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Description: What homeowners love about Swanbridge Cambria Quartz is its ability to fit into monochromatic styles and themes. Grays and dots of charcoal colors on the marble base create a picture of stony beaches. Cambria Swanbridge countertops complement dark gray cabinets as well as white cabinets. The threads of gray and white, trendy colors in today’s kitchen design, remind you that sometimes simplicity is the key.

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Ellouise Travers

I needed a monochromatic quartz for a commercial kitchen remodel and Swanbridge Cambria was the absolute perfect choice. It still brings character to the space with its grey swirls and undertones while offering unmatched functionality and durability. I'm even considering using this in my personal kitchen, too!

Andrew Wells

If you want a classic monochromatic kitchen countertop, then the Swanbridge Cambria Quartz countertop, paired with dark gray cabinets, will surely make you achieve it. This is what I had my kitchen remodeled into, with the help of Granite Selection. The result was absolute perfection! I got my dream kitchen interior vibe, and my countertop looked like marble when it fact it is quartz, which is another amazing thing about a quartz countertop. Overall, I would say that the entire remodeling of my kitchen was worth every penny.

Rose Gibson

After a little research, I was able to learn that Cambria is one of the few more durable kinds of quartz countertops available. Hence, I focused my attention to looking for a Cambria countertop for my bathroom. I came across Granite Selection and was able to try out all sorts of combinations of patterns of countertops versus tile backsplashes and floorings. I was able to check Swanbridge and immediately fell in love with how it highly compliments my 3-D geometric diamond style tile backsplash. It was great how the team from Granite Selection really helped me make sure I am happy with the result of my bathroom countertop. Will definitely hire them again for my next remodeling project – the kitchen!

Narcisa A. Davis

I was looking for the perfect quartz kitchen countertop color for my new house. At first I was going for darker shades, so that it can exude that manly vibe that I wish to achieve. But, the color combinations for the kitchen interior seemed too dark already, until I decided to try a lighter color just to see how it would look. I finally found this Swanbridge Cambria quartz countertop color and I must say, this combination made me achieve the ‘successful bachelor’ feels that I wanted to give to my kitchen interiors. Perfect!

Roger Hunt

Perfect color and tone for the all-white concept I’m working on for my kitchen interior. Works well on white cabinet because it maintains the clean and sophisticated vibe, but also, with its veining style, gives an edge and a subtle break to the monotony of white. Definitely worth the price it is set for.

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