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  • Largest selection of marble, quartz and granite countertops in Schaumburg and Chicagoland. Over 14,000 slabs in stock.
  • Best granite prices in Chicagoland starting at $29.99 sq.ft. installed with no hidden fees!
  • Premium quality 1 1/4” (3 cm.) granite.
  • Digital laser template and estimate.
  • Precision digital waterjet cnc fabrication.
  • Professional installation.
  • 15 year sealer application.
  • Awesome customer reviews on Google+ and Facebook.

Premium Granite Selection for Wholesale Prices in Naperville

Finding the perfect stone for your remodel can take a lot of searching, but with a vast inventory of marble and granite countertops, Granite Selection has all the options you need in one place. Whether you’re looking to deck out your bathroom in a new natural slab or replace your kitchen countertops with fresh material, our experts can help.

Marble and granite countertops in Naperville can get pricey, but we are dedicated to offering the best of the best at an affordable price. No matter how big or small the project, Granite Selection can equip you with the perfect stone to fit your vision.

Choose the Best Material for Your Countertops in NAPERVILLE

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Installation Near You in Naperville

Though you may have thought otherwise, when it comes to finding the right countertop for your home, it’s not one size fits all. This is why our team at Granite Selection takes the extra care to provide the perfect marble or granite slab for your ideal remodel, working with our customers in the Chicagoland area to find the ideal selection for every home. From beautiful new bathroom countertops to a fresh slab to use for the island in your kitchen, we know just what your home needs to get the perfect finishing touch. 

In finding the best stone for your home, we offer a customized finish that you’re sure to love for years to come. With a countertop store in Naperville and the greater Chicagoland area, Granite Selection is a trusted local source for your countertops, offering stunning options at affordable prices.

Visit the Best Countertop Store in Naperville

Decisions, decisions. You’re already set on remodeling your space, and now it’s time to get into the details. Finding the perfect pieces that embody your vision for your renovated room can be tough with so many different options on the market. 

How do we make it easier? With Granite Selection offering local countertop solutions, it’s convenient to visit our showroom to see your new stone in person, ensuring you get just what you’re looking for in your new space. From granite and marble to quartz slabs, we have all the options you need, plus a team to help you narrow it down based on you and your specific needs. 

Then, once you have your stone, Granite Selection offers local Naperville countertop installation to get your ideal slab perfectly set in place. And voila – you’re all set in a new space!

How to Get to Our Stone Showroom from Naperville

At Granite Selection, we are dedicated to making every step of the process easy, relieving the headache of a renovation project. Offering the best granite countertops near Naperville, our staff is always available to walk you through our range of options of stones, discuss what’s best for your needs and design, and install your selection with expert craftsmanship. 

Based in the Chicagoland area, we offer the local, specialized service you need for your custom project – taking your vision from an idea to a real, new, elevated space backed by quality materials and expert installation.


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