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Description: White will always be classic and classy, but designers have modified this color to suit the post-modern taste of homeowners looking for the elegant and continental lure of marble-like countertops and slabs. There’s no question that Torquay Cambria Quartz is sophisticated. The delicate veining against the white background looks soft and gentle. Definitely an outstanding design from Cambria’s Quartz Collection, the material puts on touches of greige and taupe. Torquay just blends every element smoothly. Nothing too drastic here. Just pure, delicate beauty that goes with whatever kitchen design you have in mind.

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Ellie-Mai Sanders

This particular quartz variety caught my eye because its graining resembles marble. I showed my husband a photo of Torquay Cambria and he instantly agreed it would look great in our white kitchen. Thank you, Granite Selection!

Ethan Cole

I just had a Torquay Cambria Quartz Countertop installed in my bathroom countertop. I must say, it was a good call for my home’s interior. At first, I had difficulties trying to figure out what color to choose, until I finally decided to phone in with Granite Selection to help me with it. An expert’s opinion does go a long way. This is the color to choose if you want something almost perfectly white. This helps make me achieve that pristine look that I wanted for my bathroom.

Geneva Taylor

Came across this nice color that perfectly fit the diamond backsplash and polka dots that we already had installed in our kitchen. Our previous countertop was in a darker color and everything looked dark and gloomy in the kitchen. But when we tried to test out the Torquay, it fit just right and we absolutely love how the kitchen looks right now. From the edgy room that it was, it has become elegant but remained simple because of how the veins complemented the backsplash design. Would really recommend that you give this color a try if it fits your kitchen concept!

Sharon Pryor

We recently had our kitchen countertop have a makeover, and we installed a Torquay from Cambria, size 3cm slab. I immediately fell in love with the finished product and I hope you would all consider this color, too. You would also love it if you are trying to achieve that marble look, only that, the material is actually quartz. To make it even classier, we paired it with white cabinets and it absolutely looked classic and luxurious. Also, our kitchen looks more spacious than it actually is, all because of the designs and color we chose.

Kairi Phelps

I have always been eyeing quartz as the material for my kitchen countertop. It was just a matter of what color would go well with my white/cream kitchen interior and walnut color islands. My eyes landed on a sample of the Torquay Cambria Quartz and I knew it would go well with the look I was trying to complete for my kitchen interior. True enough, it excellently complemented other elements in the kitchen! The veins looked natural and with my almost perfect white kitchen interior, everything feels so spacious. It makes me want to prepare food for family with more love!

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