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Description: Helmsley Cambria Quartz brings true elegance with this cream-gray stone from Cambria’s Coastal series. The stone features grayish-cream hues with large gray veins mixed with light blue, cream, and taupe hues. This fantastic stone is adorned by luxury all over with its rich patterns and splashes of gray midtones. Taking a look at this gorgeous stone takes you back to the medieval times where absolute royalty dine within the castle walls. This fantastic stone features in both polished and matte finishes.

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Kristi Castro

I had the Helmsley Cambria Quartz countertop installed on my kitchen countertops including the kitchen island two weeks ago and it’s the best decision I made when it comes to the renovation of our home. The graying-cream hues with light blue, taupe and cream specks and veining is absolutely unique and it adds character to my once boring kitchen space. The quartz works really well with my medium-toned wood cabinets and cupboards!

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