all of our customers and clients as partners in our endeavor to bring the natural, enduring beauty of granite into their homes. These partnerships are built on trust, respect, fairness, and, above all, a sincere appreciation for the capability of these marvelous stones to transform your home and even your life. Over the years, we have forged countless relationships with homeowners, property managers, and real estate developers in the Schaumburg area who have brought us the great fortune and success that allows us to thrive and grow to this day.


Like a fingerprint, every granite is unique. It can take tens to hundreds of thousands of years and immense geological pressure to produce a single stratum (layer) of granite right above the earth’s crust. This process combines disparate minerals, metals, and precious stones into a narrow sheet that is as singular and irreproducible as it is unfathomably dense. If you haven’t found the granite that sings the song of your heart, you probably just aren’t looking hard enough.

Our vast warehouses contain over 300 different varieties of granite (333, to be exact). While that may sound overwhelming, once you view these stones in person, you will immediately begin to appreciate the subtle differences between, say, Blanco Perla and Blanco Taupe. It’s all about how the light strikes the accent metals, the depth of the lineation, the density of the grain. Some granite will steal your gaze; other will diffuse and soothe your vision. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder—behold our granite, and you will behold true beauty.

Directions to our office from Schaumburg

  • Get onto IL-72 E/E Higgins Rd and drive along for about 6 miles, through Ned Brown Preserve (Busse Woods)
  • Turn right onto Lively Blvd.
  • In a mile turn left onto Jarvis Ave.
  • In 0.2 mile Granite Selection will be on your right.

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